• Two tracklists in a row

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Time to give some tracklists. Well, one of them is already on the blog but... It wasn't officially announced so I'll do it now.

    December album is titled "The Flowers of the Evil".

    01. White Dress (feat. Nyui Anna -vivid-)
    02. Masquerade (feat. Nyui Anna -vivid-)
    03. Too Much Quiet (feat. Nyui Anna -milky-)
    04. Flown Away (feat. Itako Tohoku)
    05. CELESTINIA (feat. Itako Tohoku)
    06. The Flowers of the Evil (feat. Itako Tohoku)
    07. Lie or Truth (feat. Kiritan Tohoku)
    08. Sophia (feat. Kiritan Tohoku)
    09. Drama Queen (feat. Kiritan Tohoku)
    10. Viviana (feat. Zunko Tohoku)
    11. Marlene (feat. Zunko Tohoku)
    12. Black;Out (feat. Zunko Tohoku)

    And there is a second one, for January. I already made a tracklist because I had several ideas for titles and I wanted to keep them.
    Ah, and one of the titles contains an Easter Egg. I'll let you guess which title and what Easter Egg.
    (I don't EVEN regret it!)

    BEWARE, SPOILER - I give some demo air dates too for some of them

    01. Reminiscence (feat. Lily, MAYU, Yuzuki Yukari, kokone)
    02. SELEMINA (feat. MAYU)
    03. KALLIDORA (feat. MAYU)
    04. Heart Executioner (feat. CUL)
    05. Unforgettable Dance (feat. CUL)
    06. End of Suffering (feat. Hinomoto Oniko) - December 25th
    07. Morgana (feat. Hoshine Stella) - December 11th
    08. Chloris (feat. IA -ROCKS-)
    09. Circe (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-)
    10. For 13 (feat. MAYU)
    11. She Does Not Want (feat. CUL) - December 22nd
    12. Strangers (feat. Yuzuki Yukari) - December 22nd
    13. Paulina (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    14. Sweet Melancholy (feat. Lily)
    15. Pull the Trigger (feat. Lily)

    MAYU and CUL, talking about them... They are on the way. Both of them. I'll just have to wait for them until at least next week! I'll aware you when I'll get them, as promised.


    Coming back to the December tracklist... "Drama Queen" is the next one upcoming, then, "Sophia". Tracks 1, 2, 4, 7, 10 and 11 are already online (their demo vers at least).

    The January album has nor album title nor air date though. I'll think about it next month. "Reminiscence" will be aired before all MAYU solo songs.

    Other little ideas about January tracks :

    - "SELEMINA", "KALLIDORA", "For 13" are all yandere songs
    - "Unforgettable Dance" : currently thinking about a more detailed story for the consort (Town of Salem). Or on her actions, or on her past.
    - "Circe" : about the famous witch from Greek mythology

    That being said, enjoy!