• Announcing two little things and that's it (or almost?)

    Hello, Nynthixia here

    Currently working on the album for the end of this month, so normally "Invalid Revolution" will be released on May 23, 2020 on Google Drive, on the primary account as usual. It's one of the first two things I have for you. I feel like being able to work completely on it this week and then to give you the package next week.

    Second new is that I just acquired the new update of Ozone Elements for free (iZotope and a reseller made a deal). It won't be used in the album I'm working upon, but you'll first hear it on next song to feature Momo. And the next album (so the one after "Invalid Revolution", anyway it doesn't have any name for now and no track name is ready yet for it, I have to work on it as well) will only feature Ozone 9 Elements instead of Ozone 8 Elements. For you that doesn't change anything since it's mainly an UI update between the 2, the preset used for it is still the same.


    Other than this, since the end of last week, I started replacing some Flash players on some pages. You have examples of how the new articles look alike in the section of Aika Heion, which has been 100% converted. The new articles also follow the measure, with a link to the preview file (unless album track), and a link (or a placeholder image) to the official database so you can learn a bit more about the song. You even have the official romaji on this one. You can also get some trivia that is not on this blog and other technical information not given here either. At the same time, the dead links in the first sections (fichier-zip and the piapro ones for S01 songs) are being replaced progressively by the links towards the concerned Google Drive uploads. So at the same time it permits you to access the new links for converted pages. Discography has been converted as well but is not updated yet for 2020, it may be done once "Invalid Revolution" is released. Discography also brings you to the database articles of each album.

    It's an update that will be extremely long (several months to do) and it's being planned in little "bunches". Typically, each time a song has its page on the official database freshly created, the page on the blog will get updated.

    By the way, the articles for the following songs are now available:

    1. Necrosed Rebirth
    2. Remember Who We Are
    3. Emergency Dream
    4. Sepulcrum
    5. Chaotic Rain
    6. Across the Line
    7. Ran Out of Gasoline
    8. Hester -Truth-

    You can search for the titles and you'll find the articles, with the new formatting. So no Flash player.

    Be very careful outside and enjoy, meanwhile, I'll continue working on the album