• I finally remixed "ELLIE"! ... After many years of waiting...

    Big news everyone!


    After a friend covered ELLIE with his own UTAUloid, I decided that I would remix "ELLIE"... After all, why not. There's way more terrible songs than this, after all, right? OK so I turned my FL Studio on aaaaaaand...


    First I wanted to upload this on MQube, but on April 1st, MQube decided "no, I'll play you a joke, I'll decide to be out for the day". Meanie... So since I wanted to keep some Soundcloud space, I decided to upload it here instead. Way more space on the blog, hooray! Let's just hope it won't give up today...

    ELLIE -Fishy remix- - Available right now!

    For the ones who want to know:
    - it's using FL Studio 20.6.2 b1549
    - it's using FLEX for the lead pluck, so no compatibility patch
    - the pads and the special bells are using Toxic Biohazard
    - the beat pad is done with a Massive preset
    - the rhodes piano is done with a FL Keys preset
    - the true bells are with M1
    - I lost the lyrics, sorry
    - and... I did this pretty quickly


    Also yesterday evening I had to discover that what I thought was a joke while playing Azur Lane was real, but very funny! I didn't believe into this Bullin skin, but honestly, when I saw it was real... Yeah... And actually it wasn't the real April Fools. Way well done this dating sim game Yostar, really well done... Hahaha... It's like putting a ribbon around the breasts of a girl, or her foot, instead of giving a ring? Seriously (laughs)


    Or the Chambord castle saying they took a photo of a real unicorn! Wow, nice! But... Does that mean the one who took the picture it's a young teenage girl? You're suspicious right now~


    Imagine someone who would go outside disguised in coronavirus, gets arrested by the police... Very funny guys...
    No this one actually never happened, but I imagine very well a little prankster ready to do this sort of joke.
    Actually in Spain, some already went out from their quarantine disguised in dogs or dinosaurs...


    Hey, you're not feeling like I'm saying too much things that have nothing to do with the remix? Woopsie...


    Anyway, enjoy your foolish remix...

    Of course I twisted the lyrics of the original... We are April 1 guys, and I told you that if ever I said I was going to cover or remix "ELLIE" and "Elsa-Maria", especially on April 1, this would be a joke... But I'm so proud of this one because it's the April Fools that actually went the farest (laughs)
    Again, sorry sele~ But the producer of despair striked again, huhuhu~