• Last week before the pause

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Well, as the title says, last week before the one week pause.

    From July 30th (included) to August 6th (partially included) I won't publish anything and I won't be able to answer any message, whatever the platform.

    But I was thinking, I don't want to leave you in an empty period without having something to listen to and I have a little bunch of things to air sooooo...

    On July 29th (Friday) I'll publish several songs, they're not completely inedite but...


    1) Control (feat. Lily)

    Extended version of the song (album ver) but for Lily (1 pitch down compared to Yukari's ver). The song has a good quality enough to go on this platform.
    Sung version and instru will be available on fichier-zip.


    1) UN Owen Was Her? -Nynthixia Hard Remix- (instrumental)

    I contacted East NewSound but... I didn't get any answer and I think they lost the mail, so I can't publish the sung version online. However, I don't want to penalize you so if you still want it, I'll only give it on mail, all I'll ask is to not reupload it, even if it's said that you can use it without permission if you're a VOCALOID/UTAU user... I won't take this risk.
    Instru downloadable on Tmbox only. This song doesn't have a LIC code.

    2) Pandemonic Planet -Hellish Moon Remix- (instrumental)

    This one hasn't got lyrics at all, even if with "Earth Moon and Hell" I could add them... I'll think about it.
    Instru downloadable on Tmbox only. This song doesn't have a LIC code.

    3) Diana (feat. IA -ROCKS-)

    One pitch up compared to Lily's version and with a better mastering. She sings it well.
    Instru and sung version will be on fichier-zip.

    4) OCTARINA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)

    This is the short version but with corrected lyrics. Same instru as the original composed on January beginning.
    Song + corrected .txt file will be downloadable on fichier-zip.

    5) End Sentence -Fragment mix- [End Sentence/Bullet mash'up] (feat. Lily, IA -ROCKS-)

    Few months ago I began a project on FL for a mash'up of "End Sentence" and "Bullet" (that are on the same theme, the second one is yandere but not the first one)... Maybe a way to associate the stories?
    Remix downloadable on Tmbox only. Instru can be given if requested by mail.
    Reupload on YouTube strictly forbidden for this song.

    6) Wish of Death (feat. IA -ROCKS-)

    Same as "Diana", but the song was already remastered.
    Song and instru will be downloadable on fichier-zip.


    For the most of them, these are rearrangements or remixes. The new things that you'll have are the 2 Touhou remixes.

    And that makes 7 little things to listen to, with a very good quality!

    Next song will be for Tei, I have the idea in my head, but I didn't write lyrics yet.

    I don't have any tracklist for the end September album either. You'll have to wait a little more! (^_^)