• Let's talk a bit #3

    Hello, Nynthixia there

    I'm really sorry for the irregularities... ><


    Welp. How to start.

    The week quite... Awfully began. When I learnt about the death of the producer wowaka. I already listened to some of his songs, not all of them, but when I learnt about his death... I literally cried. I saw the news when waking up on Monday morning and I cried in front of the computer screen. I didn't say anything... At least not on my producer account. But I knew about it.


    Also apparently some people have told me they were worried about not seeing me a lot. It's true, my presence became quite irregular depending of the networks. The problem is that I got pretty busy, and when I come back home, it's very often for sleeping because horribly tired (my health is still a bit weak). So when I compose songs, I'm often either on Friday evening because I force myself a bit, or on the weekend. To be honest, "Wake Up My World" was done on Saturday, and was finished near midnight today. Saturday morning I had composed its instru, the afternoon the lyrics came by little bits, and the time to mixdown, midnight already had passed. For "Sirena", music done in the late morning, lyrics written in the afternoon and the song was done in the evening. And I decided to publish the songs at the same time.


    I didn't even do the April Fools. First because if I was going to say I would cover "ELLIE" or "Elsa-Maria" you would all know this is an April Fools since you know how much I'm uneased with the topic in the songs. Even when I had done "Solena" I censored a lot. And when I learnt about the story in English that I used for doing "Hester", I was like "hopefully I didn't get this part because I would have scrapped it anyways".

    The CHARON games.
    I played "Yumemi Melancholy", so the game already has a derivative song ("Eugenia"). For "Kubitori Sarasa", it has no song for now because... I'm not sure to have understood the story actually. I think I miss too many things to get it. So I'll maybe wait for a translation. "Immoral Sirene", I bought it and played it. I didn't buy the other R18 game from CHARON because nothing really interesting for me, while "Immoral Sirene" was a "psycho horror R18 game". So when I saw "psycho horror", told myself "will buy it and see if I can censor enough to make a song".
    Because believe me if it wasn't psycho horror, I wouldn't have bought it.
    So I... Succeeded with what I have understood. So yeah there might be differences with the original game's story, after, all the adult content was censored, I even found out some of it was completely "what the hell". I know generally porn is full of totally exaggerated things and this is not reality... But still...
    Quite glad for the censorship work for "Sirena" and "Chandra" though. This was easier than I thought. It was even easier than the censorship I tried to do for "LILACIA" or "Vantrisia"... Coming from a game that would be rated explicit but not pornographic. It's at this point...


    VOCALOID side... Didn't take Hime and Mikoto. I just like the voices but that was it. Plus I wasn't sure about the stability of V5 yet. I'm still waiting either for an upgrade of one the vocals I already have, either a new vocal that really hits me (like Akari did).
    Buying Synth V is not in my plans either. Unless one of the vocals I have moves to it.


    The new synth. It's free for me, since the edition I have integrates it, but it's called FLEX. FLEX is included in Fruity Edition at least of FL Studio, and when I tried it in the beta... I was pretty happy about it. Expect it to come pretty soon. When I installed the beta and made a new scan to detect FLEX, I noticed it appeared in my real current FLS installation. So I'll be able to use it from there.
    However that means the musics which will be using FLEX, since it has no VST version right now, will be labelled as not being able to have a compatibility patch, and you'll at least need FLS 20.1.2 to open projects containing it. The ones with just Fruity Delay 3 or Transistor Bass will still be considered as "limited compatibility patch", meaning you'll need FLS 12.5.1 minimum to open such a project.



    Well that was it for now. I can go to sleep...
    Again sorry for the worrying ><