• Pestilence of the Ancients

    『Pestilence of the Ancients』

    Music, lyrics : NynthixiaP
    Rearrangement : iZotope Nectar Elements, ExpressFX, iZotope Ozone 8 Elements, iZotope Neutron Elements
    Tracks mixing : Vegas Pro 16
    Synthesizer : FL Studio 20
    LIC (instru) : 12FR-190317-01011
    LIN (full) : 「599 354 091」
    IMIC (full) : 12FR-NYN8937-190317-001161
    Instrumental + sung version
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    Album : Opera of Despair - TRACK 12/12

    Rating : Mature (second class) - M14
    Not recommended for people under... : 14
    Reason : death references
    Restricted on : (none)

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    Japanese lyrics





    Original English text

    Gods beyond the sacred gardens, tell me my fate
    A shining light that was coming from above, after instants of misery
    The glory didn't come alone, kings of hell were behind
    And now I have sacrificed everything for devotion

    The divine anger is howling and the world is collapsing
    Disease is spreading among us, will we escape

    Gods beyond the sacred gardens, tell me my fate
    What will happen after this horrible body rots
    Horrible things that people have done, clemence really isn't possible
    Please save my devoted spirit from the plague

    Gods have strewn tears of the defeat before leaving
    But one has listened to my prayers
    This is what the prophecy has decided for the unfaithful
    Let them perish in the disease

    And French adaptation!

    Dieux au-delà des jardins, dites-moi mon destin
    Une brillante lumière venait des cieux, après les instants de misère
    La gloire n'est pas venue seule, les rois de l'enfer étaient derrière
    Et maintenant j'ai tout sacrifié pour une dévotion sans fin

    La colère divine continue de souffler et le monde de s'effondrer
    La peste s'étend parmi nous, pourrons-nous y échapper

    Dieux au-delà des jardins, dites-moi mon destin
    Que se passera-t-il après que mon corps horrible ait pourri
    Les choses horribles que le peuple a faites, le calme est-il vain
    Sauvez mon esprit dévoué de la maladie

    Les dieux ont parsemé les larmes de la défaite avant de partir
    Mais mes prières ont été entendues par une entité
    C'est ce que pour les infidèles la prophétie a décidé
    Laissez-les dans la pestilence mourir


    So, ever heard about Adiris, the new killer in Dead by Daylight?
    She was a priestress in the ancient Babylonia, left in a template when she was very young. She then helped to ceremonials, taking care of the gardens, and kept praying for gods for a sign for her fate. She then arrived at the highest ranks of her religion, respected and admired by the whole people... Until the plague ravages the city and the priests. Adiris gets out of it alive... At least, for a moment. She then contracts it, and ashamed, hides her smell with an incense burner and covers her face by a mask. She decides to flee the city with some of her followers very far to the North, but the plague finally kills her at this moment. Before dying, Adiris prays her gods one last time so they could save her... And it's the Entity who answered her, turning her into one of its killers.
    Music: I mixed dubstep and world music, tried to do in an oriental ambience. Ethereal voices behind, almost divine. Voices atmo by Ethereal Earth, sitar by Sakura, bass by Loom Classic, dub leads by Harmor. The scratched bass are samples.
    Ritsu does it quite well! Plus lyrics have a lot of references...

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