• Two years ago...

    Two years ago, exactly on a March 26th, I aired the first official song "Regan" as UTAU producer. And now, do you see where we are all? We went so far away...

    Hello, Nynthixia there.

    I can't believe time is flying so fast. 333 songs aired during 2 full years... (This is not a joke, there are really 333 originals that were composed between March 26th 2015 and today)

    Of course I want to continue, of course I won't stop working. So... Thanks everyone. Whoever you are, Vocaloid producer, UTAU producer, users of these softwares, or the nice people on Twitter... Thanks!!!


    Other new for the files recovery. I don't have the hard drive yet. I don't know exactly where the software in charge of that is at, even if I think it's still near the production files, and I don't have an exact date of when I'll get it again.
    But, I could get some other files which had some copies on other websites. These are only vsqx or ust files, and these are the files that have been recovered:

    "Dead Fates": ust and vsqx
    "Artemisia": vsqx
    "JIVANIA": ust and vsqx

    Other files that are still available but were recovered before:

    "Regan": two parts of the ust files (not complete)
    "White Dress": ust
    "Eve": flp

    If I have some news on tomorrow evening, I'll tell you. Speaking of which, there are now 7 hours of difference between Japan and France, so when it's midnight at my home, it's 7 AM for Japanese people. Be careful! (Until mid-October)

    And I was thinking, on next Saturday, it's the April 1st... Which means jokes!
    So what I'll do for Saturday is that I'll do a news post with several points. All of these points will be 100% accurate, but one another will be total fake. And when it will be aired, you can try and guess (on Twitter, maybe easier) what point is the fake one. What are you thinking about it? (^-^)
    (Promised, this news is accurate)

    Soon I'll air the MAYU ver of "Stitches", that is really good, so I think you'll enjoy it as well!