• Some air dates

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Except for "LACRIMIA" that will come a bit later this afternoon, "Bitterness" on tomorrow (a few after the album "Night Angels", and I'm sure you'll love it) and "Away from Me" on Sunday, some other air dates that I forgot in the last news.

    Beginning with original songs. MAYU's birthday is on May 6th, the Saturday of next week. And there are 2 songs scheduled, maybe sister songs, it is not impossible that I air both songs ("Elvira" and "Ines") on May 6th, and instead, nothing before, like this, I don't have too much work because of the exams.
    (Because, yup, I'm still in this student's time)

    On May 10th, the second song with Meiji, "Your Fault", should be aired. This in order to coincide with Saccu's birthday (Meiji's voice actor). I had few problems of organization for Nyui's one, very sorry, I first scheduled it then things didn't happen as expected... ><

    The song "Do Not Leave" (with GUMI) will be aired in the same week of the May 10th (another day than the 10th of course, and not on May 13th either, I'll explain that later in the post).

    This means that I'll have to make a new tracklist soon, that I haven't done yet (it should not last like this though) and the sure thing will be that Momo will be part of this tracklist and she'll have a song aired on May 22nd. Two days after the "Running and Ailing" album air date.

    The covers now!

    The next cover will be on May 13th. and when I posted the last news, I still didn't know what I would cover and with who. So it will be a cover of "Kill me, Queen" with Lily. And I'll add again the special effects that were forgotten in the piapro instru (yes the license permits it). Final license of the cover: Share-Alike for everyone.

    And the one after this... On June 9th.

    If you followed the activities last year, you would know why I chose this day. And here, I still hesitate. Between "Ref-Rain" and "Re;BIRTH" (covers), the vocals are confirmed though, it will be with Yukari. Final license: same as usual. I won't have to use the alternative system.


    In a nutshell, if you have to write some dates down:

    April 28th: "LACRIMIA" (feat. Lily)
    April 29th: Album "Night Angels" + "Bitterness" (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    April 30th: "Away from Me" (feat. Anna Nyui -vivid-)
    May 6th: "Elvira" and "Ines" (feat. MAYU)
    May 10th: "Your Fault" (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-)
    May 13th: Cover "Kill me, Queen" (feat. Lily) -> Tmbox exclusive
    Between May 8th and May 14th (not on 10th or 13th): "Do Not Leave" (feat. GUMI)
    May 20th: Album "Running and Ailing" [Beware: Explicit rating!]
    May 22nd: a song with Momone Momo (you'll get the name as soon the tracklist will be done, maybe next week)
    June 9th: Cover of "Re;BIRTH" or "Ref-Rain" (feat. Yuzuki Yukari) -> Tmbox exclusive

    Here are all the dates I have! Enjoy!