• News about the blog and following days

    Hello, Nynthixia there

    First I'll talk about something that the platform imposed to all non-premium blogs (this one included), to set ads on them.

    I inform you that I won't win any money from them.

    There are 2 main reasons why I won't get any money from them :
    1) the license of the musics. With the non commercial CS licenses, the authors can't win money from their works. They also must use it for non-commercial purposes. Also many of my songs, that can be for UTAU/VOCALOID uses, or even covers, require a non-commercial use. The blog however isn't under a such license (officially it doesn't really have any). If ads create some money it will be only for the platform teams.
    2) for technical reasons. That's also the reason why I use non-commercial licenses. Because I don't have ways for getting money from it.

    Will I change the platform? Probably not. But I don't think I'll be able, at least for the moment, to pay for a membership to get rid of the ads. I just wanted to warn you all. After, helping them or not, it's up to you. But it won't affect me in any way.


    Then, back to "producer things".

    (There will be many things to say...)

    1) The covers. Indeed I didn't make any post on the blog for the covers of "Marie-Luise" and "Under of Fragments", this is normal. It will come few days later.
    2) Still in covers. Maybe a cover of "Beats of Silence" by Sayu or Yukari, it will depend. Not before June 2016 however.
    3) The album "Memories". It's finished, I'll just have to make all the package. However because the album was finished before April (March 28th if you wanted to know), the license version will still be a 15.5.
    4) "Virtual Puppets" is confirmed for May 19th 2016. I just finished the instru, then I'll have to mixdown. For info, I took the exact tracks from the Soundation version (made on 2015) then re-created them into FL (2016 ver), added some effects and modified the end, so you'll have a few enhanced version... And much less synthetic than the other one, let's be honest about it.
    5) A part of the projected updates that I announced more than one month ago is done. About 75% of it. I'll just have to set the tables for song ratings (in English and Japanese, for French one, there's a version on my personal blog).

    6) The album CD7...

    I'll just have to write lyrics and instru for "Bad Gate" and "For.Give", all the rest of demos is done, I'll maybe change some remasterings on some of them. I use a few different mastering since the song "ACELIA" and when I compare some tracks before and after the second mastering treatment, I've got the impression that... The volume is too low for some of them.
    The tracklist is confirmed.

    7) The CD7.5 now.

    For June 18th. I chose a day after my last exams (on June 13th) to air it. It will feature songs of Nyui (including "Face to Face"), Lily (including "Diana"), Meiji ("Poisoned Brambles") and the trio song "Third Division". Maybe some songs with Yukari and kokone too. I didn't choose a name yet for it, it's too early. Not even a tracklist, but remember these names.
    The VB Nyui lemon will have some songs in this album. "Face to Face" could be the only exception (the Lily's ver is exclusive to Tmbox).

    (Ah yes I must talk about it too >< )

    8) Between Soundcloud and Tmbox!

    I already took about the half of my time on Soundcloud. Already. Before it was limited to demos, covers and excellent quality yandere songs, now this is reserved to :
    - excellent quality and yandere covers
    - excellent quality and yandere original songs

    Tmbox doesn't have a known time limit for songs, so it will include :
    - all good or excellent quality songs (yandere or not, really everything)
    - covers
    - remixes, from my own songs or from songs composed by other producers (you already saw that 2 remixes of "End Sentence" were posted).
    - alternative versions of songs ("Virtual Puppets" will posted on it (2016 ver of course))

    The Tmbox account is linked in the left column, "Links", "Channels".


    In a nutshell, for following days :

    • April 16th 2016 : airing of CD6.5 "Memories" on the blog, Facebook and Twitter (14 tracks including an exclusive bonus!)
    • April 18th 2016 : beginning of the A pace (one song per day)
    • April 19th 2016 : "Virtual Puppets -1st Anniversary Edit-" featuring... 2 singers! (I won't reveal the names for the moment) Exclusive to Tmbox/Twitter.
    • April 23rd 2016 : back to the B pace (2 or 3 songs per week, I'll maybe be slowed down a few)
    • May 21st 2016 : airing of CD7 "Bad Gate" on the blog, Facebook and Twitter
    • June 2016 (non determined date) : cover of "Beats of Silence" with Yukari or Sayu, depending of technical possibilities, on the blog and Tmbox [!! will use alternative licensing !!]
    • June 18th 2016 : airing of CD7.5 (unknown name) on the blog, Facebook and Twitter
    • July 30th 2016 to August 6th 2016 : no production AT ALL and no possible contact (away for holidays! ; I'll answer when I'll come back)

    This is all that is confirmed for the moment. For other songs upcoming for following days... No date has been determined yet. Well, that's already very much.

    Big thanks words to 2 people this month :
    - to Aoka who reposted the "Face to Face" version with Nyui on Soundcloud, more than 70 plays under 4 days, that's really impressive for me. Thanks to you!
    - to sele, without who the covers of "Marie-Luise" and "Under of Fragments" would never been aired! So, you can all thank her/him!

    And of course thanks to you all!