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  • Hello, Nynthixia here




    "Punishment Humanity Deserves" is a sort of album containing the punishments of many... Or sometimes the stories of people who take revenge? Or maybe some people punishing other people?

    5 inedite tracks in this one. Half were composed at the beginning of August during the week with very limited Internet. Here are the 5 tracks that are exclusive to the album:

    - Possess my Nightmares
    A song about a girl who is always nice as long as she is awake, but once in her dreams, becomes a merciless killer who has no control over everything she does, slaying the many souless people in her dreams

    - Compilation of Experiments
    Part of the Azur Lane series, this song is about the Siren Compiler. A sort of... Experiment between a submarine, a carrier and too many things.

    - Prove What I Am Worth
    Part of the Azur Lane series, focuses on Monarch, a Royal research ship lamenting about her condition of prototype for the King George V class, and wanting to prove what she is really worth

    - Bisque Doll
    A porcelain doll who can't move, speak, or even think, just looking with her souless eyes the people who are doing many things to her...

    - Bird of Prey
    About a serial killer... Killer. A psychopath woman killing other serial killers, punishing them for their crimes. Killing fire with fire!


    The two songs that got edited:

    - for "PLAGUIARISM", it's just a slight remaster of the vocals
    - for "Solomon's Mad Dog", there were some slight instrument reworks and a vocal remaster


    All other songs are identical


    Enjoy this album... And see you next month for CDHS2 and on September 19th for MAYU's song!


  • Hello, Nynthixia here

    Told you few days ago I wasn't going to reveal the season 5 before the time would come. Well today time has come since I finished the songs for CDHS2 and CD29.5.

    Next season 5 song you will get is the one with CUL and will be called "Imperial Banquet". It will be part of CD30... Which doesn't have any name and for which near half of the titles are missing in the tracklist file. So it's a huge work in progress.

    Now comes the question - what will differentiate seasons 4 and 5 when it's not FL Studio?


    That may be hardly believable with all what I said the previous months but... Few weeks ago (this happened at the end of July actually), I bought the premium update version of VOCALOID5.
    Another question that may come is why did I do that when I said earlier that chances I'd get it would be near 0?

    There are actually 2 main reasons:

    1) the first one is a sort of fear that V3 banks especially get discontinued by YAMAHA for if ever V6 would get out. Personally I don't think this would be a good move from their part because they would lose a lot of singers.
    2) the second one is that I had the confirmation every company for which I have at least one voicebank seems to have put VOCALOID engine on the side. Internet? Out for V5. 1ST PLACE? CeVIO. AHS? SynthV. EXIT TUNES? No further news. Gynoid? Speaking of going to SynthV and the distributor for Xin Hua in China seems to be "dead"?

    Add to this that at the time the engine was in a sale period. So I had to pay... Almost the same price as for my VEGAS update.

    Now you know why my credit card got hurt recently. This + VEGAS + the issue of the hard drive...

    Season 5 will thus add 2 singers to the list: VY1 and Kaori. They will appear in CD30. VY1 will have a deadlined song for September 1st, along with Wistaria (not the same song for both though). Their pages will appear during late August (time I design the chibis + will probbaly remake the introduction pictures since VY1 has no official avatar so it may be weird compared to the others)

    For the ones saying me "but you also have Amy, Chris, Ken, VY2, CYBER DIVA and SONGMAN"... Yes indeed I have their codes. I just didn't install them nor authorized them on the computer. Because I can't manage well English in the engine and I can't manage well male vocals. So only VY1 and Kaori will be used out of the 8 vocals.


    What it may change?

    For UTAU songs, nothing will actually change. The working method will remain the same.
    It's for VOCALOID songs there will be some other steps. Until now, I wrote my file in V4 then rendered it with V4. For season 5 songs, the file will first be written in V4 for a vsqx file. Any file using Kaori will use Lily V3 as a placeholder, any file using VY1 will use IA ROCKS as a placeholder. Even though the part names will tell which real singer will be behind the track. Then, once the file is done in V4, it will be opened in V5 and saved into a vpr file. If Kaori or VY1 are used, the vocals will be changed. The whole thing will then be rendered. Expect a different result than the ones you heard until there with V3 and V4 renderings.
    For XSY capellas, I mostly used the method to save some CPU. Not for creating a new vocal by itself. Of course, this won't be possible anymore in V5. So for season 5 songs, whenever a hybrid will be needed, the tracks will be duplicated and each vocal part will sing (for example if I wanted a hybrid Yukari Jun/Yukari Lin, you'll get 4 tracks instead of 2: 2 with Jun vocal and 2 with Lin vocal).

    When you'll request the files of capellas for season 5 songs, you'll be asked if you use V3, V4 or V5 editor. If you use V3 or V4 but not V5, I'll give you the V4 vsqx only, like a compatibility patch. If you own V5, it's the vpr file which will be sent to you. If you use UTAU or any other vocal synth, I'll rather sending a vsqx file version opened with V3 editor, and with kana retranscribed into romaji (there is a plugin out there that can make such conversions that requires these treatments).


    See you in few days~

  • Hello, Nynthixia here, from ~450km far away from her home and currently with a bad Internet so unable to prepare the song for Meiji for midnight even though it's already validated on my side, sorry.

    There's been a lot going on during this week, so before announcing season 5 that will start probably near mid-August, need to explain what has been going on.

    For Meiji, you'll get the certificate within the zip file exceptionally, I'll try to make the certificate tonight because tomorrow I'll be unable to. On Sunday I'll be able to again but it will be too late for Meiji's deadline and birthday so... No choice.


    1) VEGAS Pro

    VEGAS Pro 18 was released on Monday, bought it immediately (still cheated by buying on US version, could save around €20!) but I was only able to download it on... Wednesday. When I say my Internet is very bad right now So the song using Meiji that will be released for August 8th will be the first song ever to use VEGAS Pro 18.0.

    2) End of season 4

    When I went on vacation I brought myself a list of 6 songs to finish. Among them, 3 for the CD29.5 including Meiji's song that was the only one deadlined and 2 others private ; the 3 others were for CDHS2 and as such, are all private. As of now, for both tracklists, only 2 songs out of 3 were made. In few hours I'll start working on the last song for CD29.5. I expect a release of this album for September 5, 2020 and the album will be called "Punishment Humanity Deserves". Because of the song "Mormo", this album is rated "explicit", so not recommended for people below 16 (instead of 14).

    CDHS2 just has one single track to do that is going to be the very last season 4 song overall. This track will be overly complicated to make because it will get a double challenge, so chances I finish this one at home maybe this weekend. And only after this song gets finished on its side, season 5 will truly begin. I'll still leave few days before revealing what is the major change between seasons 4 and 5. CDHS2 may be released near October 11, 2020 (on a Sunday because CDHS and you may know why I chose this date as of now...).

    3) Hard drive incident... Again

    The reason why I have 2 songs left to do right now is that I've been slowed down this week by another hard drive incident. Good news are I could get back every single file within 48h. What happened is that the port of the external hard drive I currently have got extremely fragilized, forcing the drive to be in almost impossible positions to connect well with the computer. I had to buy another one in emergency on Monday.  €120 in my face, that hurts. Especially since these last weeks, I sacrificed a lot of money for production. You'll know more why in few days.

    I could have just one or zero left to do... But I lost 2 days because of this. So maybe season 5 should have started when I came back home, this won't be the case yet!


    In a nutshell:

    - Meiji's song tomorrow evening when I'll be back home and with a better Internet than the one I have right now - certificate of the song might be using the private platform unlike usual
    - Updated to VEGAS Pro 18.0 for mixdown
    - Hard drive incident that almost costed the life of my files but they got saved in time, however, adds another money sacrifice that may change future buying plans for now
    - only 1 track left for CDHS2 to do, probably will be done before mid-August, will be last season 4 song
    - CDHS2 expected to release on October 11, 2020 (Sun) - a crossfade is to be expected soon on YouTube
    - 1 private track left to do for CD29.5
    - CD29.5 is called "Punishment Humanity Deserves", rated "explicit" and is expected to released on September 5, 2020 (Sat) without crossfade



  • Hello, Nynthixia here

    We're at the end of July now, and it's maybe good if I give you some news on what's going on right now. As well on the songs etc.

    Album for August/September:

    there are currently 6 private songs left to do for this tracklist, and chances are I'll tweak it a bit to switch some private songs to the deadlined ones, especially for Meiji on August 8th. This song in particular will probably be done few days in advance and may have a licensing ticket in a pdf file instead of a public post. The reason is that on August 8th I'll be barely available for contact, same goes for the 1st. The days in-between, there may be some songs in private, since I'll go to a place where Internet connection is very limited. Last year was an exception due to the internship, so I was in another home but closer to mine, with a better connection than the one I have at home so publishing the songs were no problem at the time. There, we'll go back to methods of 2018, where I had done the 3 songs in the album "Annihilation" for Lily (these songs had lyrics written at home, then the songs were done progressively during these vacations) and in complement, there was "Rival Princesses" that was more done online compared to the other songs, but was still private due to its status for the album "Imitation".


    This one has just 3 tracks left to do. These songs are anyway private like the rest of the album. It still is a 13 tracks album. Can't say more about the content for now. Release date should be at the end of the year like said earlier.

    Conversion of blog posts:

    the database has almost done its work, only the songs for the following albums miss some pages and thus their conversion to the new format:
    - BLOODLUSIONS (full)
    - Alien Eyes (only the 3 last tracks got converted)
    - Dread Dream (blog posts for album tracks are missing and their pages as well)
    - Invalid Revolution (the DB has no page about any song, blog posts for album tracks are missing)

    So this one is almost done.

    Season 4 soon over?

    I'll make an unexpected important material change, that actually happened on Sunday but I'll put it active during August for the album that would be released during this fall, but yeah, season 5 might not be a season starting with FL Studio 21... But with something else. I let you search what it is, but it's clearly something unexpected.

    Working schedule

    Will be hugely slowed down for September and October, where I'll be working. Finally, but only these 2 months as for now. So it might be a song per week, with either a private either a public one depending of the deadline, with possibility to push back or shift to another week.

    For reminder, the next deadlines are...:
    - August 8 - Meiji
    - August 16 - CUL
    - August 25 - Lily
    - August 30 - Akari (promised I'll try to stand this one this year!)
    - September 1 - Wistaria
    - September 19 - MAYU

    For the mails

    Don't worry if I don't answer the mails for now, busy preparing the holidays and the months for working, as well as some other things, but I read them no worries!
    Don't expect many answers though next week since I'll be on a very limited Internet, I'm already scheduling what I should be doing there... Even if this year I'll have more data than 2 years ago, the speed will refrain me from doing things I usually do


    If you have to remember things:

    - album for August/September still full S04, some tracks will probably be switched, especially a private one into a public Meiji one
    - album for fall 2020 may be full or majority S05, may contain CUL, Lily, Akari, MAYU, Wistaria and Bibi a minima
    - CDHS2 is 75% done
    - season 4 will end during August with a major material change that is not something to be expected at first glance
    - will be way slowed down on September and October because full time job during these 2 months
    - during August 1st to August 8th, majority of song production offline, Meiji's song will be published by scheduling with song prepared few days in advance
    - blog posts almost all converted to get rid of Flash Players


  • Hello, Nynthixia there.

    No worries, I'm still active. Quite been busy recently, so that's why it makes seem there is a bit less activity. But I'm still here.

    It's been a little while I didn't do this format on the blog, but there are things I'd like to talk a bit with you all, especially concerning VOCALOID evolution, some future plans and stuff.

    OK so concerning VOCALOID. The chances I'll get the V5 editor right now are very close to zero. Currently, I have vocal synths from 5 companies, Internet, AHS, 1ST PLACE, EXIT TUNES and Gynoid. As of now, Internet is out for V5 ; 1ST PLACE seems to have moved to CeVIO, and believe me the quality of CeVIO vocals is far away from VOCALOID's sadly, EXIT TUNES is currently out for producing vocals, their last project never came to day, AHS moved to SynthV with the Kotonoha twins so I expect Akari and Yukari to move to SynthV and Gynoid, I doubt Xin Hua gets an update for Japanese, it's a pretty "niche" vocal.

    So there would come a question: "will you acquire SynthV" and my answer for now, is a "no". I listened to the demos of the Kotonoha twins to give myself an idea of the 2nd generation of SynthV... The engine noise is huge. So for now it's not in projects. Maybe if their quality gets way better, I may think more about it, but as of now, I don't consider SynthV as worth its money for now.

    Would there be chances for Internet if ever VOCALOID6 comes out... No idea. They're talking about the possibility of piapro studio if the software still supports other companies's vocals. And piapro studio's quality is... How to say... When some people tested out Miku NT they found her extremely robotic. Seems VOCALOID is pretty much left out by other companies to only become a Yamaha "almost exclusivity" and that's quite too bad.

    So clearly, it's not worth me updating to VOCALOID5. Even if we can get some vocal modifications, it's just not worth it for me. I was waiting for other companies and I had big hopes into Internet and AHS, but seeing the two left as well, it leaves me with almost no chance to buy the V5 update with a vocal update behind.


    So for now I'll remain as an UTAU and VOCALOID producer, and that's it.


    Future projects.

    Currently there are 2 albums in production. One of them is the "formerly monthly" album, with contains for now 16 titles. I have the possibility still to change some singers depending of the time left, so I can't give any tracklist. The second one is the HS2, that may contain at least 13 songs but won't be before the end of this year. It is more than half done. This HS2 is like "Imitation", produced in private at 100%, so you'll get only inedite tracks in it. Some of them were produced during 2019, others during this year. Hope you'll like it and it will be released.


    Conversion of blog posts.

    For now all songs that were released before the album "Break-Out" have their blog posts converted. So all songs released on 2015 and 2016, and almost all songs from 2017 (there are just the songs from the 2/3 last months of 2017 that weren't converted yet).


    "No sele birthday song cover/remix"?

    Didn't have the time this year, sorry. Some events happened to me recently and with all of that I didn't have the time to do this. I'm sorry ><


    Next public song, it's Totoko on July 10th. Since this year there is no Japan Expo, I'll probably be less stressed out during this time period. Little text preview for Totoko's song: it's in the Azur Lane series.

    (these series are so huge now...)

    So clearly if you have to retain something from all of this:

    - no V5 update for my engines since all companies that interested me either don't do that well on the concerned vocals, either moved to other synth engines having a worse quality
    - no acquisition of SynthV as long the quality is not satisfactory enough for its money
    - a HS album is intended for the end of the year ; a CD29.5 is still in production with a minimum of 16 tracks
    - All the songs from the first album to the album "Babylon" included have their blog posts with the database link and the image to the player instead of the Flash player, the conversion process is still in progress
    - next public song is an Azur Lane themed song with Totoko on July 10th
    - the sele's cover/remix of 2020 has been cancelled due to time management issues due to recent events


  • Hello, Nynthixia here!

    The album "Invalid Revolution" is out! 13 tracks including a little duet bonus (you know with who now) to download below!


    Of all the tracks, only the song "Invalid Revolution" got a little SFX change, but otherwise, the other demos are the same as the ones you got in public. There are also some new inedite songs:

    - "Viper Tongue" - a song with Meiji about a liar and manipulative woman
    - "Mind Prison" - a psychological horror song with Zunko
    - "TRAUMEDREAM" - a psychological horror song on future bass/trap music with kokone
    - "Epidemic Scheme" - a yandere song with MAYU
    - "Prototype" - a song about Saint Louis (Azur Lane series) by Zunko
    - "Little Closed World" - with Nyui, remember when I said lockdown really infected my thoughts on a song? Here's the one
    - "It Is Over Anyway" - a dreamy yandere song with Tei
    - "Not Yet" - the answer by Bibi and Wistaria to last public Meiji's song


    Otherwise for the ones who wanted to know where all the conversions of the pages:

    - all S01 song pages on the blog have been updated with the correct links and their players have been replaced by the 2 buttons
    - some recent S04 song pages got their players replaced as well
    - all the songs from the album "ARSENIUM" are also converted
    - conversions are ongoing for S02 songs that have pages on the blog

    There are still lots to do. At the same time they get their pages on the database, there was a huge work these last days at this level, especially with the platforms going down.

    Also officially, MQube is dead. For good. Website unable to be accessed and not just "late to respond". It's over. And this time we have no proper successor like it happened when Tmbox went dead. So for the remixes and the cover, still thinking about making a mega archive to upload it to Google Drive. But I'll need to instaure some rules however such as "reposting forbidden".

    Enjoy your album~


  • Hello, Nynthixia here

    Currently working on the album for the end of this month, so normally "Invalid Revolution" will be released on May 23, 2020 on Google Drive, on the primary account as usual. It's one of the first two things I have for you. I feel like being able to work completely on it this week and then to give you the package next week.

    Second new is that I just acquired the new update of Ozone Elements for free (iZotope and a reseller made a deal). It won't be used in the album I'm working upon, but you'll first hear it on next song to feature Momo. And the next album (so the one after "Invalid Revolution", anyway it doesn't have any name for now and no track name is ready yet for it, I have to work on it as well) will only feature Ozone 9 Elements instead of Ozone 8 Elements. For you that doesn't change anything since it's mainly an UI update between the 2, the preset used for it is still the same.


    Other than this, since the end of last week, I started replacing some Flash players on some pages. You have examples of how the new articles look alike in the section of Aika Heion, which has been 100% converted. The new articles also follow the measure, with a link to the preview file (unless album track), and a link (or a placeholder image) to the official database so you can learn a bit more about the song. You even have the official romaji on this one. You can also get some trivia that is not on this blog and other technical information not given here either. At the same time, the dead links in the first sections (fichier-zip and the piapro ones for S01 songs) are being replaced progressively by the links towards the concerned Google Drive uploads. So at the same time it permits you to access the new links for converted pages. Discography has been converted as well but is not updated yet for 2020, it may be done once "Invalid Revolution" is released. Discography also brings you to the database articles of each album.

    It's an update that will be extremely long (several months to do) and it's being planned in little "bunches". Typically, each time a song has its page on the official database freshly created, the page on the blog will get updated.

    By the way, the articles for the following songs are now available:

    1. Necrosed Rebirth
    2. Remember Who We Are
    3. Emergency Dream
    4. Sepulcrum
    5. Chaotic Rain
    6. Across the Line
    7. Ran Out of Gasoline
    8. Hester -Truth-

    You can search for the titles and you'll find the articles, with the new formatting. So no Flash player.

    Be very careful outside and enjoy, meanwhile, I'll continue working on the album


  • Hello, Nynthixia here

    As I said few days earlier, fichier-zip reset their platforms making all files from few years ago unavailable (their links redirect towards the main website) and MQube went unavailable, impossible to reach since end of March. For now, all fichier-zip uploads of albums, individual songs and late patches have been performed and are now available on Google Drive. One account for individual songs, another one for albums and late patches. There is some space left on these accounts so I can possibly use them as "helps" for the future if ever the primary account gets full on storage. This avoids me paying for hosting content for free...

    So, how did this happen:

    MAY 3, 2020 (night)

    Have been reuploaded  to the 2nd account the following:

    - all S01 albums
    - "End Sentence" album
    - "End Sentence" EP
    - "ARSENIUM" album
    - "Planetarium" album (both vers)
    - "Forbidden Decade" album
    - late patches (4 patches in total)
    - zip file for "Zerlina -extended ver-"
    - zip file for "Bullet -short ver-"
    - "Imitation" album

    MAY 3, 2020 (noon/afternoon)

    Have been reuploaded to the 2nd account the following:

    - "Torn Diaries" album (both vers)
    - "Distorted Universe" album (both vers)
    - "Memories" album (both vers)
    - "Bad Gate" album (both vers)
    - "LUNACIA" album
    - "Wasted Smiles" album (both vers)
    - "Wish from the Evil" album (both vers)
    - all S03 albums
    - "About Us" album
    - "Happiness Disappearence" album
    - "Corruption Syndrome" album
    - "Annihilation" album
    - "Laments" album
    - "Lethargic Chimeras" album
    - "Fourth Purgatory" album
    - "Towards the Dead Door" album
    - "Psycho Ending" album
    - "Selene & Hecate" album
    - "Opera of Despair" album

    MAY 4, 2020

    Have been reuploaded to the 3rd account the following:

    - archive containing all instrus of S01 songs - this was an archive available on fichier-zip for all songs that were uploaded to piapro when the piapro account got reset
    - 2 archives of S02 songs, containing zip archives of songs by:
    1) groups, Heion Aika, Makune Hachi, IA, Tohoku Itako and Kiritan, kokone, Lily, Gahata Meiji, Akine Midori, mixt upload of "Artemisia", Momone Momo, Anna Nyui, Hinomoto Oniko and Namine Ritsu
    2) Yurika Sayu, Hoshine Stella, Sukone Tei, Shirahane Totoko and Yuzuki Yukari
    - 2 archives of S04 songs, containing zip archives that were on fichier-zip only of songs by:
    1) groups, CUL, GUMI, Kizuna Akari, IA, Tohoku Itako and Kiritan, kokone, Lily, MAYU, Gahata Meiji, mixt upload of "Decades of Sorrow", Momone Momo, Anna Nyui, Hinomoto Oniko, Namine Ritsu, Yurika Sayu, Hoshine Stella, Sukone Tei and Shirahane Totoko
    2) Xin Hua, Yuzuki Yukari and Tohoku Zunko

    MAY 5, 2020

    Have been reuploaded to the 3rd account the following:

    - 2 first archives of S03 songs containing zip archives of songs by:
    1) groups, CUL, GUMI, Kizuna Akari, IA, Tohoku Itako and Kiritan and kokone
    2) Lily, MAYU, Gahata Meiji, Momone Momo, Anna Nyui, Hinomoto Oniko

    MAY 6, 2020

    Has been reuploaded to the 3rd account the following:

    - last archive of S03 songs containing zip archives of song by Namine Ritsu, Yurika Sayu, Hoshine Stella, Sukone Tei, Shirahane Totoko, Yuzuki Yukari, Tohoku Zunko


    So the reason why seasons were divided into 2 or 3 "giga-archives" is only because zip extension only supports 2 Go inside. So technically, most of the archives that aren't the last of each season have a size that is between 1.5 and 2Go. It's very huge files...

    But at least you have giant packages in which you can pick your song.


    If ever there is a missing song that should have been part of the archive, ping me on Twitter and I'll reupload the archive. Expect few hours before the update though, if not several days.



    As for covers and remixes,

    The reupload format is not decided yet, they might be on 2nd account though. Chances they'll be regrouped in a giga-archive as well, but way less heavier than for the original songs. Phew, no 2 Go archive to download.

    This only concerns though the covers and remixes of songs for which I didn't compose the original work. All missing remixes (I think to "SELENIA -Dark Side-" that was on MQube) will be reuploaded with their own archive to 2nd account independently.

    However they are not prioritary. For now the priority is main songs, because May and June are horribly loaded with tons of work. There is MAYU today, her song is already out, in 2 days it will be Zunko's turn then in 2 days again it will be Meiji's turn, and still hopefully I didn't add Wistaria and Bibi to the list of May 10th otherwise I don't even know how I would manage this.

    Then after it's Momo on May 22nd, then GUMI for 2 June deadlines, Itako, Tei and Sayu have their deadlines in June as well so it makes 5 public songs in June, it's a lot...

    So clearly, yes, reuploads of covers and remixes are less prioritary than the main songs. And than the reuploads I just made during these 3 days.


    Chances I release the album "Invalid Revolution" at the end of May, either May 23rd either May 30th. You'll see when the time comes.

    Stay safe at home


  • Hello, Nynthixia here

    I have a very important announcement concerning two platforms: fichier-zip and MQube.

    I'll first start by the easiest to deal with.

    MQube - dead website/not responding since end of March

    It's been more than a month that users are complaining on Twitter that MQube is dead and use other alternatives for this. MQube served to upload songs with quality > 0.8 and yandere songs for which the quality indice was between 0.8 and 0.9. It was also used to upload the covers and the remixes.

    - the originals will just be uploaded to the blog and the file host. That will be it.
    - remixes and covers will be uploaded later to the drive into a folder ; they are not prioritary




    Lastly, fichier-zip was totally redone but all files that were uploaded there before were wiped out, so all albums and songs uploaded there are now unavailable. This is how this will happen for these files:


    Albums are prioritary to the reupload. They'll use the secondary account for hosting and be reuploaded one by one. This includes the transcendent albums and the special albums (EP for "End Sentence", "Imitation" album).


    Songs will be uploaded to another Google Drive and will be divided by season.

    - S01 will only have the instrumental zip. All the sung versions are in their respective albums. The only current exception is "Bullet" which has a long ver and a short ver (the album one) ; its zip will be reuploaded on the secondary account.

    - S02, 03 and 04 will be reuploaded into between 2 and 3 zip files per season, containing all the zips of all the songs from the respective season, different zips containing different singers ; it will be uploaded to the tertiary Google Drive account


    I'll try my best to make these files available as soon as possible. As for now, I'll leave you a Google Doc that I'll often update with all the links to get. This Google Drive will then be linked to the blog in the external ressources. The links will progressively be replaced on the blog articles with fichier-zip links when having their corresponding NynthiDB entry and the Flash players being replaced by the buttons. So it will be best to go to this external ressource instead.




    Stay at home and enjoy

  • Hello, Nynthixia here

    After a funny April Fools one week ago, I had to do a maintenance on the blog yesterday and you may have noticed two new names have appeared in the right menu and on the main page... Bibi Jyougasaki and Wistaria Tojou...

    For the ones who know these UTAUloids created few months ago (it was a bit before Meiji's death), they are indeed the ones succeeding to Meiji, since they were both created by Saccu. So technically, I know that with Saccu, I'll get great quality no problem.

    And I had decided to make some tests, along with another UTAUloid that I didn't select for the team, also quite known, it's Xia Yuyao.

    I had selected several songs for each one:
    - Wistaria was the first one to be tested, on the album ver of "Jasmine". Typically, she sounds a bit younger than Meiji, and in her normal configuration (no flags nothing) she sounds like a younger Meiji -Lilith- a bit.
    - Bibi was then tested on the album ver of "Kasiani", that was performed by... Meiji *laughs* I think I was better able to compare between Bibi and Meiji as such, and noticed Bibi sounded like a mature Meiji, with a bit less "punch" (after, Kasiani was done with the -Hunter- VB of Meiji, so a very strong voice) when she is in her normal configuration. I think she'd be also closer to a -Lilith- VB in terms of "punch".
    - Yuyao was tested on the album ver of "Hail". And I noticed that for her, some of her phonemes tend to be cut a bit. The reason is that unlike the 2 others, Yuyao is done with a CVVC, and the config when I see the ust file, looks like a CV only ust. I think it's due to this config she tends to get penalized at this point. If she didn't have this problem, I think I would have picked her as well to be honest.

    For the deadlines...

    Wistaria and Bibi will get 2 deadlines, including a common one with Meiji.

    Wistaria will get September 1st and May 10th as deadlines. Bibi will get May 10th as well but October 4th for the other one.

    Due to the current organization, only Meiji will have a public song for May 10th this year. So the deadlined songs with Wistaria and Bibi will be later this year, and only this year. There are chances that the years after, the May 10th deadline may be organized like the December 22nd one, so with group songs.

    As for the uses of Wistaria and Bibi, they should be the same ones as Meiji, but as a regular singer level only and not main. I keep Meiji as main, and Saccu said there was no issue using Meiji when we already had her voicebanks.


    Also, if you like me to upload the tests I made for Wistaria and Bibi, please tell me so I upload previews to the blog (MQube is still down and we have no other news from their team, not sure what is going on). Chances are these previews will be 128kbits vers, so if you want the 320 ones, you'll have to mail me. (contact tab)


    "And when will be the songs with the two new ones?"

    Album-only, there will be one track with the two first. After, I'll see in the next album.


    Stay safe at home, the virus thing is far away from being over, so stop getting out for your own sakes!

  • Big news everyone!


    After a friend covered ELLIE with his own UTAUloid, I decided that I would remix "ELLIE"... After all, why not. There's way more terrible songs than this, after all, right? OK so I turned my FL Studio on aaaaaaand...


    First I wanted to upload this on MQube, but on April 1st, MQube decided "no, I'll play you a joke, I'll decide to be out for the day". Meanie... So since I wanted to keep some Soundcloud space, I decided to upload it here instead. Way more space on the blog, hooray! Let's just hope it won't give up today...

    ELLIE -Fishy remix- - Available right now!

    For the ones who want to know:
    - it's using FL Studio 20.6.2 b1549
    - it's using FLEX for the lead pluck, so no compatibility patch
    - the pads and the special bells are using Toxic Biohazard
    - the beat pad is done with a Massive preset
    - the rhodes piano is done with a FL Keys preset
    - the true bells are with M1
    - I lost the lyrics, sorry
    - and... I did this pretty quickly


    Also yesterday evening I had to discover that what I thought was a joke while playing Azur Lane was real, but very funny! I didn't believe into this Bullin skin, but honestly, when I saw it was real... Yeah... And actually it wasn't the real April Fools. Way well done this dating sim game Yostar, really well done... Hahaha... It's like putting a ribbon around the breasts of a girl, or her foot, instead of giving a ring? Seriously (laughs)


    Or the Chambord castle saying they took a photo of a real unicorn! Wow, nice! But... Does that mean the one who took the picture it's a young teenage girl? You're suspicious right now~


    Imagine someone who would go outside disguised in coronavirus, gets arrested by the police... Very funny guys...
    No this one actually never happened, but I imagine very well a little prankster ready to do this sort of joke.
    Actually in Spain, some already went out from their quarantine disguised in dogs or dinosaurs...


    Hey, you're not feeling like I'm saying too much things that have nothing to do with the remix? Woopsie...


    Anyway, enjoy your foolish remix...

    Of course I twisted the lyrics of the original... We are April 1 guys, and I told you that if ever I said I was going to cover or remix "ELLIE" and "Elsa-Maria", especially on April 1, this would be a joke... But I'm so proud of this one because it's the April Fools that actually went the farest (laughs)
    Again, sorry sele~ But the producer of despair striked again, huhuhu~



    Hello, Nynthixia here

    Here is the album. So last time, it was released in January, and this time at the end of March. In 3 days you'll get the first song with Nyui. Then it will start chaining more and more.

    So, the current conditions here... Stuck at home for until April 15th officially, but I'm pretty sure I'll stay at home without even getting out before at least May or June... I curse this virus. I curse it so much...

    OK, changelog for the album, it's only 3 tracks being concerned this time:

    Hellebore (feat. Xin Hua)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added impact at start of first verse
    [MIXDOWN] Enhanced mastering of loop pad

    Imaginary Friend (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added piano intro pattern
    [INSTRUMENT] Piano bass plays during second intro part

    Polymnia (feat. IA)
    [INSTRUMENT] VFX now plays during all choruses

    The info about the new tracks:

    Triad at the Sunset - Lily V3 - electroworld, chill

    Near a Chinese island, a woman instaures her triad empire and tries to earn respect, despite all the betrayals she encounters, but she never stops for helping the ones she loves... Her new family. After being the witness of the whole massacre of her biological family, she gets into a triad family, and once she earnt enough respect, decides to start her own family.

    Vixen's Sacrifice - Xin Hua Power - misc electro

    A sad and twisted music. This song is part of the Azur Lane series and is about Amagi. Amagi was Akagi's sister, at the time they were still battlecruisers and Kaga a battleship. When the treaty of Washington was instaured, Kaga was first destined to disappear, but finally, it's Amagi with her disease who will fade away... It's very sad, and still from a woman who knows how to be very calm and caring about her sisters.

    CATHARXIA - Xin Hua Power - soft dance

    Fight the passions... By the passions. It's the purpose of this heroine.
    It's been inspired by the definition of "catharsis".

    I Was Forced to Do It - IA ROCKS - electroclassical, symphonic electro

    Part of the Azur Lane series, and about Dunkerque. About how she had to sink facing the Royal Navy girls. It's a music that is extremely close to the one I made for Gascogne ("War Machine"), maybe a bit more symphonic and concert-like.

    Hold my Life - Hoshine Stella - misc electro

    A naive girl in couple with someone else, and her rival hides so well his intentions that when he murders the heroine, it's already too late and we can only constate the damage done.

    S-Laughter - Yuzuki Yukari Lin - cold and dark techno

    Maybe the song with the most violent lyrics. It's clearly a psychopath training someone she has been mentally abusing, and who still regrets what they have done... While the other doesn't even care anymore about the consequences of her acting. It's a sort of icy bite. Notice the word play, laughter, slaughter...

    Mere Doll - Hoshine Stella - future bass

    An actually alive doll left for years in a dusty cave, decides to come back and revenge. The one who left her below will regret...

    OLEANDRIUM - Xin Hua Power - trance/dance

    More of an ailing girl, unable to hurt anyone and who rather hurt or kill herself instead of seeing the others suffer, including her loved obsession...


    It was funny as well to use some unusual voicebank arrangements, like the 3 Yukari voicebanks for "Ourania" at the same time, it gives some kind of godly effect... And the Yukari in "S-Laughter" was difficult to mix since there is a very low layer, that we could barely hear if I only left it. It still leaves a sort of manipulative Yukari in the end, especially in the choruses.

    Also a challenge for the 4 first tracks, since I had to use at least one Massive loop preset and set everything at 125BPM with different music styles... So kokone has a sort of chill future pop, Lily a hard techno one, Xin Hua a club techno one and Stella a pop one.

    On the other side, S-Laughter almost did the same challenge, but with Absynth and I did the song faster. The challenge was more for the vocals I'd say.


    For the current works, still working on CD29, and honestly, the song I made the other day... Yeah, it smells well we got quarantined since few days ago in France. It's very well it... Apparently it affects me at this point...


    Also I learnt Stella went alive again at the end of last month... I'm so glad! Sadly, still not Meiji's case... So I have just one "dead" singer?


    Well, enjoy well the album, see you in few days for Nyui's songs and, mostly...





  • Hello, Nynthixia here

    No worries I'm fine physically. The next album has now its tracks done (I just have to make album versions if necessary + the rest) so I can now announce it.

    CD28.5 will be called "Dread Dream" and will be released on March 28, 2020 (Sat)!

    It has 15 tracks (including the 4 songs of the personal series (Hellebore, Sunflower, Bindweed, Myosotis) + 2 songs of the Muse series (Ourania, Polymnia) + Imaginary Friend ; so 8 tracks are exclusive to this album!) and will feature IA, Yukari, Lily, Stella, Xin Hua, kokone and Kiritan!


    A primary tracklist is done for CD29 with 12 tracks for now, but it's not impossible I extend a bit this list with other private tracks.

    For now this is the schedule for the 5 upcoming public songs, which will be for CD29:

    March 31st - Nyui - Invalid Revolution
    April 5th - Nyui - A Night in the Cold
    May 6th - MAYU - Night Shades
    May 8th - Zunko - Kill my Boredom
    May 10th - Meiji - Witches Do Not Fade


    CD29 is nicknamed "Invalid Revolution" for now, like next Nyui's track. But yeah, for now, it's 12 tracks with the possibility of at least a new bonus track. The rest will depend of the organization.


    The HS2 album: still on pause for now. But when the time will come, something will pop out eventually...


    14 days to wait for the album, 16 for next song...


  • Hello, Nynthixia here

    It's been a little while I didn't post in the news, so I'll start with the good new from one or two weeks ago. I had said earlier that I wanted to change my SSD for Windows by a greater one, which has been done with success. I even posted on Twitter the status of the two discs just after the change. Typically, I just cloned my former SSD onto the new one and everything happened as expected, more space in the Windows part. So now, I'm not worried anymore if someday I'll have to install VOCALOID5 and that the thing forces itself to the C: drive.

    Another new, that is sadly, a bad one, is for Meiji. I learnt at the start of the month that Meiji actually died. Her blog doesn't exist anymore and her downloads got locked. Making me only missing the Fantasy voicebank. I'll actually continue to use her for now, but she will probably pass from main singer to just regular one due to that. I just hope the same won't happen with Nyui because these are two with really great quality among UTAUloids...


    Finally, the "thing that will be clear". And I think I'll have to reassure some people.

    Yesterday, a person sent me a mail saying they actually saw two of my songs via YouTube. One of them was indeed officially uploaded, the other one was never officially uploaded to YouTube, only to the blog and included in an album with a slightly different version (so a demo and an album version). Surprised of this answer, I asked for a link of this unofficial video and... I discovered a channel having reuploaded 63 of my works, including album exclusive tracks, including as well 2 of seleP's album tracks.

    So... Yes there is a problem, because album exclusive tracks should never be on YouTube. It breaks a bit the exclusivity for the ones downloading the album... For free.

    Because yes, all the songs are downloadable for free. There is no pirates with me. I give my works for free.

    But that doesn't mean these can be reuploaded a bit like people wish...

    I had to send seven complaints (yes, since YouTube's copyright complaint form only accepts 11 works/complaint, I had rathered if this would be only 1 or 2, but no, I had to make 7 of them...) against the channel yesterday evening. 3 hours ago (when I'm writing the post), YouTube sent me mails saying the content was removed... And the concerned channel got closed. Since there were 7 strikes (1/complaint) and that at 3, the channel gets closed.

    To be honest, this is something I hate to do and that is horribly stressful. Very stressful because when you do a complaint for copyright, you have to be precize about what is being "stolen" in the video, that if they contact you again for more info, you have to give proofs it's you who did the work, and that if the form is being abused, it's your own channel who takes a strike. It's just horrible. Typically, the concerned person had no private contact form, neither any social network for a proper contact. In addition, the other videos were very questionable at copyright scale, also, I know seleP doesn't appreciate their album tracks (they're still fine for remixes and covers of these tracks, but not the tracks themselves, and as long they're credited and it's not for commercial purposes (normal...)) being reuploaded publicly like this, I saw no proof the user had actually good faith when reuploading these works.

    So, lesson to learn:

    do not reupload my works without permission, please, to any platform whatsoever

    I might have scared some with that, so I'm going to give some cases where you are indeed authorized to publish something that has to do with my works and which cases it is forbidden to reupload these works:

    1 - you are an artist making a cover (human or synthetized) or a remix of one my songs, and you have public proof that you use a vocal synth. Authorized. License grants you the right to use my work without permission if you are part of this group. Be careful to the platforms for some works (no yandere songs on piapro especially, age limits for explicit songs) and you'll be fine.

    2 - you are contacting me for a remix or a cover, and I give you the necessary files to do so, whatever you are publicly shown as using vocal synths or not. Authorized. Getting my files say that you have my permission as long you respect the license rights, but I estimate everything will go fine.

    3 - you are an artist using vocal synths directly reuploading my public works. Tolerated with conditions. Just be sure your channel does not authorize monetization, that you credit me well and that the reupload is under the same license as the original. And if your channel authorize monetization, it has to be deactivated on this particular reupload. It's better if you contact me first when doing that honestly. There are cases where it may not be authorized, so check the platforms restrictions.

    4 - you are an artist using vocal synths directly reuploading album exclusive tracks. Forbidden. Album exclusive tracks are considered as restricted works, exclusive to albums. If I see you reuploading a direct album track, I'll try to contact you first if I have a private way to do so (= no drama), and if it doesn't work or that I don't have the way to do so, it's copyright complaint.

    5 - you are not an artist using vocal synths directly reuploading my works, public or not. Forbidden. Per the license, all users that are not in the authorized group have to ask my permission to do so. For the album tracks, the answer to this permission will always be "no". For the other ones, see case 3. If ever I see you doing that, and that I can't contact you or get good faith, I'll send a copyright complaint.

    6 - you are using one of my works in the conditions of fair use. Tolerated but not recommended. For this one, the thing is that the fair use is typically something American, and that France does not have a proper equivalent of this right. For this case, it's better to contact me. Just in case and that you won't get any issues.

    7 - you are reuploading a nightcore/daycore version of one of my works. Really not recommended. To be honest I tried to nightcore one of my works and the result was just... Awful. If you are an artist using vocal synths, I may spare you (ref case 3) ; if you're not, I'll ask you to take the video down (ref case 5). So, at your own risk for this one.

    8 - you are reuploading my work with misattribution, using it for commercial purpose, or do not share under the same license. You may get a notice or a copyright strike depending of the situation. If the failure to comply was done under 30 days since the reupload, I'll first warn you to correct the failures. If you still don't comply or that this delay is expired, I may send a claim.


    So in a nutshell:

    - if you send me a request of permission, I'm totally aware of what you are doing and I'm happy. Even if I don't publicly promote your work on social networks, this doesn't mean this doesn't affect me. So thanks to everyone who covered or remixed my songs and who showed me the results. You are sweeties.
    - if you don't care sending me a permission and that you are not a confirmed artist or that you don't care about the license, this might bring your demise. Rather avoiding that. If it's just for reuploading works for the sake of reuploading works, it's just no. Giving downloads for free doesn't mean you can do whatever you want with. There is still a copyright behind. At legal scale.
    - if ever you see someone reusing works without permission, always contact the concerned authors. I'm sure they'll be happy to know that you have found a little mine of unauthorized works and will probably ask to take them down.
    - I can estimate if an user is in good faith or not from the start. If it's someone for example doing multiple copyright violations for multiple authors, there I won't ask myself questions and I'll directly go for the harshest solution, even if it doesn't please me. If I see it's a poor mistake, I'll contact you and say "woopsie, I think there is something wrong, can you please correct it?". Being nice with the authors and respect what they want you to do will only bring you sympathy.


    If you have any questions, Twitter or mail. Don't hesitate. I'll answer as much as I can if I didn't cover all the cases here yet.

    And don't stress, if you are in good faith, that you think there will be no problem seeing the cases, no worries!


  • Hello, Nynthixia here

    The computer is alive! (ᗒᗨᗕ) And is now on the right build (hello Insider build)...

    Saw some of you were worried on Twitter, so basically, this is what happened:

    - the reasons why I had to reset my unit are explained here (typically, it was too huge corruptions in the system)

    - system restore began just after I posted "Ourania". I had done a clone of the DATA drive (not the Windows one) just in case it would wipe out all the drive. I had to restore this clone indeed because the restore had deleted me a good fifth of the drive (all that was programs actually)

    - I had to do maintenance until even today, most of the apps were set alive again on Friday and Saturday. Massive and HALion Sonic SE quite scared me a bit, the first one searching a file on the wrong drive and the second one needing its Cubase AI install for the library presets (this is what I repaired today btw)

    - I have still Neutron Elements having an error, but seems minor since the plugin itself seems to work, at least when I listen to the result... But it's not impossible you notice something different in the mastering if you have better ears than me... So as long I won't get a support answer for this (it's a bit special case of dual drives again) consider this problem as still active. Other plugins work perfectly though.

    - Finally, no other loss, everything is safe for now!



    So the next stuff will start in February, I hope I can be a bit more active in music (even if invisible for you since it will be private tracks)!

  • Hello, Nynthixia here


    Will just be giving some little info for the next songs and some head ups about the future projects.

    Last week, I discovered that Ritsu is finally on DeepVocal (aka Sharpkey), yay, finally! Did a little test, the voice doesn't sound too bad, so it should be usable in future songs. Only issue with DeepVocal is that the file build will be horribly long since I'll have to copy-paste every phoneme into each note. Normally, when I work with VOCALOID, separating phonemes by spaces makes understand the software a space is a separator for the notes. DeepVocal doesn't understand this and instead sets the series of phonemes in the same note. No choice then. It will be like the very old 2015 method with VOCALOID3. Unless I find to make a sort of "artificial" file.

    For the ones who don't see what I mean by artificial is that:
    1) I create all the musical notes in the file then I save it
    2) I use the source of the file to insert the phonemes inside instead
    3) I render this file

    Problem: I don't know yet how is the source of a DeepVocal project file (I know what the ust and vsqx are though, but these ones are way easier to treat) and if I knew it, I would have to find a way to find where the sound is, which code is surrounding it, to create another file and especially... The file encoding!

    (Especially when working on a French computer with Japanese locale)

    And if ever it's not possible, it will just be a very long time for treating the file...


    The other point is the work. Currently it has been on hiatus due to computer corruptions.
    To explain the whole thing, my computer hard drives are divided into 2 different hard drives: a Windows one (SSD 100Go) and a DATA one (HDD 900Go). I let you guess what happened recently... Correct, the Windows one told me that I was starting to be full pretty soon. DATA is quite fine though, half of the disk is free.

    What I try to do is that most of time I try to force my softwares onto the D: drive (DATA) instead of the C: one (Windows). I had to move files from the C: to the D: recently, but after, the softwares were not able to find back the files despite the method used (it's another software moving the files, then creating a shortcut on the original drive so the process stays transparent). In some cases it failed a bit, and some cases it failed a bit, were some plugins that I use for musical projects (Native Instruments plugins). So when I tried to compose something on Sunday, I had to abort because the plugins didn't find the presets anymore, and the files going along.

    Resulting in me being unable to compose at all last week sadly.

    Several other drivers and softwares were also corrupted, and after some repairs, some things are still wrong for some of them.

    I have potentially few solutions to remedy this, including possibly buying a new SSD with the same model than the current one but in a bigger size (and it's about €100) to try getting higher space for the Windows drive and thus avoid this situation again.

    I also currently have the impossibility to update properly my Windows, since a build update that had issues to install when USB drives were connected (the May update one). I had fixed for a while the issue by reinstalling the build again and again, until the new one (November update, and Insider version but else it's not funny), but one month after, the corruption comes back. And I checked, it's not a virus. Actually, I have a such protection that my computer will get problems more from corruptions than viruses.

    So the solution to fix it again would be "just reinstall your build"... Except that the ISO drive that is for reinstalling my current build thinks the mine I have is more recent and does not even offer me a possibility to reinstall the build without wiping everything out.

    And believe me that doing this with tons of softwares with limited computer activations is just a hell.

    So I'll be doing this in the next days, I'm just awaiting a software that will help me to clone at least the full DATA drive, so I lose less time and less data.

    My next deadlines are respectively on the 24th and the 27th, then they are on the whole February month. I will have quite few time to make the songs. Especially with these corruptions.


    I had said the other day I had two tracklists. So I built parts of them and I arrived to the following:

    - the current 1st tracklist is just missing one title and is composed of 12 of them. Only one song of this tracklist is done, for the ones who didn't look at the catalog, it's "OLEANDRIUM" with Xin Hua. This one was composed between December and January.
    - the 1st tracklist contains at least a track with Yukari, called "Ourania" and one with IA, called "Polymnia". These are the 2 you should expect in the next days if everything goes well.
    - the 2nd tracklist is set for 12 titles, but only 5 of them have their definitive titles, it's the deadlined songs. Kiritan should have an independant song called "Imaginary Friend" which should be released on February 13.
    - the 4 others are parts of a series, an original one this time, and are for kokone, Stella, Xin Hua and Lily.

    There are chances the final tracklist will have at least the following:

    - "OLEANDRIUM" is final for sure since it's ready
    - "Polymnia" and "Ourania"
    - "Imaginary Friend"
    - the 4 song of the original series

    We arrive to 7 tracks.

    I have 8 remaining tracks -> 15 tracks in total

    Conclusion: the 5 ready tracks for the 2nd tracklist move to the first one, the track that has no title in the 1st tracklist is moved to the 2nd one. And at least 4 new ones will be added to 2nd tracklist.

    So you'll get a 15 tracks album next time normally, but I think... Don't expect it before March a strict minima.


    The other big project is half done, but is suspended so no news on it for now. I'm waiting for things before continuing the project. And these things should not come before next month.


    I hope I can fix these corruptions for good...


  • Hello, Nynthixia here! Welcome to 2020 with a first album! Well, indeed, songs were more done on 2019 but... First album of the year!!




    Only 2 of the demo tracks are not identical to the one in the album:

    Five Thousand Years Ghost (feat. Hinomoto Oniko)

    [INSTRUMENT] Added second lead pattern (Sakura)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed lead preset (Sakura)
    [MASTERING] Enhanced volume of verses capellas

    The Black Cats and the Shrine Maiden (feat. Yuzuki Yukari, Kizuna Akari, CUL)

    [INSTRUMENT] Added beats in last intro part
    [INSTRUMENT] Added hihats since first chorus
    [MASTERING] Remastered Akari's capellas

    The first one sets the right mastering (the music was done in very different conditions compared to the others, so not the same sensations while mastering etc, in my case, her capellas were too loud when I made the first mastering so I had too much lowered their volume), the second one modifies a bit the intro and corrects a bit an incoherence in volume for Akari.


    The album tracks:

    1) Euryale - sister song of "Stheno" clearly.
    2) Stare Into the Abyss - clearly a test with Absynth. So it's quite messy? A girl tired from the violence in the world she rathers quitting it and going into the depths of the ocean. She died from it? Possible, if she can't breath.
    3) Sword Against the Fire - part of Azur Lane song series, and it's about Izumo, the research ship from Sakura Empire (= Imperial Japan) who has a huge weakness against the fire. Using both Lin and Jun vocals, either one after each other, either both at the same time.
    4) Iridescent Queen - a very mentally unstable girl wanting to fix her paradise, but the turn of events really doesn't help...
    5) War Machine - part of Azur Lane song series. About Gascogne, forsaken due to France's demise. There is some part of humanity missing, but if we go deep into her feelings... The ones of a weapon used against the enemies.
    6) Dysphoria - as the title says, a girl living in one of the worst worlds ever.


    Next albums...

    With the other major project growing up, the next album took some late and I need to reorganize it due to February deadlines (5 deadlines in February!). A part of the tracklist that was for January composing is done, but also the names of the deadlined tracks for the February composing. As well that the final tracklist can't be determined for now, due to a possibility of changing some tracks of album. So I rather not giving anything else for now.

    Major project is almost half done. I may be launching something when the time will come.


    Major updates for the blog on 2020

    Due to Flash being soon abandoned, I'll start reviewing the current blog posts for the songs and change the players. Normally, on a browser, when you ask for a mp3 file directly in its URL, it will either choose to download it, either choose its own internal player. In the next few months, the current Flash players will be replaced by a little picture linking towards the hosted mp3 file directly.
    The URL adress remains the same, though, it will still be uploaded on Eklablog meta-platform, 128 kbits/s if the song length is 4:21 or more (10Mo) or 320 kbits/s if less (<10Mo)


    Soon moving the covers from Soundcloud to MQube

    A solution to free a bit Soundcloud, is to re-host all the covers that were hosted on Soundcloud to MQube. Of course I'll tag them as reuploads and there will be no tweets about them. It might happen soon as well.


    Still no VOCALOID5 for 2020?

    Nope, not as long there won't be a V5 vocal interesting me (update of character I already have or character who really hits me, like Akari did). Let's just hope VOCALOID does not remain in a sort of sleepy state this year... Last one was almost pretty empty and it's quite sad.
    And for existent vocals, I am still afraid of too many changes in the capellas. I rather staying on a safe base with VOCALOID4. It's fine, quite easy to use for me, took my little use to optimize the work time...


    Nectar 1 or Nectar 3?

    It might be clear, but:
    UTAU song -> Nectar 3
    VOCALOID song -> Nectar 1
    mixt song (VOCALOID and UTAU) -> all under Nectar 1 for homogeneity




    01000001 01101110 01100001 01101100 01111001 01110011 01101001 01110011 00100000 01101100 01100001 01110101 01101110 01100011 01101000 01100101 01100100 00101110 00001010 01010000 01110010 01101111 01101010 01100101 01100011 01110100 00111010 00100000 00100010 01000011 01101111 01101110 01110100 01100001 01101101 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110100 01101001 01101111 01101110 00100010 00100000 01101000 01100001 01110011 00100000 01100010 01100101 01100101 01101110 00100000 01100110 01101001 01101110 01101001 01110011 01101000 01100101 01100100 00100000 01100001 01110100 00100000 00110100 00110010 00100101 00101110 01000101 01101110 01110100 01110010 01111001 00100000 01101110 10110000 00110010 00111010 00001010 01001001 01110100 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100011 01110101 01110010 01110010 01100101 01101110 01110100 01101100 01111001 00100000 01101001 01101101 01110000 01101111 01110011 01110011 01101001 01100010 01101100 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01101011 01101110 01101111 01110111 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01100101 01110110 01101111 01101100 01110101 01110100 01101001 01101111 01101110 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01100010 01100101 01101000 01100001 01110110 01101001 01101111 01110010 01110011 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01110011 01110101 01100010 01101010 01100101 01100011 01110100 01110011 00101110 00100000 01010100 01110111 01101111 00100000 01100100 01101001 01100110 01100110 01100101 01110010 01100101 01101110 01110100 00100000 01110100 01100101 01100001 01101101 01110011 00100000 01101000 01100001 01110110 01100101 00100000 01100010 01100101 01100101 01101110 00100000 01101101 01100001 01100100 01100101 00111010 00100000 01110011 01101001 01100100 01100101 00100000 01000001 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101110 01110011 01101001 01110011 01110100 01110011 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01101111 01101110 01100101 00100000 01100110 01100101 01101101 01100001 01101100 01100101 00100000 01010100 01100001 01101001 01110111 01100001 01101110 01100101 01110011 01100101 00100000 01110011 01110101 01100010 01101010 01100101 01100011 01110100 00100000 01100001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01100110 01101001 01110110 01100101 00100000 01100110 01100101 01101101 01100001 01101100 01100101 00100000 01001010 01100001 01110000 01100001 01101110 01100101 01110011 01100101 00100000 01110011 01110101 01100010 01101010 01100101 01100011 01110100 01110011 00101110 00100000 01010011 01101001 01100100 01100101 00100000 01000010 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101110 01110011 01101001 01110011 01110100 01110011 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01110011 01101001 01111000 00100000 01100110 01100101 01101101 01100001 01101100 01100101 00100000 01001010 01100001 01110000 01100001 01101110 01100101 01110011 01100101 00100000 01110011 01110101 01100010 01101010 01100101 01100011 01110100 01110011 00101110 00100000 01001001 01110100 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01110010 01100101 01110110 01100101 01100001 01101100 01100101 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01100010 01100101 01110100 01110111 01100101 01100101 01101110 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01110100 01110111 01101111 00100000 01110100 01100101 01100001 01101101 01110011 00101100 00100000 01100110 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 01101101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01101001 01101110 00100000 01100010 01101111 01110100 01101000 00100000 01110011 01101001 01100100 01100101 01110011 00100000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101001 01101101 01100101 00101110 00100000 01001001 01110100 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01110101 01101110 01101011 01101110 01101111 01110111 01101110 00100000 01101001 01100110 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01101101 01100001 01111001 00100000 01100010 01100101 00100000 01100100 01110101 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01100001 00100000 01110000 01100101 01110010 01110011 01101111 01101110 01100001 01101100 01101001 01110100 01111001 00100000 01100100 01101001 01110011 01101111 01110010 01100100 01100101 01110010 00100000 01100110 01101111 01110010 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 01110011 01100101 00100000 01100110 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01110011 01110101 01100010 01101010 01100101 01100011 01110100 01110011 00101110 00001010 01010110 01101001 01110010 01110101 01110011 00100000 01110011 01100101 01100101 01101101 01110011 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01101000 01100001 01110110 01100101 00100000 01100101 01110011 01100011 01100001 01110000 01100101 01100100 00100000 01100110 01110010 01101111 01101101 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01101100 01100001 01100010 01101111 01110010 01100001 01110100 01101111 01110010 01111001 00101110 00001010 01010000 01110010 01101111 01101010 01100101 01100011 01110100 00100000 01101101 01100101 01101101 01100010 01100101 01110010 01110011 00100000 01101101 01101001 01100111 01101000 01110100 00100000 01100010 01100101 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101110 01110100 01100001 01101101 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110100 01100101 01100100 00101110 00001010 01000100 01101111 01100011 01110100 01101111 01110010 01110011 00100000 01110010 01100101 01101101 01101001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01100001 01101110 01111001 00100000 01100011 01101001 01110110 01101001 01101100 01101001 01100001 01101110 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01110010 01100101 01110000 01101111 01110010 01110100 00100000 01100001 01101110 01111001 00100000 01110000 01110010 01101111 01100010 01101100 01100101 01101101 00100000 01110111 01101000 01101001 01100011 01101000 00100000 01101100 01101111 01101111 01101011 01110011 00100000 01101100 01101001 01101011 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01100110 01101111 01101100 01101100 01101111 01110111 01101001 01101110 01100111 00111010 00001010 00101101 00100000 01100011 01101000 01110010 01101111 01101110 01101001 01100011 00100000 01110000 01110011 01111001 01100011 01101000 01101111 01110000 01100001 01110100 01101000 01101001 01100011 00100000 01100100 01101001 01110011 01101111 01110010 01100100 01100101 01110010 00001010 00101101 00100000 01110011 01110101 01100100 01100100 01100101 01101110 00100000 01110110 01101001 01101111 01101100 01100101 01101110 01110100 00100000 01100010 01100101 01101000 01100001 01110110 01101001 01101111 01110010 00001010 00101101 00100000 01110000 01100001 01110010 01100001 01101110 01101111 01101001 01100001 00100000 01100001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01110011 01101100 01100101 01100101 01110000 00100000 01100100 01101001 01110011 01101111 01110010 01100100 01100101 01110010 01110011 00001010 00101101 00100000 01101111 01110110 01100101 01110010 01101100 01111001 00100000 01101111 01100010 01110011 01100101 01110011 01110011 01101001 01110110 01100101 00100000 01100010 01100101 01101000 01100001 01110110 01101001 01101111 01110010 00001010 00101101 00100000 01101001 01101101 01101101 01101001 01101110 01100101 01101110 01110100 00100000 01101101 01110101 01110010 01100100 01100101 01110010 00100000 01110100 01101000 01110010 01100101 01100001 01110100 00100000 01100010 01111001 00100000 01101101 01100101 01101110 01110100 01100001 01101100 01101100 01111001 00100000 01110101 01101110 01110011 01110100 01100001 01100010 01101100 01100101 00100000 01110000 01100101 01110010 01110011 01101111 01101110 00001010 00001010 01101001 01101110 00100000 01101111 01110010 01100100 01100101 01110010 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01110011 01110100 01100001 01110010 01110100 00100000 01100110 01110101 01110010 01110100 01101000 01100101 01110010 00100000 01101001 01101110 01110110 01100101 01110011 01110100 01101001 01100111 01100001 01110100 01101001 01101111 01101110 00100000 01100001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01100011 01100001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01100001 00100000 01100011 01100101 01101110 01110100 01100101 01110010 00100000 01101110 01100101 01100001 01110010 01100010 01111001 00101110 00001010 01000011 01101111 01100100 01100101 00100000 01101001 01110011 00111010 00100000 00110100 00110010 00110101 00110110 00110011 00110001

  • Hello, Nynthixia here

    And happy new year 2020!

    Already a new year... Again... Time flies really quick, doesn't it...

    So, other than the fact we're fully passing to the schedules of 2020 and that the former 17.0 version of the license is not supported anymore and has to use 18.0 or 19.0 for future derivatives... Here are some news you are waiting for...


    1) Next album

    Next album will be released on January 11, 2020 (Sat) and will be called "Abyssal Ghosts". Already the half of its tracklist has public demos, the other half is songs composed on 2019, all UTAU songs using Nectar 3 Elements as mastering tool, the VOCALOID ones using Nectar 1 Elements due to the v3 not working very well with their capellas.

    2) Next projects

    There is possibly a new project ongoing, but can't reveal more for now... It's too soon...

    I think I just broke something and I need to cure it soon?


    Next public song will be at the end of the month, on the 24th with Yukari and on the 27th with IA. Then after it will be a busy February coming soon! Keep in mind from now on: the deadlines table is your sheet for next songs that will have a demo! Keep it preciously~


    Anyway, happy new year and take care!

  • Hello, Nynthixia here

    Just a little head out for the works using CS licenses. A beta for 19.0 has just started yesterday, and I'm able to use this version from now on. Technically, for the one I am using (BY-NC-SA, or "Attribution Non Commercial Share-Alike") there is no change, it's other mentions that get modified a bit, and the license certificates will now integrate a line for age limits (the tickets already have the information in their title on the public database).

    For now, nothing changes. But starting from January 1, 2020 the following will happen:

    - all the works that are registered under CS BY-NC-SA 17.0 will require you that if you reuse the work or do any derivative of it (it can be a cover, a remix etc), the license you'll have to apply is either CS BY-NC-SA 18.0 or CS BY-NC-SA 19.0, and the 17.0 will become unsupported. So on the catalog the license code will appear as red.
    - that doesn't mean you don't have the right anymore to use the file though, of course you can still use it! It's just the license applied to the derivative has to be a higher version than the one for the original work

    - for files under the 18.0, this version is still supported, so no worries. It is even possible to set a compatibility towards this version starting from January 1, 2020, date for which the license version 19.0 will become available for all.

    - for files under a 16.0 version or lower, you have to use 18.0 from now on, and on January 1, 2020 either 18.0 either 19.0


    Little reminder of what the license authorized you to do:

    you can reuse this work under the following conditions:
    1) credit all the authors (here, I accept "Nynthixia", with or without the "-P" particle, it works, or the full name used on license tickets and certificates (even if for these works I more recommend "Nynthixia" as it's more obvious))
    2) you can't use this work for commercial purposes, this includes selling the product or its derivative in any way
    3) when a derivative is created or the work is being modified or altered, the derivative or final product has to be under the same license (with either the exact version when still supported, either a higher version)
    4) you can reuse this work without permission if you are part of the group designed for it. For my originals, any user of a vocal synthesizer can reuse the song without permission, but still by applying the previous rules
    5) for all the others you have to ask permission like for a classic copyright
    6) if ever there is a mistake in credit or any misuse, you have 30 days to repair it, 90 days in case of prolonged absence (only for 18.0 version and 19.0 for the 90 days), after this delay, it's over, you can't use this work anymore
    7) licenses have no legal warranty; it's just a "permission" we give to you for reusing the work; the legal status of the work is still a copyright; you just have some supplementary rights

    Also keep in mind:

    the songs I produce are NOT eligible for a commercial license, several samples or instruments used being under a non commercial license (it already starts with UTAUloids like Tei or Stella, or even the VOCALOIDs for which I have no commercial license because you have to get it separately from your software when you buy it)

    If ever there are questions about reusing my works, contact box is open


    For works under 19.0, there was one I had finished on December 1, however, the instrumental having been done before the 19.0 beta was made available, I used the compatibility mode and applied 18.0 version of the license to the whole work.
    However another song I started on December 1 and finished on today, is registered under CS BY-NC-SA 19.0 beta. Its final code on certificates is "Dec 2019 ver".
    It means the next album will be under 19.0 license but will tolerate 18.0 due to some tracks in it having been registered with 18.0 instead.



  • Hello, Nynthixia there

    Told you I wasn't going to leave you all alone during these 3 weeks where production is currently private.

    Concerning CD28, tracklist is not 100% done (one track name missing) and album name is not decided yet. It is possible that now, it will integrate inedite synths...

    You know it's Black Friday recently.
    And who says Black Friday says there are huge reductions on many things (that's how I got 4 packages of samples very quickly from Glitchmachines)
    But it wasn't over...

    2 years ago, I had done the Black Friday with Native Instruments to get FM8. There are very cool presets in it, even if some are a little bit difficult to use. This year I striked again with not one, but two synths...

    Massive and Absynth 5!

    (yes I took just Massive and not Massive X...)

    OK now the why for the 2:
    - Massive: mainly got it for some dubstep sounds, seems I can't do very well with Harmor for now, and Serum never has the chance to be under reduction... Too bad... Massive has the huge chance to have presets sold a bit everywhere (or downloadable everywhere, got a bunch of free ones) and I'm sure we can do pretty cool things with it
    - Absynth: this one is specialized in all that is pads and ethereal sounds. And I think you may have noticed it, but I really love this type of instruments, most of my songs include at least one pad... We'll get beautifuuuuul sounds (☆▽☆)

    It will be lots of fun!


    PS: Last album is available here...


    Hello, Nynthixia here

    Here is the album... Finally
    Probably the last of 2019, who knows

    Here are the 6 album exclusive tracks in a sort of little resume:

    Emergency Dream

    There is a theory about people having experiences in their dreams... Sometimes to face a danger that may happen in their real life, becoming thus more competent in real life against this danger.
    This song is recommended for all audiences - A rating


    A girl abandoned in an adventure dying in a cavern, even though she is not completely blaming the one who took her here.
    This song has been rated as Mature (first class) and is not recommended to people below 12 - M12 rating

    Chaotic Rain

    Psychological song, about a paranoid girl in a logicless world.
    This song has been rated as Mature (first class) and is not recommended to people below 12 - M12 rating

    Across the Line

    Two girls. Two separated lands. One in love with another, already promised to someone else. And when the first girl reveals herself to be horribly possessive, things can turn out... Bad.
    This song has been rated as Mature (second class) and is not recommended to people below 14 - M14 rating

    Ran Out of Gasoline

    A crude and tragic song about a woman in a poor place, forced to shoot herself up to not be out of energy. About the dangerous trap of society that drug can be.
    This song has been rated as Mature (first class) and is not recommended to people below 12 - M12 rating

    Hester -Truth-

    "The girl who lived a whole life of lies and decided to actually commit what would cause her end... Before she finds hope again... Maybe?"
    The truth behind Hester.
    This song has been rated as Mature (second class) and is not recommended to people below 14 - M14 rating


    Changelog... For "Parasitism". All other tracks were not modified.

    [EXTENSION] Extended intro
    [INSTRUMENTS] Added kicks in second part of intro
    [INSTRUMENTS] Added chords pattern in first part of intro
    [INSTRUMENTS] Added impact SFX at mid-intro


    OK, I had actually hesitated between two dates for this album... Either November 9th, either 16th. And oh gosh, I did really good to let myself to the 16th, because otherwise "Ran Out of Gasoline" wouldn't been there. My back pain had striked again on Tuesday of last week, making me lose two full days of production, obligated to lie down and to use the visual keyboard to communicate online. This... Wasn't great. These two days could have been spent for Ritsu's song but... To work on a song I need to be on a chair, to write down the annotations, to be very careful to notes input... Things that I couldn't have done on a bed.
    So yeah, that's why its production date is actually late. To equilibrate the production methods, I still used the first Nectar Elements I had for Ritsu's capella, despite having used Nectar 3 Elements for the work before (NECOLINA).

    About this... I got Nectar 3 Elements last week, by buying some more sample packs (Glitchmachines do good things)... For free. Again. I had just to wait for some time. But to be honest... Nectar 3 Elements has nothing to do with the original Nectar Elements. In Nectar 3, you don't have any pre-made presets, it's an artificial intelligence which does all the work with machine learning. So it has to learn how I'm working.

    Generally a mastering chain for capellas is done like this:

    ExpressFX Reverb -> Phasis* -> Neutron Elements -> Vocal Doubler* -> Nectar Elements -> Ozone 8 Elements

    * optional

    So when I ask Nectar 3 Elements to work, all other effects are already active. Neutron already enhances the capella a bit and Ozone is already taming some mid-frequencies. And I do it on the capella main, then I repercute the exact same treatments on the cho track.

    Add to this I'm working with a headset that now better redistributes frequences than my previous one did (it had issues with low basses and sub basses). So all that can be little defaults, I can better hear them. And when I'm working with Nectar 3 Elements, I feel like with the preset the machine is giving me, is not enough to enhance well the capella. So I tweak dynamics a bit, sometimes de-esser (and I learnt that tweaking this too much gives bad results)... Giving a more particular mastering that is very different of hearing for sound pros than the previous masterings (with Nectar Elements 1.00). However, on a mp3 player (I have my Walkman for testing some issues), these issues tend to be diminished.
    Conclusion: it really depends of how your headset ou earphones redistribute the sound. But for someone who's not used to it, I understand it can be weird at hearing.

    Question is: "will I stop using Nectar Elements (1)?"
    And answer is "no"

    Nectar 1 Elements (I'll call it like this, but it's the original one I got with VEGAS Pro 13) is used for another thing, it is used for centered beats in the instrumental (except for heavy kicks which use EQ2). So its place still belongs here, as Nectar 3 Elements is clearly more done for vocal tracks. Its machine didn't learn for beats.

    So it's still be here, just it leaves a place.


    Saw the deadlines? Next one is on December. Which means
    for 3 weeks there won't be any PUBLIC song
    but I'll still produce... It will just be private tracks! (min 6)

    But no worries... I'll find a way to keep yourselves busy!

    Tracklist for CD28... I'm still working on it, 5 other titles are already confirmed, for now it's a tracklist of 12 songs with half of them being public (the 2 you already got, one song with Stella, one with IA, a trio Yukari/CUL/Akari (I played safety card) and a song with Oniko).
    This also means I'll have to work on another album in the meanwhile... To fill up the at least 2 songs per week (the one of December 11th and the one of December 25th). But there... No idea about it!
    The album title is not confirmed yet... To the point my folder of lyrics is just called "CD28". Yeah...

    Enough said, enjoy!


  • Hello, Nynthixia here

    I guess I can now do the announcement, the release date for the album of this month with be on November 16th. It is called "PSYCHOCEPTION" and contains 12 tracks, featuring Yukari, Nyui, Oniko, Xin Hua, Ritsu and Zunko! The tracklist will be given the day it will be released, since there is a title that is still to be set to definitive.

    For now I just have 2 private tracks to do, which means there will be no public track next week (Nov 4th-Nov 10th). The next public one will feature Sayu and will be on November 11th. Followed by a song for Itako on November 14th.

    CD28 will be for either late December either early January, it will feature at least Itako, Sayu and Stella. Possibilities are that IA will be part of the featured singers, a bit less chances for Yukari, CUL and Akari.


    Now let's get to the schedules.

    For now, it's more 2 songs per week being produced (still getting my health back, slowly) with all deadlined songs being public, album being aired almost each month (it got jumped off for October due to time management, so shifted for November, and for December we'll see how it will advance). For now the albums contain 12 tracks in average, and half of the tracklist is public as soon the song is done, making the other half of the songs album exclusive.
    Apparently the album exclusive thing seems to be a good thing for you all, and actually it also is good for me (because as you know it, I have now a limited storage for uploads thanks to Google Drive and that makes a good delay for blog posts and stuff).

    So the next year isn't full of just deadlines being pushed back and constant fatigue, I'll arrange the things a bit for 2020, we already began the transition with the last album ("Calling Out the Sirens"), so this is how I'll behave for 2020:

    - albums will contain at least 12 tracks. It's a good average, I'll try to not do 10 tracks/album
    - however, the albums won't be monthly anymore. At the current state, they might be released every 2 months. The days for release will be on Saturdays as usual (in front of the computer without too much issues). So understand "as soon an album tracklist is done it will be released pretty soon"!
    - for now only half tracklist is public. On 2020, only the first track of the album and the deadlined songs will have a public demo. All other tracks will be album exclusive. It will make the album even more interesting to download. And that's where the little table in the right column of the blog will be useful to you: to determine the date of the next scheduled public track.
    Note: it is not impossible that for December 22nd, I make group songs. Hesitating between a trio song or a duet Akari/Yukari and a CUL solo. The second solution being possibly better at voice scale but more time consuming, knowing that the other deadlines surrounding it are December 20th and 25th (= very tight!).
    - the date of the albums will not be revealed until all tracks (or until only 2 left) are done. Which means the mp3 file of the full song has to be complete, on computer.
    - there won't be any crossfades for albums part of the "series albums". Series albums are all the monthly albums that have been released until there. The album "Imitation" is an out-of-series, meaning it wouldn't have been concerned in this measure.
    - the huge projects (of type "Imitation") will keep their crossfades and their different booklet formats (these are usually huge albums). For now, none of them has been scheduled yet. But who knows, one year, it will come back. If ever it does, there will be little clues scattered a bit anywhere. It can be blog, Twitter...
    - if ever you need an instrumental of an album exclusive track, you can contact me via the contact form of this blog (I don't give out my mail publicly, so once I replied you, keep the mail somewhere in your contacts in case you need to contact me again!) and I will give you the file. Ensure that your mailbox can receive mp3 and zip files, and that it can receive mails of about 20Mo of size.
    - if you ever need a flp file, please contact me via the same way, and precize if you have FL Studio or not. If you have FL Studio, please tell me the exact version you have (version with build number). Please also watch out for songs that contain FLEX, Transistor Bass or Fruity Delay 3, which either have limited compatibility patches either none possible (for Transistor Bass and Fruity Delay, you must have at least the last version of FL 12 (12.5.1) ; for FLEX FL 20.5 is required (no compatibility patch is possible for FL 12)). I can make in all other cases compatibility patches for FL 9, FL 10, FL 11 and FL 12 (for the versions below, my license file doesn't cover them). The songs having issues with compatibility patches have categories for their blog posts ("No compatibility patch" / "Limited compatibility patch").
    Patches for FL versions 9, 10 and 11 require more time to be recreated. Ensure yourselves you also have licenses for the VST being used.

    Also I forgot to tell, since last week, Japan and France have a time shift of 8 hours instead of 7. When it's midnight for Japan, it is 4 PM in France ; when it's midnight for France, it's 8 AM in Japan!

    Have fun


  • CD27 "Calling Out the Sirens"


    Hello, Nynthixia here

    Airing this album on time for this month! And this album, you know it already, is themed on the game Azur Lane!

    I know there is no crossfade for this album because I finished the album on Thursday, and honestly, doing this just for two days... It's better to have at least one week for this... For "Imitation" it was even one month...


    So here is the full tracklist!

    01. LEVIATHIANA (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-, -Hunter-)
    02. Simulation (feat. CUL)
    03. Symphony of the Dark Matron (feat. Lily)
    04. Requiem for a Cruel Fate (feat. Kizuna Akari)
    05. Dragon's Little Sisters (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    06. Rising Phoenix (feat. MAYU)
    07. Miracle of Doom (feat. Gahata Meiji -Hunter-)
    08. Feed Me With Jealousy (feat. CUL)
    09. Sanctuary of Sirens (feat. Lily)
    10. Purify the Web (feat. Kizuna Akari)
    11. Terror from Below (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    12. Red Spider at the Ceiling (feat. MAYU)


    The names of the entities from the game corresponding to each track in this table:

    Track name Genre/challenges Singer Corresponding character Nation (game/real) Notes
    LEVIANTHANA Trance, glitched electro
    Challenge: Adding glitched elements
    Gahata Meiji -Lilith- and -Hunter- Arbiter III Empress Siren / none (Inedite track)
    It has been actually difficult to create a track about a character who only appeared this year and said one sentence in non-Japanese versions of the game...
    More about general Sirens's plans
    Simulation Trance, dance, techno
    Challenge: no lead track, create everything from scratch and the sequences pads
    CUL Tester β Siren / none (Inedite track)
    Can also be a track for Observer α actually...
    Two Sirens we tend to see a lot
    Also about lots of generalities on the Sirens's plans
    Symphony of the Dark Matron Industrial/classical
    Challenge: Insert many classical orchestra instruments to make a masterpiece
    Lily Friedrich der Grosse Ironblood / Nazi Germany Creating a dark atmosphere for a mysterious but very motherly character. As an orchestra master in a world of darkness.
    Requiem for a Cruel Fate Electroworld
    Challenge: insert a flute melody
    Kizuna Akari Shoukaku Sakura Empire / Imperial Japan (Inedite track)
    The lyrics had to be quite dark and sad, since the real aircraft carrier IJN Shoukaku sunk with all her crew aboard...
    Dragon's Little Sisters Electroworld
    Challenge: create a music using typical Chinese instruments
    Tohoku Kiritan Ping Hai, Ning Hai Eastern Radiance / Republic of China Difficult to create a track where the two sisters could talk together, especially with a single singer (knowing her CVVC and her VCV are not the same quality at all), hence the 3rd person point of view.
    The two girls are born in a very poor country, from material from Imperial Japan... Before being sunk by them.
    Rising Phoenix Pop, electroworld
    Challenge: create a majesty-like music, having piano sequences
    MAYU Taihou Sakura Empire / Imperial Japan (Inedite track)
    Taihou is... Obsessed with the commander. To the point even if the commander hates her, she won't believe it and will think the others will try to take you away from her.
    Normal the lyrics reflect this obsession!
    Miracle of Doom Dance
    Challenge: make it mid-Siren themed mid-Ironblood themed
    Gahata Meiji -Hunter- Prinz Eugen Ironblood / Nazi Germany This one... Impossible you recognize this track when you know the demo too well. Lots of instruments have been switched to make it sound a bit more industrial.
    Though still some dance themes to make understand Eugen was clearly with the Sirens in the story... I mean... It's said since the game's tutorial!
    Feed Me With Jealousy Industrial, hardstyle, dubstep
    Challenge: make the music uneasing and violent
    CUL Roon Ironblood / Nazi Germany Note that no KMS Roon really existed, not even on blueprints.
    Roon is a very violent character despite her nice airs with the other girls. She is a yangire gaining some yandere tendancies when the commander marries her. Yeah, this girl has several screws lose!
    Sanctuary of the Sirens Pop, electroworld
    Challenge: insert a Japanese classical instrument
    Lily Zuikaku Sakura Empire / Imperial Japan (Inedite track)
    Very different from Shoukaku's track which is sad and melancholic, Zuikaku's is very upbeat.
    The lyrics have been inspired a lot by the event "Visitors Dyed in Red".
    Purify the Web Trance
    Challenge: (none)
    Kizuna Akari Purifier Siren / none Pure trance, with the Siren lyrics being the more specific to one Siren: Purifier.
    Loving to smash her enemies, she takes pleasure into doing her work. Even if she has known some... Improvised things?
    Terror from Below Pop, electroworld
    Challenge: insert a Japanese classical instrument
    Tohoku Kiritan I-168 (aka Iroha) Sakura Empire / Imperial Japan (Inedite track)
    At the time Japanese-themed and having a sort of "underwater pressure" air. I really love the track for I-168.
    Lyrics are especially about her between the time of the war Eagle Union / Sakura Empire, and the time she is with the commander. I-168 was really feared by some other shipgirls... Right Yorktown?
    Red Spider at the Ceiling Pop
    Challenge: (none)
    MAYU Akagi Sakura Empire / Imperial Japan (Explicit song)
    Very different from typical tracks for Sakura Empire characters, since Akagi is working closely with Sirens, the music is closer from the ones for the Sirens than for her own empire like Shoukaku and Zuikaku had.
    She is also a very possessive yandere, chaining the commander to her bed so they can stay together. Oh, and she also hates Taihou... And Enterprise of course.
    She is also quite... Shameless sometimes?


    Symphony of the Dark Matron (feat. Lily)
    [WARNING] This project cannot obtain a compatibility patch for below FL Studio 20.5
    [EXTENSION] Extended end
    [INSTRUMENT] Added flute patterns (FLEX)

    Miracle of Doom (feat. Gahata Meiji -Hunter-)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed pad preset (iZotope Iris 2)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed arp pad preset (FLEX)
    [INSTRUMENT] Lowered by one octave and changed lead preset (Hybrid)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX at beginning of last chorus

    Red Spider at the Ceiling (feat. MAYU)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed pluck preset (GMS)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed sequence pad preset (FLEX)

    + the 6 inedite tracks of course...



    And for the next album? Nothing is done yet. Chances I may do the same scheme as for this one: half tracks may be public, the others private. The deadlined songs will always be public. The next deadline is October 12th, for Ritsu. Next album, except Ritsu at least. As for the others, I'll see.
    The reasons why the private tracks:

    1) I think this brings even more excitement for an album. Generally it's always tracks which all have their demos, then the demos get reworked for half of them (most of time) to be released. Here you have some surprises you can discover at the same time!
    2) Storage limits. By doing this, I reduce the amount of storage needed to stock the songs. And especially with Google Drive which doesn't work at all the same way fichier-zip did (fichier-zip didn't have any storage limits). For instrumentals, it can be sent by mail quite easily (prepare mailboxes accepting up to 15/20Mo of data per mail though, it will depend of the size and length of the file, and ensure the mailbox accepts at least mp3 and zip files).
    3) Less publication time. For private tracks, it's just the time to fill up a certificate specific to them. For public songs, it's preparing a blog post, the uploads (blog + Drive + MQube or Soundcloud for some) and the public license ticket.


    See you in few days, and enjoy the album!

  • Hello, Nynthixia here

    First, sorry for Akari, but the album has been finished in a very tight schedule, that I have worked on it all the day, leaving no place for Akari's song. No worries, it will come tomorrow instead.

    This album, that I had to push back of one month... Here it is! With not 2, but 3 inedite tracks (due to timing issues again...)


    Here is the changelog:

    CEITLIN (feat. Shirahane Totoko)
    [MIXDOWN] Centered mechanic uplifter
    [REMOVAL] Removed pad pattern for 4 first measures

    All In Your Mind (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    [INSTRUMENTS] Extended atmo/impact during all final intro part
    [INSTRUMENTS] Replaced VFX during second verse by pad pattern

    Shut Me Down (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    [INSTRUMENTS] Changed instrument for synth and lead (FLEX)

    Clytemnestra (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    [MIXDOWN] Enhanced screaming chord lead sample volume

    Re;TAKE (feat. Lily, IA)
    [INSTRUMENTS] Raised of one octave arp pad


    The 3 inedite tracks, before I do their blog posts:
    - Wanda: it's about the first bad ending of KALEIDO STELLA. When you force a girl to get out of her world and try to get back to one she hates.
    - Necrosed Rebirth: part of Corruption series. Stella is dead? Nah...
    - Remember Who We Are: about a group of sadistic cyber-harrassers torturing their preys until these last ones commit suicide. The worst group you can ever imagine.


    The CD27?

    It's still in progress, very slowly first, now it should be a bit faster. Only deadlined tracks will be public. So you'll get one more public song with Akari, one with MAYU and one with Kiritan. All other tracks that haven't been published yet will be album only.
    The schedule is horribly slowed down especially due to stress issues and fatigue, which even slowed down the work pace to 1 song per week several times in a row.
    Will it continue? It will depend of my health and of my schedule for September, which is more than uncertain.


    Question is: "will I give you the tracklist for now"?


    Actually I won't give it now. However I can give the album name, that I had indeed changed since "Miracle of Doom", and it's "Calling Out the Sirens". This album is themed for a game (do you know Azur Lane? It's like Kancolle, but by China), and you got already 3 songs, so 3 characters.


    So here is a little table with the name of each public track and the name of the character it represented.

    Gahata Meiji Miracle of Doom Prinz Eugen
    CUL Feed Me With Jealousy Roon
    Lily Symphony of the Dark Matron Friedrich der Grosse
    Kizuna Akari Purify the Web
    Tohoku Kiritan Dragon's Little Sisters Ping Hai, Ning Hai
    MAYU Red Spider at the Ceiling

    Yeah, I began with... 3 German ships. But if you know the game a little bit, now the lyrics should remind you some traits of each character. And no worries it won't be about German ships only.


    Please enjoy the album!


    EDIT September 1st: track for Akari is revealed!
    EDIT September 19th: track for MAYU is revealed! Album will be released on September 28, 2019

  • Hello Nynthixia here

    Wanted to do this post few days ago, but again... ><

    On the past weekend and on Monday, I changed some material, or should I say upgraded it... There are first two synths, the first one I got for very very few money (like... less than €5) and the other for free: the Riser (a synth for all that is uplifters/downlifters/rises/falls) and Iris 2 (the only synth by iZotope!). And if you follow well all the sales of music plugins websites, you know where I got them.


    For VEGAS, the update was done on Monday. Tip for Europe users, buy on the US website version: on a European version you'll pay the upgrade €249, on the US version $249... When you do the conversion, you'll win a bit more by buying on the US store, no kidding.
    I just had an issue with a video plugin from VEGAS 16 that made an incompatibility bug with 17, making 17 crash when starting up... So if ever you had installed the third party video plugins with v16 and you want to install v17, take this into consideration, there is a possible incompatibility!


    As for tracklist, just one track for Kiritan and one for Xin Hua to do for this month album (the former July album), and I just released the track for Meiji's birthday, so enjoy it!


    Tracklist for September not available for now, I created a folder with a temporary name for the September album while doing "Miracle of Doom"... So can't say more for now as long I'm not really sure. Might do some changes for titles though, I see I begin running out of ideas for feminine names, so the future titles may more be English titles.


    I'll have also to introduce a new system soon, about the transparence of the tracks, inspirations and all. Still thinking about the way to introduce it. The first solution is to do a sort of pdf with the infos, the second one to redirect to an entry of a database (still WIP but huuuuush)


    Also warning by the way, if ever someone hurts the ones I appreciate, I will show no mercy, but I'll show no mercy, with intelligence. Or at least I'll try.


    "Remember who we are"



  • Hello, Nynthixia here

    Almost dying from heat ~(>_<~) (pretty sure it's 45°C in the room right now)

    You may have guessed, but with only the half of the tracklist online, it's not possible to release the album for Saturday. Not even for the 31st, it's to tell you at which point!

    So I'll push back "Alien Eyes" to August 31st (Sat.). The day just after the deadline for Akari.

    But, was telling myself this would be a bit unfair to jump off a month like this, so I decided to possibly insert 2 little bonus tracks at the end of "Alien Eyes" album. I don't know the titles, neither the singers yet, but these will be album-exclusive titles that you won't see on the blog.


    For August deadlines:
    They are the following:

    - August 8th -> Meiji
    - August 16th -> CUL
    - August 25th -> Lily
    - August 30th -> Akari

    It does at least one every week.


    What will happen:


    - On the deadlines, you'll get public songs with the concerned singers. This time, no deadline shift for Meiji, it will be on the right day!
    - On August 31st, and I promise this will be on time, you'll get the album that had to be released for Saturday. 10 tracks that are public + 2 private exclusive tracks in bonus.
    - The album that was initially for August is cancelled and replaced by "Alien Eyes" (CD26.5)
    - There will be an album on September, containing at least the 4 deadlined tracks in August + probably the 2 ones for September (with MAYU and Kiritan)
    - As for the other tracks of the September album for August, still undecided if they will be public or album-only

    Enjoy your (hot) holidays, and take care... And thanks for your support messages <3

  • Hello, Nynthixia here

    I think you were waiting for it, the tracklist of July! For July 28th. Well, normally at least. The thing is that I'm so much slowed down because of fatigue and major heat refraining me from normally working that I'm not even sure to make all tracks for the 28th. If ever it doesn't work, the album will be released for the 31st instead, which is a Wednesday.

    This is the current tracklist, for the CD26.5 "Alien Eyes"

    01. MANDELIA (feat. Xin Hua)
    02. Demoniac, my Angel (feat. Xin Hua)
    03. CEITLIN (feat. Shirahane Totoko)
    04. Salmia (feat. Shirahane Totoko)
    05. All In Your Mind (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    06. Wanda (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    07. Shut Me Down (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    08. Clytemnestra (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    09. Re;TAKE (feat. Lily, IA)
    10. Alien Eyes (feat. Kizuna Akari, Yuzuki Yukari)


    For today, and this week in general, you'll only have a song. I wanted to work on it yesterday evening, but too much tired by the convention, my legs and my right shoulder actually hurt... Not that simple to work like this ><

    Chances for next month I also change a bit the release schedule, and instead will only make public the deadlined songs of August, and make "album-only" all the others. I'll try to think about it.


    See you in few hours for "MANDELIA"!




    Hello, Nynthixia here


    Here is the album for June! The "bloodlusions".

    Changelog time!

    Elusion, Allusion, Illusion (feat. Yurika Sayu)
    [INSTRUMENTS] Added continuous lead (FLEX)
    [INSTRUMENTS] Removed hi-hats in first verse
    [INSTRUMENTS] Removed uplifters in first and second choruses
    [INSTRUMENTS] Added rolls at half-choruses
    [INSTRUMENTS] Replaced kicks by hi-hats and clap/snares during first bridge
    [MIXDOWN] Enhanced light pad volume

    Disarmament (feat. Xin Hua)
    [INSTRUMENTS] Changed beats structure at last bridge
    [INSTRUMENTS] Added impacts in last bridge
    [MIXDOWN] Enhanced harm capella of Xin Hua

    LIBIDINA (feat. Sukone Tei)
    [EXTENSION] Extended intro
    [INSTRUMENTS] Added impact, uplifter and beats at intro
    [INSTRUMENTS] Added glitches during fast part
    [INSTRUMENTS] Added uplifter before last chorus

    Whispers in the Dark (feat. Tohoku Itako)
    [INSTRUMENTS] Changed lead preset (FLEX)
    [PATTERNS] Lowered from one octave chorus lead

    Kleio (feat. GUMI)
    [INSTRUMENTS] Modified VFX during verse

    Void of Ruin (feat. GUMI)
    [INSTRUMENTS] Added sub bass (Sytrus)


    For FL Studio, they actually released a RC of 20.5, meaning I remain in season 4. However their RC is currently a bit unstable, apparently due to Transistor Bass eating too much memory.
    FLEX just works great
    Will publish the tracklist and the next album name very soon. The release date will be for July 27.
    Enjoy the album!


  • One day late, I know I'm unforgivable ><


    Hello Nynthixia here

    Here to announce you the tracklist of "BLOODLUSIONS", the CD26. Airing on June 29th!


    01. Elusion, Illusion, Allusion (feat. Yurika Sayu)
    02. Ludmila (feat. Yurika Sayu)
    03. Disarmament (feat. Xin Hua)
    04. Dulcinea (feat. Xin Hua)
    05. Miss Toreador (feat. Sukone Tei)
    06. LIBIDINA (feat. Sukone Tei)
    07. URSULINA (feat. Tohoku Itako)
    08. Whispers in the Dark (feat. Tohoku Itako)
    09. Kleio (feat. GUMI)
    10. Void of Ruin (feat. GUMI)


    "Ludmila" is deadlined to June 7th, "Kleio" to June 5th, "LIBIDINA" to June 19th and "URSULINA" to June 24th.
    Xin Hua's songs aren't deadlined

    Will try to do my best ><

  • Hello, Nynthixia there

    I am obliged to move a song airing to next week. So there will be June 5th, 7th and either 8th or 9th.
    I had several problems this week (aka "serious back pain refraining me from walking a whole day") and have been pretty busy, so please excuse me for this... ><

    In few minutes, find back on Sayu's page a song.

    No worries for my health, it almost came back to normal... But, ugh, very late, excuse me ><


    PS: Tracklist tomorrow

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