• fichier-zip and MQube uploads lost

    Hello, Nynthixia here

    I have a very important announcement concerning two platforms: fichier-zip and MQube.

    I'll first start by the easiest to deal with.

    MQube - dead website/not responding since end of March

    It's been more than a month that users are complaining on Twitter that MQube is dead and use other alternatives for this. MQube served to upload songs with quality > 0.8 and yandere songs for which the quality indice was between 0.8 and 0.9. It was also used to upload the covers and the remixes.

    - the originals will just be uploaded to the blog and the file host. That will be it.
    - remixes and covers will be uploaded later to the drive into a folder ; they are not prioritary




    Lastly, fichier-zip was totally redone but all files that were uploaded there before were wiped out, so all albums and songs uploaded there are now unavailable. This is how this will happen for these files:


    Albums are prioritary to the reupload. They'll use the secondary account for hosting and be reuploaded one by one. This includes the transcendent albums and the special albums (EP for "End Sentence", "Imitation" album).


    Songs will be uploaded to another Google Drive and will be divided by season.

    - S01 will only have the instrumental zip. All the sung versions are in their respective albums. The only current exception is "Bullet" which has a long ver and a short ver (the album one) ; its zip will be reuploaded on the secondary account.

    - S02, 03 and 04 will be reuploaded into between 2 and 3 zip files per season, containing all the zips of all the songs from the respective season, different zips containing different singers ; it will be uploaded to the tertiary Google Drive account


    I'll try my best to make these files available as soon as possible. As for now, I'll leave you a Google Doc that I'll often update with all the links to get. This Google Drive will then be linked to the blog in the external ressources. The links will progressively be replaced on the blog articles with fichier-zip links when having their corresponding NynthiDB entry and the Flash players being replaced by the buttons. So it will be best to go to this external ressource instead.




    Stay at home and enjoy