• Blog update - changelog

    Hello, Nynthixia there.

    Just there to announce the changes on the blog.

    - The design has been updated, same for the description of the songs in the header.
    - There are now 2 external catalogs for the songs.
    - Rearranged the places of information links.
    - Covers and remixes are now separate from original works.
    - The current work pace is now correctly displayed in the right menu.
    - The "last article" module was replaced by 2 modules : one for the songs (left menu) and one for the news (right menu). The songs are as well for original songs as for remixes/covers.
    - "Informations" page renamed into "Explanations of producing". The download table is also on this page. Please check it out to see what you need to ask or what you can directly download!


    Other infos :

    1) For August 8th, there will be a remix of the song "TIELLI" (original : sele) with Meiji -Lilith- as the singer. I wanted to make something for Meiji, but not an original this time, and I also have my little idea about how I will do this remix.

    2) I published the final tracklist of the second September album on the "Discography" page. I'm currently working on "Blood Huntress". I'll probably (why am I saying this, it's "surely") not finish the demos during this week, so you'll have some songs for this album produced during August 7th/August 13rd week.

    3) The album "Perish Songs" is almost finished, I just have to do the booklet and to package it.

    4) When I wrote the IMIC references catalog on yesterday, I noticed that there were several errors on the LIC codes for all songs since "Poisoned Brambles". The codes have been corrected in the catalogs, on the blog and on Tmbox/Soundcloud. The links of the certificates for the albums "Bad Gate", "LUNACIA" and "Wasted Smiles" are dead. If you still want to get them, the new links are available on the "Discography" page, just after the status line. The codes have been corrected. For "Wish from the Evil", you'll get the correct codes directly (I didn't upload the .zip file yet).

    5) On August 15th, the LIN code won't be written anymore on the blog posts, the IMIC code will be written instead. So what is this code, this is a better replacement of LIN codes, but this time, artist specific!
    My codes are like this : "12FR-NYN8937-[[song air date]]-[[number of the song]]".
    Only covers aren't concerned.
    (Note : LIN codes will still be available on their concerned catalog. But I won't really use them anymore.)


    And this is all.


    PS : Remember, the Friday airings! Keep Tmbox and Soundcloud open on these days, you won't be disappointed!