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    News about albums, updates, material changes...

  • Hello, Nynthixia here

    I just finished it but here it is, the tracklist for CD21.5, the tracklist for August, which will be a bit... Special. You'll better see what I mean.

    CD 21.5 "Annihilation"

    Air date: August 25th
    (the same date as Lily's birthday ^^)

    01. MANCELLINIUM (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    02. ILLANTHA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    03. Oceana (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    04. Isolation (feat. CUL)
    05. Faith (feat. CUL)
    06. Judith (feat. CUL) - Air date: August 16th 2018
    07. Harajuku Freak (feat. Gahata Meiji) - Air date: July 2018
    08. Carinthia (feat. Gahata Meiji) - Air date: July 2018
    09. SINCUBUS (feat. Gahata Meiji) - Air date: August 3rd 2018 (corresponds to August 8th deadline)
    10. CHIASMATIC (feat. Lily)
    11. Annihilation (feat. Lily)
    12. BETANY (feat. Lily)

    album-only tracks

    The album-only tracks will be produced between August 4th and August 11th.

    The deadline for Meiji (August 8th) is moved to August 3rd. I'm not sure about having a good Internet during the Aug 4th-11th week, so I rather publishing the song just before going out the home. Also, I'll be in material-restricted mode from August 4th to August 18th included. Which means no UTAU songs during this period. That's why I decided that Meiji's songs would be the first ones to be produced. Two in July, one at the right beginning of August.

    All the other songs (with Yukari or CUL, except for "Judith" which is deadlined) will be aired randomly, as soon as they will be done.



    Other info for organization for VOCALOID5 if ever I get the engine (because this will happen someday, it's just that I'm waiting a correct physical starter pack, more info here).

    1) The voicebanks

    I guess that in the starter pack there will just be the "normal" version, including the new standard vocals. Since I don't work with male vocals because their working method is a bit different (octave adaptation inter alia) and I don't know how to work with English correctly in VOCALOID, the only vocal I'd be able to use would be... Kaori. Though, I have very few interest for her. Maybe someday I'll learn to better love her, who knows? ^^ But I'm not sure to use her in songs (or maybe a "try"...).

    2) The compatibility patches

    VOCALOID5 projects are in .vpr format.

    If ever you need a file for VOCALOID4 (or VOCALOID3) when the file has been done under VOCALOID5 (how will you know if this is the case: I'll say it when I'll upgrade the engine and use it as default), please contact me first. The preparation of such files may take a while (at least 1h, after, depends of the complexity).

    3) XSY for VOCALOID5

    Other thing about V5, the engine does not support XSY. I actually used the feature in very, very specific conditions:
    - the singers have to be at least from the same company. Better if it's the same character. (In this case, it's V4 engine itself which creates these "hybrid" VBs)
    - no voicebanks that are totally opposed (example that I'll never use: whisper/strong VBs)
    - never XSY V3 and V4 together or 2 V3: they're not meant for that
    (By the way, can someone explain me why V4 auto-created a hybrid "Akari/Yukari V3"???)

    If you want some examples: I did a XSY Zunko V4/Yukari Jun for "Better than Nothing" as a shortcut. But the one I was using the most was the hybridization of Yukari Jun and Yukari Lin, permitting to get a stronger voice for Yukari but without being too high in pitch.

    Well this combination can't be done in V5... Which means I'll just have to do double tracks. You may just get a bit different results since it will be on separated tracks instead of cross-synthesis.


    So maybe see you later in the week for "Relic of Hope"!


  • Hello, Nynthixia here.

    This will maybe be the first blog news of this type but... If we told a bit about recent events?

    I know everyone is or stressed or hyped by the new VOCALOID generation... This was... Not really a surprise.

    Vocaloid5 has been announced yesterday by Yamaha, few hours after a leak of one AHS voicebank (hello Sora Haruno), with their 4 voicebanks and stuff, few days after they announced stopping the selling of 4 voicebanks, and to be honest, I was sure they wouldn't go for a "commercial suicide" (if we can talk about it this way).

    So... The upcoming of V5... For the moment I won't update, and the main reason is "I wait for a starter pack with one of the 9 Vocaloids I already have". I don't know which one may come out first, even if I think a bit about GUMI.

    I also don't have "taking Sora" in my plans for the moment.

    The thing that is worrying me the most is for IA. Personally I still wait for an update to V5, but if ever she was going to totally switch to CeVIO (in terms of Japanese voicebank), well, I will consider into taking a CeVIO engine as well... I'm still waiting for the moment.

    If ever one interesting starter pack goes out, this will go into the top priorities.


    VEGAS: the v16 will be out in few months and I'll update as soon as possible. This is the top one priority.


    The new plugins: last week I acquired Vacuum Pro, you already have some examples of use in "Complex Choices" (where the plugin does all synths) or "Corruption Syndrome" (the reverse atmosphere mainly).


    The pace is quite slow because of fatigue problems mainly... And also because for the moment I do many failures... I'm really sorry about that m(_ _)m


    So if you have to remember few things:

    1) VEGAS Pro 16 is the top one priority at the moment and will be updated as soon as possible.
    2) I won't take Sora, it's not in the "to-do list"
    3) I'll wait for a starter pack with one of the vocals I already have for updating to VOCALOID5 (if possible, physical package would be nice)
    4) The next cover is on September so no worries if I don't air one for this month and the next one
    5) On Monday I air a song with Kiritan
    6) Next album will feature at least Meiji and CUL. Maybe Lily too. No idea about the others, but it will probably be Vocaloids (since I'll be in "restricted material mode" for 2 weeks in August)
    7) I'm updating every UTAU into VCV, Ritsu's folder is already installed, I'll have to do tests with Oniko, and one with a "hybrid" voicebank of Totoko due to 5 severely corrupted archives (40/50 files per archive if you saw the tweet! [normal VCV (F4), Kire C5/A3/D4 have a few files corrupted, Kire F4 is just impossible to read, and no, it's not a hard drive problem]).
    (The "Hoppu" one is a sane file though, that's why I'm using it right now)


    Also, I will "pre-announce" it now... I'm working on another project since April, but hushhhhh... Wait a bit, wait a bit before the fruit matures well... ^^

    So if you were wondering these questions about V5, here you get your answers. So, wait and see.
    And don't forget to enjoy


  • CD20.5 "Happiness Disappearence"


    Hello, Nynthixia here!

    Little album with Momo, GUMI, Akari and Sayu! I finished the album quite late because of fatigue, but the most important part is that it's here.

    Changelog time, as usual!

    Antheia (feat. Momone Momo -straight-)
    [INSTRUMENT] Removed strings during first arp bridge
    [INSTRUMENT] Crash source changed
    [INSTRUMENT] Crash is now playing at each impact

    Jump for Happiness (feat. Yurika Sayu)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed arp pad (V-Station -> Hybrid)
    The arp pad in the demo was a bit out of sync at some moments. The new one is maybe less clear, but more in phase.

    Passion Reaper (feat. Yurika Sayu)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added supersaw during bridge (Xpand!2)
    [MIXDOWN] Modified volume of bell pads
    Note: the phase of the pad may have changed a bit, due to rendering.
    I also enhanced a bit the dynamics in the bridge.

    STEFANIA (feat. GUMI)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added VFX during chorus
    [MIXDOWN] Remastered and centered panning of VFX
    Note: I noticed that there are some instruments that are not centered, especially the gated pad. Try the song with headphones.

    Selenium (feat. GUMI)
    [PATCH] Corrected issue of volume ending for gated pad and lead
    Do you want to know a funny thing? The demo instrumental was actually abnormally long due to the gated pad repeating itself and itself. On a computer, almost impossible to detect it and I noticed it during the second test on the mp3 player. And for the demo, on the computer, I decided to shorten a bit the end. Big mistake... Now I repaired this into FL itself. Instru and song have the same length (if we exclude the mp3 treatment "latency"). And the song is ending normally!

    After;Math (feat. Kizuna Akari)
    [EXTENSION] Added bridge before pitch change
    [MIXDOWN] Lowered atmo volume (0.9 -> 0.7)
    [REMOVAL] Removed first intro part
    The song is actually the same length almost. I set the atmo a bit too high in the demo. The purpose of this atmo was to make the song less empty.

    Remind me (feat. Momone Momo -Passion-)
    [EXTENSION] Extended end
    [INSTRUMENT] Added VFX series at outtro
    [INSTRUMENT] Second outtro part has no arp pad pattern
    Which makes this song the longest of the album (more than 5 minutes!).


    Other news. On Thursday, piapro opened again for European Union! Which means, able to access its data correctly! And the PV is online since Friday afternoon. Go check it please!
    (Well with the changelog you may have guessed that the PV uses the demo instrumental)


    I won't be on the computer on July 7th (reason: Japan Expo, the only exposition I go every year). So if you want to contact me, better do it another day than this one... ^^" Or wait a little bit.

    The next deadlines, approaching very fast: Sunday you'll have "Ingrid" with Itako and on Tuesday "MYRSENE" with GUMI, for the birthdays of both these girls! I'm not sure about a midnight airing, but you know it, if it's not online at midnight it will be here later in the day (French time of course, so that means if after 5 PM I publish the song I'm still in the good hours even if it's the next day in Japan).


    Enjoy the album and the PV, and see you on Sunday then for Itako's song

  • Hello, Nynthixia there!

    I'm quite tired for the moment, but I'm still standing. So I have little info about covers for the next months and a new tracklist.

    The covers:

    The covers for July and August are cancelled (yeah I did triple upload for June instead, for special occasion). They will resume on September, one week before the album airing date for the concerned month, and it will be "MYS" with Yukari Lin. Since the time I wanted to cover this song... And if you want to know what delayed this cover so much... Problems of repro build. Impossible to replicate some effects until the new tries few weeks ago.
    Like usual, it will be on MQube.


    And now... The tracklist!
    This will be tight because there are some chances that I begin this tracklist before I finish the other one. But here are the other tracks that will follow and the air dates that are already scheduled, the deadlines.
    Too much deadlines in June!!!

    CD21 - "Corruption Syndrome"
    Air date: July 28th 2018 (Sat.)

    01. Corruption Syndrome (feat. Kizuna Akari)
    02. Athame (feat. Kizuna Akari)
    03. Amanda (feat. Sukone Tei) - June 19th
    04. Meredith (feat. Sukone Tei)
    05. Psycho Paths (feat. Shirahane Totoko)
    06. Edith (feat. Shirahane Totoko) - July 10th
    07. Tremere Rosae (feat. Kizuna Akari, Yuzuki Yukari)
    08. Ingrid (feat. Tohoku Itako) - June 24th
    09. SALENCIA (feat. Tohoku Itako)
    10. What About Now (feat. Tohoku Kiritan) - July 16th
    11. A Beautiful Day (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    12. Florence (feat. Kizuna Akari)
    13. MYRSENE (feat. GUMI) - June 26th
    14. Relic of Hope (feat. GUMI)
    15. Complex Choices (feat. Lily, GUMI)

    So I'll try my very best! ><
    Also, I have the confirmation that for the last week of June I'll be under the "between 3 and 6 songs per week" schedule. Studies are over for me until September officially.
    I'm not very sure about the schedule for the upcoming year, but if needed I'll adapt myself.


    Speaking of deadlines by the way... The second deadline for Akari is August 30th. For me that's quite great news since she is very late compared to the other regular singers, now she will be at the same level as others... ^^ The date has been written on the song automatic deadlines document, where you'll find every deadline for each main and regular UTAU/Vocaloid I use.

    Next ones on the list?
    Meiji, CUL, Lily and Akari all have deadlines in August. So... Keep an eye on it!

    Enjoy and take care!

  • Hello, Nynthixia here

    Very quick news while uploading a song to just give you two little informations.

    The first one is about the work pace for next weeks. I'll go back to "between 3 and 6 songs per week" on June 4th. The songs for next week will be at least on the 5th ("CLOTHORA"), 7th ("Jump for Happiness") and 9th ("Selenium") (+ bonuses for the 9th, MQube only).

    Now you got it, there is a little problem with the PV of "Remind me". I need access to data on piapro (mainly for some credits) to properly upload the PV. The problem is that... The society behind piapro (yup, the guys behind Miku, from Crypton) have closed their website accesses to all countries in European Union (including France, where I live) because they are not up to date with the new European law (GDPR). And it's like this since Friday.
    So the PV will be delayed to an unknown date before June 23rd (album deadline).

    I don't know when Crypton will open their websites to everyone again, I hope soon, but in this case, please avoid contacting me with piapro, I won't be able to go on the website for a little moment...

    Also if I wanted to upload some Akari's stuff on piapro, well, I got stuck.

    OK, so enjoy the new song "Fallen" with the VCV version of Sayu. Only great stuff! <3




    Hello, Nynthixia here!

    Yeah there are 2 download links for this time. The first one is the album, the second is a bonus with Akari. No worries, not the same file as the other time.

    It's time for the changelog!

    Shatter (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-)
    [INSTRUMENT] Major supersaws now play during all choruses

    Just a minor dynamics change.

    ANILINIUM (feat. MAYU)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX during first downlifter adlib in intro
    [INSTRUMENT] Modified ending impact
    [MIXDOWN] Enhanced instru volume

    The "aaah" in the intro began quite abruptly in the demo. This was the major problem. Also the volume of this track was really low compared to other instrumentals. In a general view, the spectrum is still a bit less louder, but in the final mixdown, there should be less problems.

    Decades of Sorrow (feat. Shirahane Totoko)
    [MIXDOWN] Lowered volume of intro synth and bells

    In some cases the intro was really too loud. And added a little VFX before the bridge.

    Eirpne (feat. Shirahane Totoko)
    [EXTENSION] Added an extra intro
    [INSTRUMENT] Removed beats from second subpart of first verse
    [INSTRUMENT] Modified intro
    [INSTRUMENT] Modified snare roll source
    [REMOVAL] Removed a part of the second bridge

    This one is quite weird. I first wanted to extend it. With all the changes that have been made, the length is the same, but the composition is really different. There are really some airs of "Me! Me! Me!" for this intro though... More than in the demo. *laughs* But since the story of "Eirpne" is also inspired a lot by this song. More hommage than ever.

    Kindness (feat. Tohoku Zunko)
    [INSTRUMENT] VFX begins at beginning of sampled roll
    [MIXDOWN] Modified volume of VFX during final part
    [PATCH] Modified ending bells (Anti High-Frequencies)

    The demo got a warning for the ending, with a note that could have a heavy metallic resonnance at the end. I attenuated it in the album version. (Still be careful though I'd say)

    Roxane (feat. MAYU)
    [EXTENSION] Extended outtro
    [INSTRUMENT] Modified ending impact

    I actually wanted to extend this one as well. And it got extended.

    Azalea (feat. Tohoku Zunko)
    [EXTENSION] Extended outtro

    This brings an even sadder note to the song (which is actually a tragedy).

    Aurora (feat. Tohoku Zunko)
    [INSTRUMENT] Articulated ending VFX with volume automations (0.8/0.6)

    Without the second repetition, the bridge sounded a bit empty. 

    ANTENOVAE (feat. Kizuna Akari)
    [INSTRUMENT] Modified intro (now begins with fading in atmo+bridge + percloop)
    [INSTRUMENT] Octave raise for second verse bridge pluck

    No worries, in terms of high frequencies the music is harmless. Also modified the intro. Maybe it has attenuated the variations PoiZone tends to do with some atmos...



    Hope you will enjoy this album. And this is the transition to the season 4. The track "Decades of Sorrow" being from S04, same for "Natasha"... All the rest is season 3. The last ones of season 3.

    I aired all the demos for Momo today. "Disappearence" got aired few hours ago, don't hesitate to check. Also, please stay tuned on YouTube until beginning of June, something tells me an alternative version with a Vocaloid of "Remind me" should happen very soon...
    If you want to have an idea of the singer, well, I hesitated between IA and Yukari (the Lin VB). Answer soon.
    Or in the catalog if you are a real impatient, haha


    The next deadlines, for reminder: June 5th, 7th and 9th. "CLOTHORA" with GUMI first, then "Jump for Happiness" with Sayu, then "Selenium" with GUMI again (haha this title).
    And after, the deadlines are for mid/end of June. CD21 should contain tracks with GUMI (yeah, again), Tei, Itako and Akari at least. Not sure if Totoko and Kiritan will be in it (maybe?) or else it will be for CD21.5. I don't have tracklists written for the moment.
    And actually I'm going through a huge stress period until June... That may explain the current lyrics... Maybe?


    Other little things:
    - the cover/remix for June 9th will be... Maybe both, and you won't get the titles of the songs for now. I really want to keep the surprise (birthday presents, remember).
    - all the chibis are online (^_^)
    - there are no new plans for new Vocaloids right now. Neither for synths. Priorities are for the new Vegas version if they sell it this year (for the moment they update every year) and possibly updates for the current voicebanks.



    And that's all for the moment! Enjoy!

  • Hello, Nynthixia there.

    No, this is not a joke. Today is the day when Image-Line (the really nice guys between FL Studio) posted the first release candidate of FL Studio 20. And for those who are wondering "why FL 20 when the previous version was FL 12"... It's typically because now the number of version of FL = the number of years the company exists.
    And also because 13 is the death number for some Occidental people, but hush...

    Little note: I only use frequently for producing release candidates and release versions, because I know they're stable enough. I also download betas, but just for checking things, being used to the new features etc. And hopefully I did it for FL 20...

    So, I told you when FL 20 would be here, the third season of songs would stop and we would go on to the fourth one. Hooray! This has been... Almost two years this third season exists. Seriously, the season 3 began at the end of June 2016. So yeah, you still add one month and a half and we would be in this season for 2 years.

    Typically... The changes between S03/S04 will be very minor compared to the ones between S02/S03 and, most of all, between S01/S02 (where I totally changed the DAW, and hopefully!).

    However, in terms of tags, there will be a few changes.

    - Songs using Transistor Bass and Fruity Delay 3
    These two plugins, the first one is an instrument, the second one an effect, both exclusive to FL, are only available since v12.x of FLS. Which means, in former versions of FL (down to FL9, this is the oldest version that I can unlock), these two plugins can't be used. When I was working with FL12, the songs would be tagged as "No compatibility patch", with often an indication of the exact build used.
    In FL20, there will still be a tag, but this time, unless another plugin gets added in FL20.x and gets exclusive to FL (no VST version), this tag will be "Limited compatibility patch" with infos of the "big versions" of FL that can have this patch. In this case, imagine I make a song using Fruity Delay 3 in FL20. The song will be tagged "Limited compatibility patch", and will be able to get a patch for FL12, but not for FL11, FL10 or FL9.

    - Metadata
    FL automatically fills a line by itself when rendering a file (instrus files, some remixes, covers), saying that the encoding has been done with FL 20 instead of FL 12. So you know what you should expect in terms of compatibility.


    - Pages on the blog
    After "Shatter" will be released (the song has been done yesterday, so it's still in S03 but it will be the last one), I'll finish to fill the lite version of the table for S03 and will open a page for S04.


    Else, what S03 was able to bring to songs:
    - several FL plugins: Harmor and Harmless were the first ones, then PoiZone, Toxic Biohazard and Morphine, then Transistor Bass, finally, Sakura and Sawer
    - non-FL instrument plugins: M1, Hybrid, V-Station, Xpand!2, FM8 are the most major ones
    - better quality in lyrics (new patches, yay)
    - I learnt how to sidechain during S03 (yes, that late)
    - new music styles (such as dubstep)
    - GUMI, Zunko, CUL, MAYU and now Akari made their first debuts in my songs during S03 (yeah for Akari I know, "ANTENOVAE" is actually a test for her, now serious things -> S04)



    The next songs? You'll get "Shatter" on Thursday, the last S03 song. The songs that will come after this are "Decades of Sorrow" with Totoko and "Natasha" with Zunko.
    After this, we begin the 40th album's demos... (Already...)


    I'll be in "limited material status" until the end of the week, that's why I made Meiji's songs quite before this week. And remember I'll use Akari a lot for the moment.

    So, "farewell S03 and welcome S04"... I'll try my very best ><

  • So, here we are... I guess? Hello, it's Nynthixia here, and something very special just arrived at my home this afternoon.

    Akari's package!

    This is quite a long story that I won't tell here, because if I was at home on Saturday I'd get her on Saturday. But now, here she is! Welcome home Akari~


    OK well... First I wanted to thank all my family because it's thanks to them the package is here.
    And thanks everyone for supporting the songs.


    Now, second part of this blog post (this will be very long)...

    - the next song will feature Akari, and you'll get two other songs this week: "GRETARIA" with MAYU on May 6th, then "Kindness" with Zunko on May 8th. And the week after, you'll get a song with Meiji, "Shatter", on May 10th. So yeah, lots of work to do.

    - I modify the tracklist of the album being in production and I add Akari's song at the end of this tracklist. The title will be revealed and the tracklist updated when the song will be out.

    - For the June album ("Happiness Disappearence"), all songs that would have CUL as vocals will have Akari as vocals instead. It's just that Akari has to get at least... 12 songs to be at the same level as others? No worries, CUL will be in the album after and in the September album thanks to a deadline date (August 16th). This will be updated as soon as possible (if not done yet!).

    - The May cover will be "Remember me" with Akari (instru by feli), as for its date... Maybe the Saturday before the album (keep an eye open around May 19th?). As for June's thing... Won't tell it, you'll know it on June 9th! Maybe a remix? A cover? Both? Don't know!
    Something tells me that Akari may be involved in this birthday present though... But won't say more, else it's not funny

    - If you saw it, you saw that little chibis are coming on this blog. This is still a WIP though, I didn't do the chibis of the UTAUs I don't use anymore (Aika, Midori, Hachi (these 3: I don't use them anymore at all), Sana and Ruko (not using them for the moment because I don't manipulate them very well so that's why I set their using status as "occasional")).
    (So typically for those who want to know, these are chibis inspired from the little chibis of Danganronpa... But I made them for each VOCALOID/UTAU that is used on this blog... Or almost, if you read above. Plus, they're cute.)


    Forgot something. Akari's uses for songs have been updated on the table. Globally, I'll try to avoid severe yandere themes for her (may still be possible, but you know she won't be my first choice for this lyrics type) but OK for the others. We get the same characteristics of use as Yukari. And she is on regular singers list. Even if you'll very often see her for a little moment!


    - Last thing, very important!
    The same error that had been detected on "Maeva" a month ago was also detected on "Hidden" (album "Truth Garden") and on "BELICIA" (album "Babylon"). You can download their patches here (Hidden) and here (BELICIA). Replace the former vers with these ones if you downloaded these albums!



    ... When I said there was a lot to say, wasn't kidding.
    So, enjoy, and see you soon!


    (Warning: this album is not recommended for people under 16 (instead of under 14))

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    So here it is, the "Memento Mori" album... This one has lots of changes. Here is the complete changelog for each track!

    Lullaby for Mother (feat. Anna Nyui -raw-, -vivid-)
    [CAPELLA] Octave raise on final part
    [CAPELLA] Final part is now under effects
    [INSTRUMENT] Added reverbed snares at the second intro part
    [MIXDOWN] Modified second atmo scratching during final bridge

    For the snares and the effect on the voice, it was more for dynamics. As for the pitch raise for the final part, it's to more fit with the actual instru sequence.
    For reminder: this song has the raw and vivid vocals at the same time.
    And it's the song being under the "16 years" age limit.

    Gone Too Early (feat. Anna Nyui -vivid-)
    [CAPELLA] Modifying abrupt pitch changes due to pitch curves for CHO capella

    I didn't change the instru, but I told about patching a bit the capella for abrupt pitch issues in the choruses.

    The Unloved One (feat. Anna Nyui -raw-)
    [PATCH] Modified remastering of intro atmo to fix saturation (Anti-Saturation)

    The mastering in the demo for the first atmo sample was the cause of an ugly saturation.
    Also, the pitch issues seem to be attenuated in this version but I didn't do any direct changes...

    Napea (feat. Anna Nyui -raw-)
    [INSTRUMENT] Intro first part now plays arp pad instead of sidechained choirs
    [INSTRUMENT] Outtro now plays piano instead of sidechained choirs
    [INSTRUMENT] Piano now plays during choruses
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX before final song impact

    I'll be honest, the demo was pretty messy and out of beat sometimes. This should be less the case.

    INDUNIA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    [EXTENSION] Extended intro
    [INSTRUMENT] Added sidechained sweep (3xOSC)

    More dynamics with sweep.

    Blame Yourself (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    [EXTENSION] Extended intro with new pattern

    Silence (feat. Sukone Tei)
    [CAPELLA] Changed voicebank (Sukone Tei 3.1 CV (former) / Sukone Tei 3.1.1 VCV (current))
    [PATCH] Corrected cut between reverse vocal and impact

    The capella change was done on all Tei's songs.
    As for the unnatural cut of the samples, it's fixed now.

    FRANZESCA (feat. Sukone Tei)
    [CAPELLA] Changed voicebank (Sukone Tei 3.1 CV (former) / Sukone Tei 3.1.1 VCV (current))
    [MIXDOWN] Fixed filter cutoff low thresholds of arp to avoid fades on/off

    If I set the low threshold at 0, the pluck became silent. Now you hear it all the long!

    Do Not Dare (feat. Sukone Tei)
    [CAPELLA] Changed voicebank (Sukone Tei 3.1 CV (former) / Sukone Tei 3.1.1 VCV (current))
    [INSTRUMENT] Added impact at the middle of second verse

    Added a bit more dynamics, but that's a mild change compared to some other songs.

    Memento Mori (feat. Lily)
    [EXTENSION] Extended final bridge
    [INSTRUMENT] Removed pluck pattern at the intro
    [INSTRUMENT] Harmor arp pattern now plays during the whole final vocal part
    [MIXDOWN] Deactivated reverb sub-effect of post-Nectar Elements treatment for bridge parts

    For the intro, it's to more fit the actual TV version (don't ask for it, private track) of this song, which didn't include the Sytrus pluck at the beginning and started with the atmo.
    (Note: OST type song, some restrictions have been set for this track, ref to Terms of Use)


    At the end of April I'll air a cover of "Lience" with IA ROCKS on MQube. The cover/remix for May hasn't been chosen yet.

    And as for Akari, I'm just waiting for the opportunity to ask a shipment for her, that will come very soon. Finally a release date!
    For me I think it won't be before mid-May (the time the package gets out of Japan, I'll have to wait at least for one week)

    For the albums, Akari will have lots of songs which will be done in June and July mainly.


    As for the lyrics I write for other producers, they will soon be posted here in French and Spanish as well.
    - for French and Spanish, I give official lyrics, so please only use these ones. Same for English.
    - For other unsupported languages (all that is not French, English, Japanese and Spanish), if you want to translate the lyrics, please use the English text, which is the original file. Not Japanese! (As for French and Spanish these will be adaptations so little changes possibly...)
    This will be written soon on the terms of use, no worries.


    Enjoy well the album!


    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    The timelapse between this album and the next one will maybe be a bit short... I still hope you'll enjoy both of them anyways. Changelog time!

    Moon Dust (feat. kokone)
    [EXTENSION] Extended intro, added SFX
    [INSTRUMENT] Added roll in last bridge
    Especially for the roll where the bridge was weird without it...

    IRISANDRA (feat. Lily)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added bells A pattern at intro
    [INSTRUMENT] Added bells B pattern (M1) playing after first beat measures
    [MIXDOWN] Slight volume enhancement on both capellas
    The original sounded quite empty, now you have more bells!

    White Sleep (feat. Hoshine Stella)
    [CAPELLA] Capella fades in with filter automation instead of volume automation
    [CAPELLA] Final sentences have now a delay
    [INFO: COMPATIBILITY] Project is not compatible anymore with versions of FL below 12.5.1 b165
    [MIXDOWN] Global remastering for sequence pads equilibration
    I wanted to make the delays for the demo and delayed them (ha ha) for the album. Also on some devices there was a problem of equilibrium between the volumes of the different instruments. Same for the beginning of the capella where the first words were impossible to hear.

    Dear Bunnies (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    [CAPELLA] Double remastering and reverb lowering
    Kiritan should sound a bit clearer now. Especially when I'm working on the VCV which is a quite soft voice compared to the other versions.

    Former Memories (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed atmo preset (Morphine)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed sequence pad preset (FM8)
    I had difficulties to find a good atmosphere for the song when I made the demo. So I did a few changes.

    Re;Venge (feat. Lily)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added Slayer patterns

    Forget What I Said (feat. kokone)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added sidechained VFX for full intro and choruses
    Last chorus sounded empty compared to the other ones.

    NADEGIA (feat. kokone)
    [MIXDOWN] Modified final fade out
    The final fade out in the demo was very, very long. Too long.


    OK some announces to make now!

    1) the cover.

    Moving it to 2 on April due to a lack of time. The schedule is actually tight currently because of the reduced time (I usually have 4 or 5 weeks to do everything, here it was a bit less). The songs will be:
    - "December 9th" with GUMI (beginning of April)
    - "Lience" with IA (I may modify the original instru though...) (end of April)

    2) advancement on "Memento Mori"

    If you saw the discography page, I think you may have seen that the album has a fixed rating, "Explicit". It's due to the first song. When you'll get it on March 30th, you'll maybe understand. I tried to make it softer but... The idea was still there.
    Typically it's because one sentence has a reference to possible children torture... Ouch.

    So this song of course is done since few days ago, and you'll get it on next Friday. But keep in mind it will be more limited in terms of publishing (age limits mandatory, explicit warnings etc).

    3) tracklists for April and May

    Because yeah there are two of them. I had to adapt myself with the different deadlines, because May and June have quite a lot of them. With December, these are the heaviest months.

    I confirm that the CD20 will feature:
    - Meiji
    - Zunko
    - MAYU
    - Totoko (only one who doesn't have a deadline in this period!)

    CD20.5 will feature:
    - GUMI
    - Momo
    - Sayu
    - CUL

    So Itako is for CD21. With the math, apparently CD20.5 demos will be finished at beginning/mid-June. Here are the two tracklists (there is no indication for Meiji's appends, it's normal).

    CD20 "About Us"  - AIR DATE: MAY 28TH

    01. Shatter (feat. Gahata Meiji) - for May 10th
    02. About Us (feat. Gahata Meiji)
    03. GRETARIA (feat. MAYU) - for May 6th
    04. ANILINIUM (feat. MAYU)
    05. Decades of Sorrow (feat. Shirahane Totoko)
    06. Eirpne (feat. Shirahane Totoko)
    07. Kindness (feat. Tohoku Zunko) - for May 8th
    08. Natasha (feat. Tohoku Zunko)
    09. Roxane (feat. MAYU)
    10. Voodoo Daughter (feat. Gahata Meiji)
    11. Azalea (feat. Tohoku Zunko)
    12. Aurora (feat. Tohoku Zunko)


    CD20.5 "Happiness Disappearence" - AIR DATE: JUNE 23RD

    01. Antheia (feat. Momone Momo)
    02. Disappearence (feat. Momone Momo) - for May 22nd
    03. Jump for Happiness (feat. Yurika Sayu) - for June 7th
    04. Passion Reaper (feat. Yurika Sayu)
    05. STEFANIA (feat. GUMI)
    06. Selenium (feat. GUMI) - for June 9th (the reason? Don't see yet...?)
    07. Melpomene (feat. CUL)
    08. After;Math (feat. CUL)
    09. CLOTHORA (feat. GUMI) - for June 5th
    10. Remind Me (feat. Momone Momo)
    11. Zurine (feat. CUL)
    12. Fallen (feat. Yurika Sayu)


    For Momo I didn't indicate it but it may be the straight F4 VB, as usual.


    3) a patch... Coming very very late

    For the ones who have downloaded the album "Maidens of the Horrors", an error is present on the track "Maeva". A patched version of the track along with its certificate is available just here.
    The bug is a problem of repeating instru due to treatments in Vegas, and since this happened on the last track and that the silence at the end became total... Very difficult to notice!
    I'll try to do in sort this doesn't happen anymore in future tracks...


    So enjoy!


  • Hello, Nynthixia there!

    So all the demos for the album "Vengeful and Graceful" are now out, and just before I begin to do the album versions, I'll give you the tracklist for the April album! This one will feature Nyui (as promised), Lily, Yukari and Tei (poor Tei, she doesn't have so much songs...). And of course, in this tracklist there is the famous song I wanted to do about the Huntress from DBD. So here is the tracklist, this is what awaits you next week and until this gets done:

    CD19.5 - "Memento Mori" - April 14th 2018

    01. Lullaby For Mother (feat. Anna Nyui) - will be aired on March 30th
    02. Gone Too Early (feat. Anna Nyui)
    03. The Unloved One (feat. Anna Nyui) - will be aired on April 5th
    04. Napea (feat. Anna Nyui)
    05. INDUNIA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    06. Blame Yourself (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    07. Silence (feat. Sukone Tei)
    08. FRANZESCA (feat. Sukone Tei)
    09. Do Not Dare (feat. Sukone Tei)
    10. Myriam (feat. Anna Nyui)
    11. Eliane (feat. Lily)
    12. Memento Mori (feat. Lily)

    Got it for the Huntress song? Yeah, first track.

    Yeah for the date I can't really set it after because on April 21st and 28th I won't be at home and I'll be very limited on my material (no possiblity to work with VCV VBs especially). That means I have to work quite quickly and efficiently (at least 3 per week).

    The reason why I didn't set the name of Nyui's appends is because I don't know which one will be the best. But if you still want to have a range of the possibilities, it may be or the vivid voicebank that I love a lot, or the raw voicebank which is the most recent one.
    And if ever there is an interesting voicebank being aired on Nyui's birthday... Who knows?

    As for other voicebanks:

    - Zunko: she has a deadline fixed on May 8th. She will maybe be featured in CD20.
    - MAYU: next deadline on May 6th. She will be featured in CD20 like Zunko.
    - Meiji: next deadline on May 10th. Or CD20 or CD20.5 I still have to calculate this.
    - Momo: deadline on May 22nd, more probabilities for CD20.5.
    - Sayu: same as Momo, CD20.5. Her next deadline is on June 7th.
    - GUMI: CD20.5, 2 deadlines in June (5th and 26th).
    - Itako: next deadline on June 24th. Probably CD20.5.

    From April 21st to April 28th: I'll work only with VOCALOID voicebanks or with CV UTAU voicebanks (so not the following ones: Nyui, Itako, Kiritan, Stella ; very few possibilities for Meiji because it is music-dependant).

    On June 9th it's sure there will be a cover. As for this month this may be a remix, but I'll maybe post it way later than usual. I'm still thinking about it. The place, as usual, will be on MQube.


    For material, still the same, Akari is on the wishlist, now I have to wait for the VOCALOID voicebank!

    Have fun!

  • CD18.5 "Unseen"


    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    And here is the album "Unseen". I got some pleasant surprises when I made the music tests. So I hope you'll enjoy this album a lot!

    Changelog time!

    Carene (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)

    [INSTRUMENT] Added bass pluck (Mikro Prism)

    I found out that the song sounded quite empty. Hence the adding of the bass.

    Muriel (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-)

    [EXTENSION] Extended bridge between first chorus and second verse
    [INSTRUMENT] Added sup arp piano notes during second verse and first vocal bridge
    [PATCH] Corrected capella volumes (Anti Saturation treatment)

    And the only song with Meiji in this album which doesn't use VCV (I tried VCV for the song, she sounded really detached). So it stayed with the original CV capella. Also this version having a little trouble of volume when remastered, I corrected it for the album.

    Aithnea (feat. IA)

    [EXTENSION] Extended outtro
    [MIXDOWN] Remastered arp bells pattern

    The arp modification is maybe the slightest one.

    Lost Innocence (feat. IA)

    [CAPELLA] Added "la la la" part during first chorus
    [EXTENSION] Intro now begins with SFX

    I noticed that on the first chorus, IA can sound a bit detached. And on the second chorus she sounded more than correct. Now this should be better!

    Tara (feat. Namine Ritsu)

    [MIXDOWN] Remastered capella (second NE treatment)

    For Ritsu, it's the reverse problem of Meiji. His voice is a bit soft but sounding really human for me and that's why I always kept it.

    Bloody Infection (feat. IA)

    [INSTRUMENT] Added snareclap in other measures including GM beats
    [INSTRUMENT] Added growl synth during second chorus
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX before second verse

    Just for dynamics. Nothing else.

    Necessary Judgement (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-)

    [MIXDOWN] Remastered capella

    With the VCV version. And the music was sometimes too loud in some cases. Corrected.


    The tracklist for March will be given to you at the end of next week. As for the song "Petulantia", yes, I switched the place with "White Sleep". So, just saying... "Petulantia" is with Lily, and I tried to do dubstep. Um... Unless you know how to configure her correctly on the dynamic level, this is maybe not a good idea. But hey, I think you'll have a good surprise. This will be aired later in the morning (near 11 AM maybe? (French time))


    The plans for a cover on March are not determined yet, when I'll get an idea, I'll tell it in a blog post.


    See you later...

  • Hello, Nynthixia there!

    So, the last demo of "Unseen" being aired (a bit earlier than I thought (thanks the snow...)), I can now announce the tracklist which includes the song for Stella that you got on Monday morning.

    And this one will have a weird organization... Here is the CD19 tracklist, "Vengeful and Graceful" (the title was revealed in the blog post of the song "JIULETA"), airing date: March 24th 2018.

    01. Moon Dust (feat. kokone) - will be aired on February 14th - deadline schedule
    02. Rafaela (feat. Tohoku Kiritan) - will be aired on February 26th
    03. IRISANDRA (feat. Lily) - will be aired on February 28th
    04. White Sleep (feat. Hoshine Stella) - possible air date: February 24th or 25th March 2nd
    05. Dear Bunnies (feat. Tohoku Kiritan) - will be aired on February 13th - deadline schedule
    06. Former Memories (feat. Tohoku Kiritan) - will be aired on March 1st
    07. Petulantia (feat. Lily) - will be aired on March 2nd February 24th
    08. Re;Venge (feat. Lily) - will be aired on February 22nd - deadline schedule
    09. Sand of Time (feat. Hoshine Stella) - will be aired on March 4th
    10. JIULETA (feat. Hoshine Stella) has been aired on February 5th - deadline schedule
    11. Forget What I Said (feat. kokone) - will be aired on February 27th
    12. NADEGIA (feat. kokone) - will be aired on March 3rd

    So I wrote all the dates of airing that have been fixed. The ones in yellow are the deadline ones, the blue ones are the holidays scheduled ones. Also this means that for the 2 upcoming weeks (and the current one) I'll be airing only 2 songs each week, before switching to the fastest pace on the Feb 26th-Mar 4th week.

    For reminder: no cover this month. This will come back on March, probably the Saturday before the album airing.


    EDIT of February 18th 1:23 AM


    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    And here is the second January album! The first one featured CUL, Yukari, Lily, IA, Oniko and Stella. The second one is with Lily, Yukari, MAYU, GUMI and Tei.

    Here is the changelog:

    Death Seeker (feat. MAYU)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added bridge chords during choruses and before first chorus

    SILVENA (feat. MAYU)
    [EXTENSION] Extended end with modification

    Arlena (feat. GUMI)
    [PATCH] Corrected a case of abrupt end for first riser

    What You Deserve (feat. Lily)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added pluck during verse 1
    [INSTRUMENT] Added bells during choruses and last intro part
    [INSTRUMENT] Modified bells placement in outtro

    Linda (feat. Lily)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added impact before ending part and at middle of final intro part
    [INSTRUMENT] Added second beats pattern in second part of final intro part

    Asylum of Dreams (feat. GUMI)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added crash roll and impact before last chorus and at middle of last chorus

    MADALENA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    [INSTRUMENT] Bridge pattern now also plays during choruses

    MAELISSA (feat. MAYU)
    [MIXDOWN] Raised volume of gated pad
    [MIXDOWN] Modified trance gate pattern
    [PATCH] Added sweeps at intro to repair synchronization problem

    Enemy Mine (feat. MAYU, Sukone Tei)
    [PATCH] Fixed saturation of after-chorus parts (AS* program)
    Same LIC code

    * Anti-Saturation


    I have 2 more songs to air this week. The first one will come this morning, it's "Aithnea" with IA. Why this morning and not at midnight? Even if I finished the song on Thursday (I was so much motivated for this one that I couldn't resist) I rathered letting some time for the album and then the song would come next, without having any penalty for any country. If I did it on the afternoon it would be aired on the 28th for Japanese people for example. Time differences really make this hard.

    As for the MQube incident on last Sunday it's repaired. The thing that happened is that when I tried to upload the remix to MQube I got stuck with a server error (= MQube down) so I decided to upload it on Soundcloud until MQube gets online again. So now everything is back to normal.

    Little dates to remember:

    Later on this day: "Aithnea" (IA)
    January 28th: one of the remaining demos to do for "Unseen"
    February 5th, February 13th, February 14th, February 22nd: deadlines for songs of March album (Stella/Kiritan/kokone/Lily)

    No cover on February, since the "Blood Error" remix replaced it. They will return in March.

    Ah and Nyui will appear in the April album. She already has 2 scheduled songs on March 30th and April 5th, and I have an idea for one song for her. (ref to the post of the song "Unseen", with Yukari as vocals).


    So enjoy this album and see you later in the morning (French time of course) for a song with IA!


  • CD17.5


    Hello, Nynthixia there.

    I don't need to tell many things tonight. Most of the recent news are resumed right here, so don't hesitate to check it out.

    This is the changelog for this album!

    Emma (feat. CUL)
    [EXTENSION] Added second bridge between second chorus and second verse
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed beats manipulation

    This song has actually 2 demos: one for the blog (the very first one, the one you can really qualify as a demo), and one for YouTube (which is half-way between blog demo and album version). I just finished the modifications for the album version, and extended a bridge part, which I wanted to do for the album version only, even if I had this idea in my head since a long time ago.

    Gaelle (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)

    I only did this modification to make more clear that this song is the sister song of "Emma".

    Calumnies (feat. Yuzuki Yukari, Lily)
    [INSTRUMENT] Modified pattern sequence in bridges

    The sequence pattern has 3 versions: one with the notes separated, another one with the notes being a bit more linked each other and the last one with a little addition touch. And that's this last one I added in the bridges for this version!

    Psycho Liar (feat. Lily)
    [INSTRUMENT] Coupled bells to the existant bridge pattern (M1)
    [MIXDOWN] Enhanced volume of FM8 bells

    Because I wanted to change the bells but I couldn't find anything else sounding good.

    JOZEFINA (feat. CUL)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX at 2° chorus and 3° chorus

    I hesitated to do it for the demo version, really. And I told myself, "nah, would be for the album".

    Letha (feat. Hinomoto Oniko)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added riser before each chorus and verse

    This song was already great, but I just added some dynamics by adding the riser at some other strategic points. Enjoy!

    Shining Shrine (feat. Hinomoto Oniko)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added bells pattern during choruses

    For this one, the change is very, very subtle, especially when the capella is on. But I assure you: yes, I added these bells!


    So, next surprise. Remix on MQube. I really enjoyed doing this. I worked on it a big part of Thursday evening. And it turned out to be quite great. I hope you won't be disappointed.
    Won't reveal the track name before tomorrow though... Let's keep up the fun until the end, OK?



  • Hello, Nynthixia there.

    This was actually online on the 2018 discography page since Sunday but I now announce it officially there, CD18.5 tracklist!

    The album will be called "Unseen" and will contain 12 tracks (4 for Yukari, 4 for IA, 4 for Meiji and 4 for Ritsu). Only the demos of the second and tenth tracks are out for the moment. So here it is:

    CD18.5 "Unseen" - AIR DATE: FEBRUARY 24TH

    01. Unseen (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    02. Carene (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    03. Altered Reality (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-)
    04. Muriel (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-)
    05. Aithnea (feat. IA -ROCKS-)
    06. Lost Innocence (feat. IA -ROCKS-)
    07. Threatening Thread (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    08. Tara (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    09. CARMINILLA (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    10. Bloody Infection (feat. IA -ROCKS-)
    11. Necessary Judgement (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-)
    12. DIMPHNE (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)

    The scheduled songs are:
    - "Unseen" for January 24th
    - "Aithnea" for January 27th (yup, the same day as the album "Death Seeker")

    All the others, "as soon as it's done".

    Also for next week, I hesitated between using the fastest or the moderate pace for working on production. Normally I should go with the tightest one since all my week will be free... But because of my global fatigue, I think I have to reduce it to "between 3 and 6 songs a week" exceptionnally. I don't really want to force myself or else I know this will end badly. I'll still try to do 4 for next week, to advance a bit on the tracklist.

    The week after this, back to the slowest pace, but maybe with 3 songs.


    And for Lily, Kiritan, Stella and kokone?
    No worries, they are for CD19. The demos may be produced at the same time as the ones of the CD18.5, especially for Stella's song (Feb 5th is the deadline). For reminder, deadlines:
    - Feb 5th -> Stella
    - Feb 13th -> Kiritan
    - Feb 14th -> kokone
    - Feb 22nd -> Lily

    As for Nyui, she's not forgotten since she will have lots of tracks for March and April. I really enjoy working with her (especially vivid VB) so it's not today I'm going to stop!
    After as for technical reasons... I just have to be at my own home to work with her. But same goes with Itako anyway.

    Last thing. Remix on MQube on January 21st. And I can't fail this one. This replaces February cover (and of course on March I do the same as usual). I won't reveal the name of the song I'm going to remix until you see it though. Nobody has to see it.
    Until the day...


    Please enjoy

  • Hello, Nynthixia there.

    Just in case, I published "Death Seeker" (the song, not the album, not yet) just there. This will be the last song of 2017. Well, this is. Now this is aired.

    So, there won't be lots of news, just a little modification that I'll explain on a schedule. No big worries.

    First, I wanted to say "happy new year" (even if we're not in 2018 yet, and still I have 8 hours late compared to Japan). I'm quite glad to be here. There was some evolution in the work, going from the V3 engine to the V4, there was no new vocal acquired on 2017, but you know that next year, well, Akari... You know all of this, right?

    So few info now.

    - "R.a.w." became an OST. Which means there may be some conditions for reprint (ref to Terms of use)

    - S04 will begin probably not before February from what I understood. If you remember well, S04 will be open when FL20 will be officially released. For the moment we still have some betas. And I'm not really working on betas. This season may be the one with the less clear transition of all. The S01/S02 was pretty clear, the S02/S03 still quite clear. The S03/S04... I already made a big transition when I acquired FM8, V-Station and Hybrid, where the style changed a bit.

    - The cover of February is cancelled.
    Actually it will be moved to January 21st [Sun.] (the day after the airing of the album "Dying Rule"), and it may not be a cover but a remix. I won't tell more about this remix, but it will be MQube exclusive. And I really, really have to do my best for this one.

    - A new sheet is available. This will give you the automatic deadlines for some songs using main and regular vocals. I also included Akari in the list.
    If there is a mistake in the dates please tell me so I can correct!

    - And I think that's it. A little tab for next week schedule is available here. (bottom of the post)
    Which means on tomorrow you get the yandere duet song!
    Midnight airing for this song will not be possible. Expect more an afternoon/evening airing.

    Enjoy! And big thanks for this year! Thanks for the support on some songs such as "Bird in Cage", and some others... This makes me really glad... And it's thanks to you I want to continue.
    So... Thanks!!!

  • CD17 "Break-Out"


    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Last album of the year... And next month there will be two albums instead of only one. Here is the changelog of the album "Break-Out"!

    Corina (feat. Tohoku Itako)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added alternative beats/snare pattern
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX group between intro and first verse
    [INSTRUMENT] Snare plays during the outtro along with beats
    [MIXDOWN] Modified abrupt end of final SFX

    Heloise (feat. GUMI)
    [INSTRUMENT] Filtered pad now begins at measure 2 (instead of measure 4)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added supersaw bridge between verse 2 and penultimate chorus
    [MIXDOWN] Fixed some pad volumes

    ELZEFINA (feat. IA)
    [MIXDOWN] Patched crashes volumes

    MALCINE (feat. Lily)
    [INSTRUMENT] Piano also plays during choruses

    Daydreamer (feat. Yurika Sayu)
    [INSTRUMENT] Removed choirs in first part of second verse
    [PATCH] Corrected main/cho parts on bridge capella

    Chains and Saws (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added VFX before first and second chorus
    [MIXDOWN] Added lowpass filter on arp pad

    R.a.w. -Repair a world- (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added impacts at some uplifters/downlifters

    Back Spin (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-)
    [INSTRUMENT] Both types of snare rolls are playing at same time

    So enjoy the album!

    For little reminder, this is the schedule of the 2 next weeks!

    Schedule for Dec 25th-Jan 7th

    Cover of "ALETHEA" will be on MQube on January 13th with CUL. The two album airings for "Dying Rule" and "Death Seeker" will be on January 20th and January 27th. Ah, and tomorrow there may be 2 surprises on MQube, keep an eye on it.

    Else, I say it again there, but I confirm Akari Kizuna will be the next VOCALOID purchase. Once she will be out as a VOCALOID, I take her. This girl is too cute <3

    So, see you on MQube on this weekend, and on the blog for Oniko's birthday song!
    I'll try my best, promise ><


  • Hello, Nynthixia there!

    There are few changes for the air dates of an album and a cover, the ones for January. And the cause is the pace for the weeks of December 25th/December 31st and January 1st/January 7th.

    There is enough place to fit a whole album in it. Next week I'll try to air 3 songs ("Abandoned" with Stella and 2 others, maybe a song with IA and another one with CUL). Then the week after, you'll have the another song with IA and the Yukari/CUL duet. At the end of the post anyways, you'll get a schedule of all originals and covers that will be aired for the next periods.

    So, why in title of this blog post I didn't talk at all about an album announcement? Because all the demos for this album will be produced during the fast period! Except for December 25th, it still will be a track from the album "Dying Rule" : "Shining Shrine".

    So this is the tracklist that will be produced. Please note this album will be the one airing on JANUARY 27TH. "Dying Rule" is being shifted to JANUARY 20TH, and the cover for "ALETHEA" (with or MAYU or CUL, haven't decided yet) will be for JANUARY 13TH.

    CD18 - Death Seeker

    01. Death Seeker (feat. MAYU)
    02. SILVENA (feat. MAYU)
    03. Mania (feat. GUMI)
    04. Arlena (feat. GUMI)
    05. Destruction Goddess (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    06. AURELINA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    07. What You Deserve (feat. Lily)
    08. Linda (feat. Lily)
    09. Asylum of Dreams (feat. GUMI)
    10. MADALENA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    11. Time to Run (feat. Lily)
    12. MAELISSA (feat. MAYU)
    13. Enemy Mine (feat. MAYU, Sukone Tei)

    Now, the schedules:

    December 11th: "Abandoned" (Hoshine Stella)
    Between December 13th and December 17th: "Anemone" (IA ROCKS) and "JOZEFINA" (CUL)
    December 16th: [MQube only] "Tear for Dear" (kokone CUL) [cover] Dec 14th: I confirm the cover will be with CUL, not with kokone, sorry! ><
    December 20th: "Toxic Romance" (IA ROCKS)*
    December 22nd: "Dying Rule" (CUL and Yuzuki Yukari)
    December 23th: "Break-Out" [album]
    December 25th: "Shining Shrine" (Hinomoto Oniko)*
    December 26th: "AURELINA" (Yuzuki Yukari)
    December 27th: "MAELISSA" (MAYU)
    December 28th: "What You Deserve" (Lily)
    December 29th: "Mania" (GUMI)
    December 30th: "Destruction Goddess" (Yuzuki Yukari)
    December 31st: "Death Seeker" (MAYU)
    January 1st: "Enemy Mine" (MAYU, Sukone Tei)*
    January 2nd: "Arlena" (GUMI)
    January 3rd: "Linda" (Lily)
    January 4th: "Asylum of Dreams" (GUMI)
    January 5th: "Time to Run" (Lily)
    January 6th: "SILVENA" (MAYU)
    January 7th: "MADALENA" (Yuzuki Yukari)
    January 13th: [MQube only] "ALETHEA" (CUL or MAYU) [cover]
    January 20th: "Dying Rule" [album]
    January 27th: a song featuring IA + "Death Seeker" [album]

    * songs for which a midnight airing is very unlikely. Expect more an afternoon or an evening airing (France time).

    Soooo that's it for now! See you on tomorrow for Stella's birthday song!

  • Hello, Nynthixia there!


    It's been almost a month since there was no message in the news. But I have lots of news to share now. The album airing, the reveals for the covers of December and January, the tracklist of the album that will be aired on January, and some new little "DAW food".

    I assume this expression.

    Here is the changelog of "Babylon". But before, I wanted to thank you a lot for "Bird in Cage". The song was composed for Zunko's birthday and it became one of the most popular songs. Views counter on piapro exploded, and all the little nice comments...
    Thank you everyone!

    (The songs being the same as their demos (and it included Zunko's song) are not indicated in the changelog. Same as usual)

    01. BELICIA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed intro pattern constitution
    [INSTRUMENT] Added VFX before last chorus

    Maybe one of the songs that has been the most heavily changed in this album. I just added a bit more dynamics and modified the intro. Quite funny to call the song "BELICIA" when it has some beautiful bells to begin with. Haha.

    03. Blindness (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    [EXTENSION] End extended and modified
    [LYRICS] Added lyrics (R3 + R4) at the end

    The new lyrics in English and in French are included in the zip file, the Japanese ones are on the booklet. I thought the song was a bit too short so I extended it with new lyrics!

    05. Lyra (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added VFX at the end of uplifters
    [INSTRUMENT] Added impact at the beginning of last chorus

    To be honest, when I composed the demo, few hours later I had some new ideas. "OK it will be for the album" so here it is.

    08. Christine (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    [INSTRUMENT] Slayer now plays all the song but the intro
    [MIXDOWN] Compressor added in final mixdown
    [PATTERN] Slayer pattern at the outtro has changed

    I had difficulties with the Slayer and the demo sounded quite weird with the demo Slayer ending. I changed it so it sounds a bit more correct.

    09. Denial (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    [EXTENSION] Extended intro and outtro

    Basic extension, even if the song doesn't have the same beginning.

    12. Babylon (feat. Lily)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX before bridges

    I added a few more dynamics. But no way I extend this song that is already very, very long (almost 6 minutes...).


    Next: the January album!

    It will be aired... On January 27th. On IA's birthday. But there are some IA's songs in it and there will be an IA solo song that will be aired (you won't have this name until next month though). Some of the tracks are scheduled.

    CD17.5 - Dying Rule

    01. Dying Rule (feat. CUL, Yuzuki Yukari) - WILL BE AIRED ON DECEMBER 22ND 2017
    02. Emma (feat. CUL)
    03. Gaelle (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    04. Calumnies (feat. Yuzuki Yukari, Lily)
    05. Psycho Liar (feat. Lily)
    06. JOZEFINA (feat. CUL)
    07. Abandoned (feat. Hoshine Stella) - WILL BE AIRED ON DECEMBER 11TH 2017
    08. FANIA (feat. Hoshine Stella)
    09. Letha (feat. Hinomoto Oniko)
    10. Shining Shrine (feat. Hinomoto Oniko) - WILL BE AIRED ON DECEMBER 25TH 2017
    11. Toxic Romance (feat. IA -ROCKS-) - WILL BE AIRED ON DECEMBER 20TH
    12. Anemone (feat. IA -ROCKS-)

    So, remember when I said I would do a duet Yukari/CUL? Now this is the confirmation, there will be one!
    Also, little info, the song "Psycho Liar" will be the first to be aired, at the time I'm writing this, its instru is already done.

    Talking about instrus, let's talk about music plugins.
    I got not one, not two, but three plugins!

    That's what I meant by "DAW food"...

    These are the names:
    - FM8
    - V-Station
    - Hybrid 3

    Ah and FM8 is featured a lot in "Psycho Liar" ^^
    Actually all the synths in this song are FM8 except for a lead made with GMS, that's all I'm going to say!

    (Thanks the Black Friday for the ridiculous prices)


    And next, the covers. I have to delay a little bit the "CARLA" one, but these are the names of the two sele's songs I'll cover the 2 next months:
    - On December 16th: "Tears for Dear" with CUL
    - On January 20th: "ALETHEA" with or MAYU or IA -ROCKS-
    Both will be on MQube only, so be sure to check it out sometime!
    (Both of the covers use non official instrus but their quality is really really good no worries)

    And of course if sele airs a song with its instru, this song becomes prioritary on the list, delaying some others to the months after.

    Info on songs seasons now.

    The season 3 of songs will stop when I'll get FL Studio 20 (there's no FL13 just in case you're wondering!).
    Just because the third season is getting a bit too long (since June 2016).
    WARNING: Songs using Fruity Delay 3 and/or Transistor Bass and that will be produced within FL Studio 20 will only be eligible to compatibility patches with FL 12.5.1, but not with former versions of FL, and will be marked as "Restricted compatibility patch".


    As for the work paces, the fastest pace will be applied for the weeks December 25th/December 31st and January 1st/January 7th. But I can't give any schedule for them right now (except for the 25th) since it will depend of how fast I'll advance on the January tracklist.
    There may be a third week of fast pace at the end of January, but I'll wait some confirmations on my side.

    As an ending word, congrats to Zunko's team for Itako's Voiceroid, they reached the goal within a couple of minutes.
    She's really good as an UTAU, and I'm sure the users of Voiceroid will enjoy her a lot.

    Again, thanks a lot and hope you'll enjoy these musics! <3

  • Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Before beginning with the schedule, I wanted to say a huge, very huge thanks to everyone. The last song with Zunko, "Bird in Cage", has also been introduced by official piapro's Twitter account. It was hard to believe, but this makes me so happy and it really gives me a huge amount of motivation. Thanks everyone!!!

    I have so many things to tell you, if you knew...

    First, the work pace and schedule for next week. This is what I said in the previous news (when I aired "Maidens of the Horrors" (CD16)):

    1) I may do the fastest pace but I'd have to advance many works for Monday and Tuesday
    2) I do the fastest pace, but the song that was scheduled for Tuesday would be aired or on the Monday or on the Wednesday depending of how it goes
    3) I do the medium pace, and actually it would be a "6 songs a week" pace, with the Tuesday without anything

    The reason why I had to write down these choices was because I'd normally have some school classes on the Tuesday evening. I learnt on Wednesday that these classes were cancelled. This means, next week I'm on holidays (for school of course, not for production, you know me way well now).

    So the pace for next week will be a song everyday. No day shifts.

    And since I was at the very end of doing the demos for the album "Babylon"... I had to do a new tracklist. The CD17 will be called "Break-Out", and will be aired as an album on December 23rd!

    On this weekend, I'll produce "Lyra" with Kiritan. It should be aired on Sunday. This leaves the song "Christine" with Ritsu, which will be made on October 30th.

    This is the tracklist, and since some tracks are already scheduled to other dates, I decided to reveal the ones for the other tracks in the meanwhile (at least the ones for next week):

    CD17 - Break-Out

    01. Ornella (feat. Tohoku Itako) AIR DATE: NOV 14TH (near midnight? (Paris time))
    02. Corina (feat. Tohoku Itako)
    03. Heloise (feat. GUMI) AIR DATE: NOV 1ST
    04. ELZEFINA (feat. IA) AIR DATE: NOV 4TH
    05. Break-Out (feat. Lily)
    06. MALCINE (feat. Lily) AIR DATE: NOV 5TH
    07. Daydreamer (feat. Yurika Sayu) AIR DATE: NOV 11TH
    08. CORALYNA (feat. Yurika Sayu)
    09. Chains and Saws (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    10. R.a.w. -Repair a world- (feat. Yuzuki Yukari) AIR DATE: NOV 3RD
    11. Not Anymore (feat. Momone Momo -straight-) AIR DATE: NOV 2ND
    12. Back Spin (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-) AIR DATE: OCT 31ST


    So this makes (with all the other works included) this schedule:

    October 29th: "Lyra" (Kiritan)
    October 30th: "Christine" (Ritsu)
    October 31st: "Back Spin" (Meiji)
    November 1st: "Heloise" (GUMI)
    November 2nd: "Not Anymore" (Momo)
    November 3rd: "R.a.w. -Repair a world-" (Yukari)
    November 4th: "ELZEFINA" (IA)
    November 5th: "MALCINE" (Lily)
    November 11th: "Daydreamer" (Sayu)
    November 14th: "Ornella" (Itako)
    November 18th: cover of "Segments Blue" (IA) [MQube only]
    November 25th: airing of the album "Babylon"

    Everything's written? Good!

    Also, please don't forget for the time shift between Japan and France! From October 29th, when it's midnight in France, it will be 8 AM in Japan (when it's midnight in Japan, it will be 4 PM in France).

    And for December works? You'll at least have IA, Stella, Oniko, CUL and Yukari (I'm thinking about a plan to make these two last ones sing together, I'm sure between the voice of CUL and Yukari's -Lin- voicebank, we can obtain a wonderful thing!).

    (Reminder for dates: IA will have a song on Dec 20th, Stella on Dec 11th, Oniko on Dec 25th and Yukari and CUL are both for Dec 22nd!)

    One last thing, the uploads on piapro may stop... Due to upload limit again. I'm almost at 99 files, the limit I previously reached. One complete set for a song or 2 instrus and this limit will be reached again. But no worries, the rest will be on fichier-zip as always!

    Please enjoy! And again: thanks for all the support!


  • CD16 - "Maidens of the Horrors"


    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Title that quite fits with Halloween's month! There's a bit of everything: yangires, yanderes, some sort of horror stories...

    (Ah and no song for all audiences, sorry)

    Changelog time!

    01. Anais (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-)
    [CAPELLA] Modified vibrato of 3 notes in C2 parts

    Slight correction for enhancing the quality.

    02. HAZELNE (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed synth presets (Toxic Biohazard (x2) -> M1 (x2))
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed snare roll type at middle of C2 part
    [INSTRUMENT] Roll+SFX at middle of C1 part

    Maybe one of the songs that has been the most heavily modified. I didn't really like what I did with Toxic Biohazard at first, and when I did this, I didn't own the M1 yet.

    03. Curse of the Magnolias (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-)
    [EXTENSION] Added bridges between after each first type of verse (Toxic Biohazard)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed intro preset (Toxic Biohazard)

    Same for this one, it was the intro that... Seemed weird to me.

    05. Daralis (feat. Lily)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added crash rolls
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX at beginning of last chorus
    [INSTRUMENT] Removed SFX in outtro

    The dynamics have been enhanced a bit. And the ending is not weird anymore.

    06. Haunted Reflection (feat. Lily)
    [INSTRUMENT] Removed kicks in second bridge
    [MIXDOWN] Global remastering
    [PATTERN] Changed pattern for intro

    I had a problem between making a longer intro with repetitive patterns. Finally found the way to fix this.

    08. ENJELE (feat. MAYU)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added lead bridge at the end
    [INSTRUMENT] Toxic Biohazard pluck has been raised by one octave
    [MIXDOWN] Raised volume of chorus lead

    Slight changes.

    09. Ginevra (feat. Anna Nyui -raw-)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed supersaw patterns
    [INSTRUMENT] Supersaw now plays at the end

    Some parts were also weird for me in the demo, and when I made it I thought "I have to modify this for the album". Quality a bit enhanced.

    11. Down to Hell (feat. Anna Nyui -vivid-)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added pluck at bridges and last chorus (Sytrus)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added VFX at the end
    [MIXDOWN] Application of the new volume measures for VEGAS Pro 15.0 build 177
    [MIXDOWN] Lowered chorus capella (-0.5dB)

    For the general mixdown this was the song with the less troubles. But I wanted to add some dynamics to it as well.

    12. Maeva (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added VFX and kicks in the second part of the intro
    [INSTRUMENT] Added perc loop at roll at the penultimate chorus
    [INSTRUMENT] Added ending SFX
    [MIXDOWN] Application of the new volume measures for VEGAS Pro 15.0 build 177
    [PATTERN] Changed ending atmo/pad pattern for bridge and at the end of the intro

    In terms of volumes, this song was the most problematic one. Made it less repetitive at some parts as well.


    Sooooo what happened with this build of VEGAS Pro actually? The pan controls had been changed for the first build of the v15, so this was the explanation for the -3dB volume when I used the manipulations that I had to do in previous versions (and that I can use now in the current build of VEGAS Pro!). That was not that bad for Meiji though, who had a very strong voice.

    Next songs to be aired will be "BELICIA" then "On Both Edges", on this weekend. Between the computer maintenance and the fatigue, I had some difficulties to work on musics and lyrics. So no worries, this will come soon. Zunko's song is on next Thursday for reminder.

    Next cover will normally be on November 18th. Yeah, a week before the album airing, again. The next one on the list is "Segments Blue" with IA. (MQube only)

    The work paces for the 2 next weeks... The next week it's the same as the current one, but the week of Halloween... There are 3 possibilities due to a little problem on my side:

    1) I may do the fastest pace but I'd have to advance many works for Monday and Tuesday
    2) I do the fastest pace, but the song that was scheduled for Tuesday would be aired or on the Monday or on the Wednesday depending of how it goes
    3) I do the medium pace, and actually it would be a "6 songs a week" pace, with the Tuesday without anything

    I invite you to keep an eye on the "Work pace" corner at the top of the right menu.


    Tracklist of November : I'm still working on it and it's not ready yet. I'll try to give that to you at the end of the next week. Along with the schedule for the week of October 30th-November 5th. Be sure that Sayu and Itako are confirmed for this tracklist though, and they will both have scheduled songs (on the 11th for Sayu, on the 14th for Itako (this one will come very late in the night though!)).



  • Hello, Nynthixia there.

    I think after the song "Blindness" I had to give some explanations.

    3 days ago I bought Groove Machine. This is maybe the trickiest plugin that I have ever seen. I'll maybe take a while before mastering it perfectly. "Blindness" was a sort of test for it.

    I also changed my computer on Wednesday. No worries nothing is lost, let's just say the first one had a little physical problem and it was best to change it before it was too late. To avoid the holes in the production pace, I had prepared "Sparks" and "Blindness" way in advance, aired the first one at the scheduled date, and the second one as fast as I could, when the computer was all ready.

    Next airing? A cover of "DIETRICH" with Lily on MQube in few hours! And this one was prepared several weeks in advance! (^_^) Next cover... Well the plans B I had in August, so typically:
    - or "Segments Blue" with IA (original instru)
    - or "CARLA" with Lily (original instru)

    Next originals? The one with Zunko will be on October 27th. As for the others, "as soon as they will be produced".

    In a nutshell: no worries, everything happened exactly as I expected.

    And don't forget on the 21st, album airing as well!


  • CD15.5 "Truth Garden"


    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    30th album already... It's been 2 years and a half and here we are. Welcome to the garden of the truth, where the reality can be happy, weird... Or even hurtful.

    Changelog time, a bit different from the others this time. If a song isn't listed here -> same as demo.

    01. Alina (feat. CUL)

    This is an unreleased song!

    A quite heavenly song with some light ambience. Has some evolution parts.

    02. Never Ending (feat. CUL)

    [EXTENSION] Added bridge between last verse and last chorus

    I agree, the bridge in the demo was weird!

    04. Penelope (feat. Lily)

    This is an unreleased song!

    This one is the longest of all the album, more focused on a heartbreaking and dramatic ambience, making a good contrast with the previous track "Night Garden".

    05. Simple Fantasy (feat. Tohoku Zunko)

    [EXTENSION] Extended end

    This track has still its little oddity thing, but I still like it.

    06. Never Forget You (feat. Tohoku Zunko)

    [INSTRUMENT] Added atmo choirs

    Does it sound even more heavenly and sad?

    07. Hidden (feat. GUMI)

    [INSTRUMENT] Added kicks in first part of first verse

    "Hidden" was complicated to create since its demo status. So well that I tried to look at everything I could do to make it good. There was just this missing.

    08. CLIONE (feat. GUMI)

    [INSTRUMENT] Added rolls
    [EXTENSION] Added bridge before last chorus

    The demo was quite too short so I extended it a bit and enhanced the dynamics.

    09. Truth Left (feat. Tohoku Zunko)

    [CAPELLA] Added harmonies for some parts

    What was missing to the original! When I was listening to this song sometimes, I felt that some harmonies were missing, and I added them at some strategic parts. I let you enjoy it!

    12. Hex Spell (feat. Lily)

    [CAPELLA] Added global harmonies
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed octave of last part of supersaw bridge
    [INSTRUMENT] Added roll before last chorus

    "Hex Spell" was made a bit before many other songs of this album and didn't have any harmonies. For all the tracks, these capellas were the hardest to do! Also gave a bit more dynamics at the end of the first bridge, this really needed it.

    13. Megara (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)

    This is an unreleased song!

    Punchy pop-like, and with a story that has nothing to do with the girl from the Disney movie. This is actually a sort of "parallel song" to "NANZIA" that was in the "Necrosis" album (CD15). If I had to choose some favorites in this album, would be tracks 8, 9 and 13!

    14. HELENIA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)

    [EXTENSION] Extended end
    [INSTRUMENT] Added VFX and SFX
    [INSTRUMENT] Added kicks at the end of the last bridge
    [INSTRUMENT] Modified alarm roll in intro
    [MIXDOWN] General mixing

    This was a hell to mix again! A bit longer and more dynamic than the demo though. This was one of the tracks that required me the most time of work...


    For the instrus of the 3 inedite songs, it's here on fichier-zip.


    So, now the album is online, I have several announcements to make.

    First, the October cover!

    October 14th, "DIETRICH" with Lily. Yeah, I still have this plan in my mind, and it will be aired on MQube very soon! The instru was made by felichan for this one.

    Then, the next tracklist!

    This is the tracklist of CD16.5 (32th) for November 25th. The album will be called "Babylon". Two tracks will be scheduled: the seventh one for October 12th, the fourth one for October 27th. Tracklist showing up!

    01. BELICIA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    02. Mad Dolls Theater (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    03. Blindness (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    04. Bird in Cage (feat. Tohoku Zunko)
    05. Lyra (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    06. On Both Edges (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    07. Sparks (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    08. Christine (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    09. Denial (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    10. Gabriella (feat. Shirahane Totoko)
    11. Maya (feat. kokone)
    12. Babylon (feat. Lily)

    As for Itako no worries, she will be in the CD17, and she will also have a scheduled track (for November 14th).

    As for the full stories, it will continue on tomorrow (September 24th) with "Maeva" and "Confession"/"ALCESTIA".


    That's all for the moment, please enjoy the album! (^_^)


  • Hello, Nynthixia there

    I acquired some new material recently, I told about some of them on Twitter already, but apparently, never did that here so here we go.

    The first one is the upgrade to VEGAS Pro 15.0. Since the song "Down to Hell", all the works are done into this version, also they seem to have changed the compressor system making the volume of some songs quite low. May be good to expect some modifications for the album versions I guess.

    (Typically the saturation level has been lowered by ~3dB from what I noticed, so if I used the same manipulations as in the 14.0, I would have a music with 3dB less than a song that has been rendered with the 14.0.)

    The upgrade has been done last week, on August 31st.


    The other new instrument is a little KORG M1 (it should remind you something, maybe?) not too expensive for me (42€), that has been unlocked on Wednesday, so, more recently than the VEGAS update. The next song, which is with Lily, uses it as main synth (with Toxic Biohazard, my little favorite <3). This VST sounds very promising since it can do a lot of things... A bit like Xpand!2 I guess.


    I don't plan to buy any new VOCALOID soon, I'm more waiting for the V4 updates of the ones that don't have it yet (especially for Lily). So for the moment, it's more "VST buying and VOCALOID upgrading" as soon as possible.

    Concerning Tmbox, the website is dead since several days ago, so now everything is on MQube except for the demo of "MARJOLINA" that had to be patched. Full list of concerned works on this Google Doc!

    Work paces: the week between October 30th and November 5th may be a week with the fastest pace, however, I can't really confirm that yet. As for now, I'm in the slow pace again. No worries, I'm still working.

    Two dates to write on your agendas: September 16th on MQube, I'll air a cover of "CHERRY BLOSSOM" with kokone (original: sele) and on September 19th I'll air the song "Lolita" with MAYU (it's for her voice provider's birthday). And of course the album "Truth Garden" on September 23rd (please listen to the crossfade here)!

    See you soon


  • Hello, Nynthixia there! And let's introduce... "Necrosis"!


    First time this is an album that has no single track for all audiences. Time for the changelog!

    Note: for "Mandragora", I chose to not do an album version different from the current demo, since it already had a first rough demo internally (a beta version). This is why the track is the same. It already has been enhanced, and you just got the best quality one!

    02. Love Wounds (feat. Shirahane Totoko)
    [EXTENSION] Extended end
    [INSTRUMENT] Added VFX before each chorus

    03. Infamous Betrayal (feat. Anna Nyui -raw-)
    [COMPATIBILITY INFO] Project is not compatible anymore with former FL versions (12.5 b57 required)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added kicks and gated pad in intro
    [INSTRUMENT] Added pad delay (Fruity Delay 3)

    The delay thing is almost not noticeable.

    04. Back from Madness (feat. Hoshine Stella)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added slayer in intro
    [MIXDOWN] Fixed impact volume

    05. Iphigenia (feat. Hoshine Stella)
    [MIXDOWN] Lowered Sakura string volume
    [PATCH] Removed abnormal ending silence

    In some conditions, the Sakura instrument sounded extremely loud. Now the mix is more correct.

    08. JIMENIA (feat. CUL)

    09. Hester (feat. IA -ROCKS-)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added uplifter in intro

    10. Damaris (feat. Lily)
    [MIXDOWN] Modified VFX reverb

    The change is very slight compared to some other tracks, but the reverb from the demo was a bit too much heavy.

    11. Isabela (feat. GUMI, Tohoku Zunko)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed beats
    [INSTRUMENT] Added claps during C2/C4/final verse
    [INSTRUMENT] Added sweeps at the end of the intro
    [MIXDOWN] Remastered chords

    One of the songs that had the most significant changes. The problem of "Isabela" was the quality, that was quite low because the beats were too simple (inter alia). So I modified them and it should sound more sophisticated!

    12. NANZIA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    [INSTRUMENT] Bridge is playing during every part of song except for intro
    [MIXDOWN] Remastered pluck

    Also one of the tracks that has been deeply modified. The GMS instrument is now playing almost all the long of the song. Enjoy this new version!

    Hope you enjoy this album, the half of the songs are independant stories, the other half is inspired from the two last CHARON games. And something tells me this is not over yet...

    BECAUSE... "Truth Garden"!!!!

    There are 3 tracks that you won't recognize at all, the inedite ones, but all the other ones should remind you something. I thought about finishing all the demos with Lily's birthday song to set the crossfade in the same news post as the "Necrosis" album airing.
    Note: none of all the inedite songs are for all audiences. Told you, "3 piapro and 2 MQube posts cancelled", so yeah, it was "3 posts", one for each instru, that should have told you something like "maybe yandere or some cruel tragedy". And the MQube posts meant that it could be for the 2 concerned songs or "yandere song with good quality" or "not yandere song with good or excellent quality". So there is one with normal quality.

    Like I said few days earlier, I only did this crossfade because here, there are some songs that you won't be able to listen to out of an album. There will be no player on the blog, no upload on piapro, MQube or Soundcloud, nothing. A full changelog for this album will be given on September 23rd, along with its download link.

    If ever you want the audio of the crossfade, please contact me (the best would be by mail ("Contact") or by Twitter, where you'll get the quickiest answers). No need to rip out the audio from YT when the website changes some settings of the audio and when the author gently tells you "you can ask me what audio you want"! (But please do not reupload it)

    As for the covers of the inedite original songs... I'll ask you to contact me first whatever the upload platform will be. First to get the material then to tell me where it will be. Of course, the license is the same as usual so no mistake!


    Did you think that would be all? Nope! Tracklist for October incoming! For an album that will be called "Maidens of the Horrors"!

    We come back to UTAU and VOCALOID album, but with really good UTAU singers please! Air date: October 21st 2017.

    01. Anais (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-)
    02. HAZELNE (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-)
    03. Curse of Magnolias (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-)
    04. Confession (feat. Lily)
    05. Daralis (feat. Lily)
    06. Haunted Reflection (feat. Lily)
    07. Lolita (feat. MAYU)
    08. ENJELE (feat. MAYU)
    09. Ginevra (feat. Anna Nyui -raw-)
    10. Harmonia (feat. Anna Nyui -raw-)
    11. Down to Hell (feat. Anna Nyui -raw-)
    12. Maeva (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)

    Same as usual, a demo will be aired for each track. Also no worries for Zunko and Ritsu, they will be for the next tracklist.

    And the last thing... We got over the 400 songs! "Complaints" was indeed the 400th one, and don't think I'll stop just there!

    Oh, wait, last thing... Forgot to tell for the covers, of course! This time I kept the best for the end.

    The cover for September 16th will be "CHERRY BLOSSOM" with kokone!

    The thing is that felichan created an instru for this song (which is really great and close to the original song) and that I got the permission from sele to upload publicly this cover! So please thank these two very adorable persons without who this cover wouldn't exist! <3

    The only restriction on this cover is that they will be the only ones able to use this work without my permission. For all other people, you'll have to ask me first!

    The one for October is not scheduled yet... Maybe soon?




  • Hello, Nynthixia there.

    Like I said on Twitter, the album exclusive tracks of "Truth Garden" will be the songs "Alina", "Penelope" and "Megara". So this actually cancelled... 2 MQube and 3 piapro posts. This gives you a little idea.

    That said, I have these tracks to do:

    - "Never Ending", "Never Forget You", "Hidden", "CLIONE", "Complaints" : these songs will be aired or this week or next week or the week after it. This means I'll have to do a tracklist soon, and I already wrote some ideas down.
    - "Night Garden" : this song will be aired on August 25th. This is the Lily's birthday one.

    For covers... "Scarlet Rose" with IA for August 21st, for reminder. The September one though... I have 2 possible projects but for the first one I need another authorization so... Can't really say which one it will be. As soon as I'll get an answer, I'll be able to tell you which project will be in place. Covers will be posted on MQube.

    And of course, the album "Necrosis" on August 26th! The "Truth Garden" one will be on September 23rd, and it may be possible that I post a crossfade for this one soon when all the demos and album versions will be finished. The crossfade will be only on YouTube, and if ever you want to listen to the crossfade over and over in mp3, please use the "contact" link on the blog because I won't post it publicly.

    Why a crossfade only for "Truth Garden"? For all other albums, it was quite... Useless. The only album exclusive tracks were or different edits of a song which already had a demo (the Memories Edit of "CHARA", the Despair Edit for "Master Mind" and the rework of "ARSENIUM"), or remastered and patched versions of songs that have been already aired (case of "Aenea" (which still has a mistake in the lyrics, I know) and "OCTARINA" (it was a patch on the lyrics)).
    Now that there will be 3 tracks for which the "public demo state" doesn't exist, well... Decided to be a bit sadistic and to air a crossfade almost a month before its air date!
    No, I'm not THAT evil. *laughs*

    In a nutshell:


    August 21st: cover "Scarlet Rose" with IA -ROCKS- (MQube). Work pace at "between 3 and 6 songs a week"
    August 25th: "Night Garden" with Lily (blog, and possibly MQube depending of the quality)
    August 26th: album "Necrosis" (blog, fichier-zip link [Warning: no "all audiences" song in this one!!])


    September 4th: work pace reduced at "2 or 3 songs a week"
    September 16th: cover on MQube, can't reveal the project yet since I'm waiting for an authorization for the "plan A"*
    September 23rd: album "Truth Garden" (blog, fichier-zip link)


    * plan B may be a cover of "Segments Blue" (GUMI or kokone) or "CARLA" (CUL or Lily). If I get the authorization for the plan A, these covers will be done another day. All new sele's songs may be prioritary if the instru is posted.
    EDIT 8:46 PM GMT+1 : If "DIETRICH" has an instru, cover with Lily for September if I don't get the authorization for the A plan. Thanks, sele!

  • Hello, Nynthixia there!

    The problem with being too much in advance is that I have to work a bit more on "what will I have to do after", so creating a tracklist! This one will be a bit special, because of how it will be organized, and also... First tracklist being VOCALOID exclusive! Yeah, no UTAU song in this one. I first thought I already did that at least once, but nope! This is indeed the first one which will contain only VOCALOID songs!

    CD15.5 - Truth Garden

    01. Alina (feat. CUL)
    02. Never Ending (feat. CUL)
    03. Night Garden (feat. Lily)
    04. Penelope (feat. Lily)
    05. Simple Fantasy (feat. Tohoku Zunko)
    06. Never Forget You (feat. Tohoku Zunko)
    07. Hidden (feat. GUMI)
    08. CLIONE (feat. GUMI)
    09. Truth Left (feat. Tohoku Zunko)
    10. Severine (feat. GUMI)
    11. Complaints (feat. CUL)
    12. Hex Spell (feat. Lily)
    13. Megara (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    14. HELENIA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)

    Now. How will it be organized?

    This is actually the schedule of the songs airing for the upcoming weeks. For the current one, I'm already done. I'll just work a bit more on "Hester" and "Damaris", but like I said, I have to better understand the source stories. That may require... Several hours of work maybe? (It's mainly a work of transcribing then having a rough translation, that is enough to me to globally understand)

    Week of July 24th-30th: the songs "Hester" and "Damaris" + at least 1 song of "Truth Garden" tracklist (work pace: 3/6 songs/week)

    Week of July 31st-August 4th: "Mandragora" will be aired on August 4th, 2 other songs from the "Truth Garden" tracklist will be aired a few before. (work pace: 3/6 songs a week)

    From August 5th to August 12th INCLUDED: OFFLINE. This doesn't mean I won't work! I'll actually have 3 sets of lyrics already "ready to use". My mission for the offline week will be to compose the musics, write the .vsqx file and mixdown. The work pace is considered as "2 or 3 songs a week", but this one will be invisible. I'll come back on this later.

    From August 13th to August 20th: Work pace of "2 or 3 songs a week" too. I'll be back online though.

    Weeks after these dates: back to "from 3 to 6 songs/week" until September 4th, which will normally be the last dates for airing the demos of "Truth Garden".
    On August 25th, a song with Lily (don't know which one) will be aired (scheduled).


    OK, now back to the songs which will be produced during the offline period. Last year I had to cancel several platform uploads of the "offline songs" (the Tmbox uploads) due to Internet and internal gestion problems. Also I decided that...

    These offline songs will be album exclusive.

    This means every piapro/MQube/Soundcloud potential upload for these 3 songs will be cancelled.

    After, I know what you will think: "And the English/French lyrics? And the explanations/production notes? And the instru???".

    Calm down (^_^)" These songs will have blog posts being aired on the same day as their album along with the following info:
    - a fichier-zip link that will bring you to a global .zip file containing the instrus and the lyrics of each song (not the sung version itself -> album)
    - the identification codes
    - the lyrics in English, Japanese and French, as usual
    - the explanations and production notes
    - a link bringing back to the album download page

    But these posts won't have any link for a licensing ticket (I'll use the certificate of the album as reference instead) and no song preview ( = no player) unlike the other posts, to really keep the song as being "album exclusive".

    Now, which songs will be concerned? No idea still, it will be the surprise... Until August 13th where you will see on the discography page 3 titles on the concerned tracklist written in turquoise blue ( = album exclusive).
    The concerned titles will also be revealed on Twitter on August 13th.


    I won't do this often. This is exceptional and if the concept works, I may set it up again for next year. This is just a test.


    Also, remember: August 21st there will be a cover of "Scarlet Rose" with IA and on August 26th, album airing of "Necrosis" (and I confirm, there is NO "suitable for all audiences" song in this album).


  • CD14.5 - Never Tell Them


    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Here is the new album! Changelog as usual, if the track isn't in the list = same as demo.

    Can't Trust (feat. GUMI)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added piano chords for verses 1/2
    [MIXDOWN] Added some filter automations to the pad

    I added some dynamics to the song. The filters render so well! Also, for the piano, it's a very slight change, especially when the capella is on.

    LISANA (feat. Tohoku Itako)
    [EXTENSION] Extended and modified the intro

    Never Tell Them (feat. Tohoku Itako)

    ROSAPINA (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    [INSTRUMENT] Removed pluck in intro and outtro
    [INSTRUMENT] Added impact in middle of intro
    [MIXDOWN] Enhanced volume of gated pad and atmo

    I modified the intro so it would sound a bit similar to the first bridge.

    Fragment (feat. kokone)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added kicks in the intro
    [INSTRUMENT] Added impact at the end and at beginning of chorus 1

    Gave more dynamics.

    Hypocrite (feat. Yurika Sayu)
    [INSTRUMENT] Modified rythm pad for outtro (different Sawer preset)
    [MIXDOWN] Modified filter automation

    The end is less repetitive than the rest of the song. The modification of the filter is very slight though.

    NITRINIUM (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    [EXTENSION] Extended outtro
    [INSTRUMENT] Added arp pattern chorus at outtro

    The end is quite more stressing but when we know well about what it talks about... Still very proud of this work with Yukari though.

    Murdering Passions (feat. Lily)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added roll in intro

    Against Me (feat. Lily)
    [PATCH] Corrected octave error for rythm pad in bridge and outtro

    Now this pad should sound clearer!

    Coven (feat. Lily, IA, Yuzuki Yukari, MAYU, kokone, Tohoku Zunko)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added sweep in the first pause bridge

    The demo had a very unnatural "mini-bridge" for the first one, now it is built like the second one.


    As for the August album... Almost the half of the demos is done, wow. Got some great inspiration since Monday and the creativity machine never stopped since then (like I would say). The songs with Stella will be done on last week I guess, along with some of the "end of album" tracks. I'll maybe take some more time on "Hester" and "Damaris" because the stories on what they are based on... Are quite... I don't know how to explain, it's weird. As for the song with Meiji, "Mandragora", I began a first rough demo, that I'll modify at the beginning of August (near 2nd/3rd) then I'll air it for everyone. I wanted to experiment something, so see you 3 weeks later for the result?

    Cover of August -> I'll try to do "Scarlet Rose" with IA. This will be the challenge. The air date will be quite late though, on August 21st. MQube only for reminder. And of course update on the blog.


    There is no precize air date apart from "Mandragora", the songs will be aired as soon they will be finished. Just warning, by seeing what I'm doing, there are some chances that no track from the album "Necrosis" will be for all audiences. Plus there are some tracks where I have to censor several things...
    The ones who saw the story that will inspire "Damaris" know what I'm talking about, riiiight?

    Well, enjoy the album!



  • Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Well, finally managed to finish the August tracklist. There will be some scheduled tracks, and normally, everything should be produced during July and until mid-August.

    This is the tracklist (and the album title):

    CD15 - Necrosis - air date: August 26th 2017 (Sat.) 12:00 AM (Paris time) / 7:00 AM (Japan time)

    01. Mandragora (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-) -> scheduled to AUGUST 4TH
    02. Love Wounds (feat. Shirahane Totoko) -> scheduled to JULY 10TH
    03. Infamous Betrayal (feat. Anna Nyui -raw-) -> will be produced during July
    04. Back from Madness (feat. Hoshine Stella)
    05. Iphigenia (feat. Hoshine Stella)
    06. Latent Thoughts (feat. Hoshine Stella)
    07. Re;Verse (feat. MAYU) -> will be produced during July
    08. JIMENIA (feat. CUL)
    09. Hester (feat. IA -ROCKS-)
    10. Damaris (feat. Lily)
    11. Isabela (feat. GUMI, Tohoku Zunko)
    12. NANZIA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)

    Reminder: the reason I don't air the Meiji's birthday song on August 8th is because I'll be offline on this date, and the 4th is the closest date where I'll still be online.

    For the songs "Re;Verse" and "Infamous Betrayal", I'll explain why I already say they will be for July:

    "Re;Verse", like I said in a previous post, will be a modified derivative from a CHARON game ("Full Bokko Youchien") that already has a first translation in English, making it easier to understand to me. Compared to the tracks that will be derivated from the other recent CHARON game, I have more advance in the story and will do the song prioritary to the other ones.

    "Infamous Betrayal" will be aired in July because of a physical limitation. For VCV voicebanks such as Itako or Nyui, I have to use a computer that can't be moved (it's not like my working laptop that I can bring with me everywhere, like this I can work wherever I want and whenever I want!) and that is at home. During the offline week and the week after this one (Aug 5th -> Aug 19th), I won't be able to work on songs featuring VCV voicebanks. Since in July I stay at home, I can easily work on songs for Nyui or Itako. Hence the decision.


    As for the July album, this is a recap of what has to be done:

    This week: "Deadly Candle"* (<- instru is done) then "Murdering Passions"* (definitive order, I can't give any dates though)
    Next week (not on July 6th, 8th or 9th): "Encounter", "Red Raspberry", "ROSAPINA"* (order can change)
    * possibly not for all audiences.

    That will make the song with Totoko... The first one of the CD15 to be aired as a demo?

    Also remember that on July 6th the cover of "Ref-Rain" with Yukari -Lin- will be aired on MQube!


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