• Song ratings and updates of the blog

    Hello Nynthixia there.

    OK I need to give you some explanations on this update...

    This is because the ratings for songs have changed for May 1st. I know that currently in France it's not May 1st yet but I rathered do it now.

    Here is a copy of the new table (sorry, only English and French).

    I won't go further than the rating M14.

    It changed some ratings for 4 songs.

    "Hecate", "Nightmare Eater" : I rated again the songs, because their correspondance has disappeared. They are now not recommended for people under 10.

    "Mad House" : not recommended for people under 12 (14 before). The lyrics are a few too censored to be really yangire. But the full story is still not recommended for people under 14.

    "COMPOISON" : not recommended for people under 12. Same here, lyrics too much censored and more confusing than really violent.

    Reminder : these ratings are indicative, but if they are here, it's also because the songs I make aren't for everyone. Sorry.


    The updates. If you noticed it, since the moment I aired the blog post for "Echoes of Pain" (this song was really a pain to work, haha), the form has a few changed and there are more details about the ratings and the platform where it's impossible to upload this song (or if it's not recommended). Now all the blog posts of songs (originals + covers + remixes) have this little part.

    I also changed the colors of some of characters texts, for the following ones :
    - Ritsu
    - Nyui
    - Meiji
    - Hachi
    - Midori
    - Stella
    - Sana
    - Yukari

    Mainly for lisibility reasons... Now I hope this is a few better! (^_^)

    For the next songs, the only one that is currently confirmed is a yandere song, maybe with Lily (again), of about 5 minutes. The instru is almost done, I just have to do the .vsqx. After... I don't know.

    Also, other little new, for everyone this time! The translations of the song titles are finally here! And if you see that the right column is only in French, this is totally normal. It's because it concerns mainly French translation.


    OK, now... The albums.

    "Bad Gate" : because of the change of tables, I have to modify the booklet because of the code. But it's almost done.
    "LUNACIA" : all demos and bonus tracks are finished. However I won't begin to work on them until mid-May I think. I have more time for this one because there won't be any transcendent album for this one (thanks to the bonus tracks!).