• Upgrade coming soon...

    Hello, Nynthixia there.

    Already end of May. I'll do a little recap of what is currently happening.

    As the title says, I asked for an upgrade. This will be for both Yukari and Zunko. This means that maybe two weeks later, I'll work with all the V4 voicebanks of Yukari (yeah, I asked for the three versions) and the V4 voicebank of Zunko. For the moment, the V3 will still be used.

    If the voicebanks arrive before the day I'll work on the album versions for "Rebirth from Paradise", there may be some chances that I'll change the capella of Yukari's songs to set the V4 one. This will be reported in the album changelog (that is displayed on each blog post for album airing + the internal zip file description if you have access to it).

    As for Zunko, the capella of her song "Encounter", may be the V4 one.

    Official dates for getting the voicebanks are between June 10th and June 23rd.

    Other news now.

    1) The incident of the hard drive
    One week ago, 95% of the files have been retrieved. I thought I told about it here, but it is only on Twitter (where I am almost everyday if you noticed it). During June I may be able to give some material again. There will be a Google doc available for all the files that will be in good status, with their names and in their respective folders. Just warning that it will be very long... I intend to work on this during all the summer holidays, including the week when I'll be offline.

    2) The covers
    I decided between "Ref-Rain" and "Re;BIRTH", but still won't say which one will be aired first. However, the first one will be on June 9th and the second one on July 6th. So if "Re;BIRTH" is aired first, "Ref-Rain" will be uploaded a month later, and vice versa. I haven't posted the screenshots for this reason like I sometimes do on Twitter, but I assure you that for the moment, both of the repro builds have been done.
    Then, question, V3 or V4?
    The second cover will be done with V4 Yukari, the first one may be with V3 still though.

    3) The blog design
    On Monday I closed the blog for about 1h to change the general design, and there are two significant changes.
    - The first one is the homepage, which will be less heavier with smaller images and now linking to the news, discography and lite song list pages.
    - The second one is the organization for covers and remixes. Since all these works are now being aired on Tmbox only, I created blog posts in the corresponding categories with links to the Tmbox uploads and a bit more details (identification numbers, original artists, licenses (covers only), vocals used for the work...).

    4) Albums progresses
    OK that's the big part.
    The track "Sleeping Paradise" will be aired on this week. The last one for June's album will be "Count and Draw" with Sayu. This will end the demo progress for "Rebirth from Paradise".
    July album first tracks will be produced on next week, at least two of them will be aired. Which ones, I don't know yet. The album is still confirmed for July 15th.
    The August album... I only have a date, that is very late, and because I don't have the choice. I air the albums on Saturdays, this is a strategic airing since I know I can be here without any problem on midnight the Saturdays to air the albums correctly. Three of the four Saturdays of August are dead for me. The only one remaining is the August 26th. Two of the dates are dead because offline at the midnight time, and the third one is... Too tight. Not very good conditions. On August 26th there will be no problem.
    The tracklist isn't ready yet, but I expect at least one song with Totoko, one with Meiji and three with Stella. And maybe one VOCALOID group of 6 vocals (which ones?) song. That's it. Can't say the track names, I'll work on them probably during June, and in any case, there will be a blog post to announce it, no worries.


    So as usual when the voicebanks will be received and unlocked, blog post with photo!

    In a nutshell...

    Between June 1st and June 4th: "Sleeping Paradise" (ft. Hinomoto Oniko) [blog]
    June 7th: "Count and Draw" (ft. Yurika Sayu) [blog]
    June 9th and July 6th: covers of "Re;BIRTH" and "Ref-Rain" with Yuzuki Yukari [Tmbox exclusive]
    June 17th: album "Rebirth from Paradise" [blog]
    July 15th: album "Never Tell Them" [blog]
    August 5th to August 12th: offline period - no public airing (but working on the comp still!) and won't be able to reply to mails/messages
    August 26th: August album (don't have the name yet, too early to know) [blog]

    Well, enjoy! I'll keep you informed for the voicebanks.



    EDIT June 2nd:

    The voicebanks just went out from Japan, I should receive them next week. If the seller is fast enough.

    Important change for July album after some math, because with the current pace I would be a bit too much in advance, there will be 15 tracks instead of just 13. Adding "Against Me" as track 11 with Lily. Adding "Coven" which is the "group of 6 VOCALOIDs" song. The final tracklist for the album "Never Tell Them":

    01. Can't Trust (feat. GUMI)
    02. Pretending (feat. Sukone Tei)
    03. LISANA (feat. Tohoku Itako)
    04. Never Tell Them (feat. Tohoku Itako)
    05. Deadly Candle (feat. Tohoku Itako)
    06. ROSAPINA (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    07. Fragment (feat. kokone)
    08. Hypocrite (feat. Yurika Sayu)
    09. NITRINIUM (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    10. Murdering Passions (feat. Lily)
    11. Against Me (feat. Lily)
    12. Encounter (feat. Tohoku Zunko)
    13. Red Raspberry (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    14. Better than Nothing (feat. Tohoku Zunko, Yuzuki Yukari)
    15. Coven (feat. Lily, IA, Yuzuki Yukari, MAYU, kokone, Tohoku Zunko)