• Who said "new singer"? Again?

    Hello, Nynthixia there!
    At more than 10 PM, still awake and trying to fight against her fatigue, but still standing!

    I said on yesterday a little... Thing on Twitter... That in few days there would be a big change in my producer's life...

    Well, know what? On the 25th, I'll have the chance to get GUMI!

    And because there I'll begin to not have the choice, I took the Native VB for Vocaloid 4. So starter pack.


    To be honest... I still don't have plans for GUMI. For the moment, of course, maybe someday.

    I also know that I'll air something for Kiritan for February 13th, same for kokone the next day. Wow. That will be tight, but I'll manage to find a solution.


    Concerning the January cover... Probably "ALETHEA" "BETH" with the instru made by feli, and the singer will be MAYU. I know the song is already a yandere one, plus, I think I have to train with MAYU.
    Seriously. A serious training with this singer.
    And I'll set this for mid-January (no precize air date), and it will be on Tmbox only.


    Well that's all for the moment. Enjoy!