• Zunko time! (Unlock)

    Zunko time! (Unlock)

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Zunko is finally at home! And there is already a cover with her on Tmbox (no, this cover wasn't scheduled)!

    But you can say many thanks to sele and feli, without who this cover would never exist.


    Sorry if I'm being slowed down again, the fatigue doesn't help at all (and if you watched the last making-of, you'll exactly see what I mean there) but the instrus of "Forsaken" and "AXELLIA" are ready.

    "Cenders" album is finally packaged.

    I confirm, no transcendent version for "Forsaken" album, I definitely won't have the time to do it. And with the fatigue...

    Promised, an original with Zunko soon. (^_^)