• CD13 - Night Angels

    CD13 - Night Angels


    Hello (again), Nynthixia there!

    Changelog of the album. "Eve" was finally not changed, as for "Laura" and "Night Angels" (the songs), they are stuck as demo versions identical to album versions due to a technical incident. I haven't received any other news except for the ones I gave a week ago.

    Here is the changelog for some other songs, many many were modified.

    Stitches (tracks 01 and 16)

    - The end was extended and does not end exactly the same (both versions)

    Re;Boot (tracks 03 and 17)

    - The intro has changed a few (pad -> gated pad -> chords) (was pad -> chords -> gated pad in the demo) (both)
    - There is now a roll+SFX twice at the beginning and one at the middle of second verse (both)
    - A gated choir was added in the bridge (both)
    - A VFX has been added before the first bridge and at the end (both)
    - Several beats were added in the verses (both)
    - Capella has been remastered (Lily's ver only)

    Many changes were made to give more dynamics to the song.

    Spinning World (track 04)

    - The scratch effect is now present at the end of the first verse as well
    - An instrumental bridge was added between first chorus and second verse

    Black Days (track 07)

    - The end was extended and a SFX was added during the end

    Rachel (tracks 08 and 18)

    - The end was extended (both)

    CAMILLIA (track 10)

    - The vocal effect now plays before each chorus

    Nine Lives (track 13)

    - The intro was extended
    - The second verse has extra beats

    Collapse (track 14)

    - SFX has been added at the beginning
    - Gated pad volume is remastered
    - There is a roll+SFX before the chorus

    "Collapse" lacked some dynamics at the beginning and under specific conditions, the gated pad wasn't heard very well while it was an important part of the dynamics.

    ANGELICIA (track 15)

    - Extended end
    - The sweeps at the beginning of the last chorus were removed
    - There is a SFX at the beginning of each chorus
    - Kicks were added at the beginning and during the second verse (+ extra beats for second verse)

    Note: there is maybe a need to use an equalizer while playing.

    Nothing else to add... All the other news, including lots of air dates are in a previous post that was written few hours before "LACRIMIA" airing. -> Just there!