• CD28.5 "Dread Dream"



    Hello, Nynthixia here

    Here is the album. So last time, it was released in January, and this time at the end of March. In 3 days you'll get the first song with Nyui. Then it will start chaining more and more.

    So, the current conditions here... Stuck at home for until April 15th officially, but I'm pretty sure I'll stay at home without even getting out before at least May or June... I curse this virus. I curse it so much...

    OK, changelog for the album, it's only 3 tracks being concerned this time:

    Hellebore (feat. Xin Hua)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added impact at start of first verse
    [MIXDOWN] Enhanced mastering of loop pad

    Imaginary Friend (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added piano intro pattern
    [INSTRUMENT] Piano bass plays during second intro part

    Polymnia (feat. IA)
    [INSTRUMENT] VFX now plays during all choruses

    The info about the new tracks:

    Triad at the Sunset - Lily V3 - electroworld, chill

    Near a Chinese island, a woman instaures her triad empire and tries to earn respect, despite all the betrayals she encounters, but she never stops for helping the ones she loves... Her new family. After being the witness of the whole massacre of her biological family, she gets into a triad family, and once she earnt enough respect, decides to start her own family.

    Vixen's Sacrifice - Xin Hua Power - misc electro

    A sad and twisted music. This song is part of the Azur Lane series and is about Amagi. Amagi was Akagi's sister, at the time they were still battlecruisers and Kaga a battleship. When the treaty of Washington was instaured, Kaga was first destined to disappear, but finally, it's Amagi with her disease who will fade away... It's very sad, and still from a woman who knows how to be very calm and caring about her sisters.

    CATHARXIA - Xin Hua Power - soft dance

    Fight the passions... By the passions. It's the purpose of this heroine.
    It's been inspired by the definition of "catharsis".

    I Was Forced to Do It - IA ROCKS - electroclassical, symphonic electro

    Part of the Azur Lane series, and about Dunkerque. About how she had to sink facing the Royal Navy girls. It's a music that is extremely close to the one I made for Gascogne ("War Machine"), maybe a bit more symphonic and concert-like.

    Hold my Life - Hoshine Stella - misc electro

    A naive girl in couple with someone else, and her rival hides so well his intentions that when he murders the heroine, it's already too late and we can only constate the damage done.

    S-Laughter - Yuzuki Yukari Lin - cold and dark techno

    Maybe the song with the most violent lyrics. It's clearly a psychopath training someone she has been mentally abusing, and who still regrets what they have done... While the other doesn't even care anymore about the consequences of her acting. It's a sort of icy bite. Notice the word play, laughter, slaughter...

    Mere Doll - Hoshine Stella - future bass

    An actually alive doll left for years in a dusty cave, decides to come back and revenge. The one who left her below will regret...

    OLEANDRIUM - Xin Hua Power - trance/dance

    More of an ailing girl, unable to hurt anyone and who rather hurt or kill herself instead of seeing the others suffer, including her loved obsession...


    It was funny as well to use some unusual voicebank arrangements, like the 3 Yukari voicebanks for "Ourania" at the same time, it gives some kind of godly effect... And the Yukari in "S-Laughter" was difficult to mix since there is a very low layer, that we could barely hear if I only left it. It still leaves a sort of manipulative Yukari in the end, especially in the choruses.

    Also a challenge for the 4 first tracks, since I had to use at least one Massive loop preset and set everything at 125BPM with different music styles... So kokone has a sort of chill future pop, Lily a hard techno one, Xin Hua a club techno one and Stella a pop one.

    On the other side, S-Laughter almost did the same challenge, but with Absynth and I did the song faster. The challenge was more for the vocals I'd say.


    For the current works, still working on CD29, and honestly, the song I made the other day... Yeah, it smells well we got quarantined since few days ago in France. It's very well it... Apparently it affects me at this point...


    Also I learnt Stella went alive again at the end of last month... I'm so glad! Sadly, still not Meiji's case... So I have just one "dead" singer?


    Well, enjoy well the album, see you in few days for Nyui's songs and, mostly...