• Holidays projects and news about albums

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    As you know it, on Monday, my working pace will be "one song per day". For two weeks. I wanted to make some little things clear before that day.

    For the CD6, I confirm that there will be a transcendent version of the album. On holidays I'll work on album versions and the booklet. There's also a mistake of lyrics placing for "Mad House". It will be probably corrected for the album in the song, sorry. I'm so tired... >.<

    CD6.5 doesn't have a name yet, but it will include at least :
    - "Bind"
    - "World of Corruption"
    - "Punishment of Amnesia"
    - "Scythe of the Lilium" (will be aired on this weekend or, if earlier, on tomorrow evening (GMT+1))
    - "CHARA" (maybe the "Genocidal Edit" as normal track then another edit as bonus?)

    The edit of "Elvina" won't be part of any album. It's a little Soundcloud bonus.

    For holidays you'll have the songs of the CD6.5 and maybe a few for a possible CD7 (many advance in my work). I also try a remake of "Virtual Puppets" with Yukari and kokone, but for the instrumental from Soundation to FL, it's more complicated than expected... Mainly because of instruments. I'll try to find a way to make it. However, there won't be any Soundcloud post for it ("Virtual Puppets" is only a morale song).

    Another point for the reuse on some platforms. That was a few unclear in the last post so I made a little board for all songs that you can't use on some platforms (mainly due to license/terms problems) :

    Song/Group of songs Platforms where forbidden use Same for covers/remixes? Reason
    End Sentence ; End Sentence -Dreamy mix- YouTube Covers : yes
    Remixes : not recommended
    Music safety
    (all yandere songs)* piapro Yes (except for if yandere verses removed or if instrumental remix, only the lyrical content is concerned) piapro terms of use
    Covers or remixes of songs with Sukone Tei piapro N.A. Sukone Tei's license terms
    1986th Destruction ; Fatal Mistrust ; CHARA ; 1st βlood ; ESKARINA ; Numeric Killer ; Scythe of the Lilium
    piapro Yes (except for instrumental remixes) Too violent/shocking songs

    * These songs can be recognized by having a yandere content warning on their blog posts, just between the player and the lyrics.

    For all other platforms (Niconico, Bilibili, Dailymotion etc) it's OK as long you follow the license terms. But for these songs, don't post them on the concerned platforms. After, I won't be responsible for any damage caused by a such use.
    Normally "Bullet" would be with "End Sentence", but the first one was definitively considered as "safe". For "End Sentence", I'm not sure at all. In any doubt, don't use YouTube for this song and its remixes/covers. Try another platform instead.

    I know these are restrictions but for most of them, it's not my fault. It's just that there are some incompatibilities between terms of use. After, remember that you have another platforms instead. That should not refrain you to use my songs (if you have my permission or if you're already an UTAU/Vocaloid user (no permission needed in this case)).

    I'm so sorry about this.


    So I'll aware you on social networks (well, mainly Twitter, Facebook being for very important info and about albums only) about on what I'll work on for the two following weeks. And for this intensive training.
    Yes, because it's an intensive training. I began producing less than one year ago. I don't have as much experience as you can think...

    OK I think that's all. Enjoy!