• CD15.5 "Truth Garden" - 30th album!

    CD15.5 "Truth Garden"


    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    30th album already... It's been 2 years and a half and here we are. Welcome to the garden of the truth, where the reality can be happy, weird... Or even hurtful.

    Changelog time, a bit different from the others this time. If a song isn't listed here -> same as demo.

    01. Alina (feat. CUL)

    This is an unreleased song!

    A quite heavenly song with some light ambience. Has some evolution parts.

    02. Never Ending (feat. CUL)

    [EXTENSION] Added bridge between last verse and last chorus

    I agree, the bridge in the demo was weird!

    04. Penelope (feat. Lily)

    This is an unreleased song!

    This one is the longest of all the album, more focused on a heartbreaking and dramatic ambience, making a good contrast with the previous track "Night Garden".

    05. Simple Fantasy (feat. Tohoku Zunko)

    [EXTENSION] Extended end

    This track has still its little oddity thing, but I still like it.

    06. Never Forget You (feat. Tohoku Zunko)

    [INSTRUMENT] Added atmo choirs

    Does it sound even more heavenly and sad?

    07. Hidden (feat. GUMI)

    [INSTRUMENT] Added kicks in first part of first verse

    "Hidden" was complicated to create since its demo status. So well that I tried to look at everything I could do to make it good. There was just this missing.

    08. CLIONE (feat. GUMI)

    [INSTRUMENT] Added rolls
    [EXTENSION] Added bridge before last chorus

    The demo was quite too short so I extended it a bit and enhanced the dynamics.

    09. Truth Left (feat. Tohoku Zunko)

    [CAPELLA] Added harmonies for some parts

    What was missing to the original! When I was listening to this song sometimes, I felt that some harmonies were missing, and I added them at some strategic parts. I let you enjoy it!

    12. Hex Spell (feat. Lily)

    [CAPELLA] Added global harmonies
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed octave of last part of supersaw bridge
    [INSTRUMENT] Added roll before last chorus

    "Hex Spell" was made a bit before many other songs of this album and didn't have any harmonies. For all the tracks, these capellas were the hardest to do! Also gave a bit more dynamics at the end of the first bridge, this really needed it.

    13. Megara (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)

    This is an unreleased song!

    Punchy pop-like, and with a story that has nothing to do with the girl from the Disney movie. This is actually a sort of "parallel song" to "NANZIA" that was in the "Necrosis" album (CD15). If I had to choose some favorites in this album, would be tracks 8, 9 and 13!

    14. HELENIA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)

    [EXTENSION] Extended end
    [INSTRUMENT] Added VFX and SFX
    [INSTRUMENT] Added kicks at the end of the last bridge
    [INSTRUMENT] Modified alarm roll in intro
    [MIXDOWN] General mixing

    This was a hell to mix again! A bit longer and more dynamic than the demo though. This was one of the tracks that required me the most time of work...


    For the instrus of the 3 inedite songs, it's here on fichier-zip.


    So, now the album is online, I have several announcements to make.

    First, the October cover!

    October 14th, "DIETRICH" with Lily. Yeah, I still have this plan in my mind, and it will be aired on MQube very soon! The instru was made by felichan for this one.

    Then, the next tracklist!

    This is the tracklist of CD16.5 (32th) for November 25th. The album will be called "Babylon". Two tracks will be scheduled: the seventh one for October 12th, the fourth one for October 27th. Tracklist showing up!

    01. BELICIA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    02. Mad Dolls Theater (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    03. Blindness (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    04. Bird in Cage (feat. Tohoku Zunko)
    05. Lyra (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    06. On Both Edges (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    07. Sparks (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    08. Christine (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    09. Denial (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    10. Gabriella (feat. Shirahane Totoko)
    11. Maya (feat. kokone)
    12. Babylon (feat. Lily)

    As for Itako no worries, she will be in the CD17, and she will also have a scheduled track (for November 14th).

    As for the full stories, it will continue on tomorrow (September 24th) with "Maeva" and "Confession"/"ALCESTIA".


    That's all for the moment, please enjoy the album! (^_^)