• CD17.5 "Dying Rule" - January albums (1/2)



    Hello, Nynthixia there.

    I don't need to tell many things tonight. Most of the recent news are resumed right here, so don't hesitate to check it out.

    This is the changelog for this album!

    Emma (feat. CUL)
    [EXTENSION] Added second bridge between second chorus and second verse
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed beats manipulation

    This song has actually 2 demos: one for the blog (the very first one, the one you can really qualify as a demo), and one for YouTube (which is half-way between blog demo and album version). I just finished the modifications for the album version, and extended a bridge part, which I wanted to do for the album version only, even if I had this idea in my head since a long time ago.

    Gaelle (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)

    I only did this modification to make more clear that this song is the sister song of "Emma".

    Calumnies (feat. Yuzuki Yukari, Lily)
    [INSTRUMENT] Modified pattern sequence in bridges

    The sequence pattern has 3 versions: one with the notes separated, another one with the notes being a bit more linked each other and the last one with a little addition touch. And that's this last one I added in the bridges for this version!

    Psycho Liar (feat. Lily)
    [INSTRUMENT] Coupled bells to the existant bridge pattern (M1)
    [MIXDOWN] Enhanced volume of FM8 bells

    Because I wanted to change the bells but I couldn't find anything else sounding good.

    JOZEFINA (feat. CUL)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX at 2° chorus and 3° chorus

    I hesitated to do it for the demo version, really. And I told myself, "nah, would be for the album".

    Letha (feat. Hinomoto Oniko)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added riser before each chorus and verse

    This song was already great, but I just added some dynamics by adding the riser at some other strategic points. Enjoy!

    Shining Shrine (feat. Hinomoto Oniko)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added bells pattern during choruses

    For this one, the change is very, very subtle, especially when the capella is on. But I assure you: yes, I added these bells!


    So, next surprise. Remix on MQube. I really enjoyed doing this. I worked on it a big part of Thursday evening. And it turned out to be quite great. I hope you won't be disappointed.
    Won't reveal the track name before tomorrow though... Let's keep up the fun until the end, OK?