• Tracklist of CD7 revealed and the tags

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    There was a little bunch of songs, normally the next one will be on Wednesday, with Nyui's birthday song. It's already ready, and will be on both the blog and Soundcloud.
    That should give you a little clue of what it talks about and the quality of the music.

    This song, with "Third Division", will be part of a CD7.5. I just finished the tracklist of the CD7, "Bad Gate" (that's the name of the album, finally revealed), so for those who didn't look few hours ago on the discography page :

    TRACKLIST - CD7 (13th album) - Bad Gate

    01. The Fallen (feat. Gahata Meiji, Yuzuki Yukari)
    02. Tale (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    03. Cold Tears (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    04. Sabine (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    05. Natalene (feat. Lily)
    06. Eglantine (feat. Lily)
    07. GALENEA (feat. Lily)
    08. Ophelia (feat. Momone Momo -straight-)
    09. ACELIA (feat. Momone Momo -straight-)
    10. For.Give (feat. Momone Momo -straight-)
    11. Bad Gate (feat. Yurika Sayu)
    12. Farewell (feat. Yurika Sayu)
    13. Comatose (feat. Yurika Sayu)

    For the moment, I just aired the track 4 few hours ago, but the tracks 10, 11 and 13 aren't aired yet. I give you some clues about the stories.

    For.Give : not a yandere song (because Momo) but will be more based on a love relation with betrayals. No projected tragedy for this one.
    Bad Gate : probably yandere, I'll modify it soon or not...
    Comatose : tragedy that I wanted to write since few days ago but I never succeeded... More tragedy/psychological theme.


    Then next. If you noticed it few days ago, well, congrats first, but there are little tags attached to each blog post except for covers and remixes. They will tell you what is the genre of the lyrics. I made little explanations.

    1) Tragedies
    Generally I don't really indicate all the yandere songs, because first not all tragedies are yandere stories, but I think this is obvious, yandere stories ARE NOT happy. These songs indicate sad stories, involving suicides (ex: Danae, ARSENIUM, Tale...) or not (ex: Farewell...).

    2) Yandere stories
    Almost 55 to 60% (if I estimate well) of my songs have yandere themes. But they also have different levels of violence, that's why they are separated into 3 categories. In yandere stories, there are often references to murders, suicides, or death... Well, do I really need to explain what is a yandere? You should know if you are there! (^_^)
    a) Light yandere
    Not recommended for people under 12 because they're censored enough to hide as much violence as possible. Often reserved to "sweet" characters as kokone or Kiritan.
    b) Normal yandere
    The most of the songs are classed as normal. Not too violent but enough though.
    c) Severe yandere
    These ones have more details than the normal ones and have or explicit themes or more gore descriptions on the scenes or the character's psychology.
    Normal and severe yandere songs aren't recommended for people under 14.

    3) Yangire
    If you know what is a yandere, a yangire gets angry... For almost anything. These songs are rarer than the yandere ones, but there are some of them. Not recommended for people under 14.

    4) OST
    OST-type musics. They sometimes have shortened versions as for TV-size vers, private (End Sentence, Scythe of the Lilium, Fatal Mistrust...) or public (Circus of Broken Nightmares, 1986th Destruction...).

    5) Psychological
    The theme is about psychology. Sometimes the songs are for all audiences, sometimes not, depending of the content.

    6) Morales
    The songs which try to let pass a message.

    7) Miscellaneous
    All other songs, as comedy tries (Happiness Bells, Sweet Zone...) or songs that I can't classify in the categories I told about above.

    Find all what you want there!

    Last thing. You know I said I wouldn't do covers of songs that have a ND mention on their instrumental... Well, from April 1st, this rule will be obsolete.

    Few days ago, I made a little request by mail to sele. About the instrumentals which had a such license. And by chance... Covers are authorized!

    Problem : the license I currently use (CS 15.5) doesn't take account of "alternative licenses" and I must wait until April 1st to do that (air date of CS 16.0).

    However I'll also use this system of alternative licenses for those covers.

    - Original authors of the material used for such covers (mainly felichan and sele) : they will have a "Share-Alike" condition added to the license. That means it's the same license that I use for all of my songs and all my current covers/remixes. This is an alternative license.
    - All other people, including other Vocaloid users and UTAU users : they will have a "No Derivative" condition added to the license. That's due to the original license of the instrumental and will be the main license.
    Remember : inclusions aren't derivatives. If you just want to add it to a video if you're a Vocaloid/UTAU user, you can.

    And for covers with an instru which only has a "NC" or "BY-NC" condition (always used as "BY-NC") : it's the same as before, "Share-Alike" for everyone.

    In a nutshell :
    Original authors (all covers) : CS BY-NC-SA 16.0 license (alt license)
    Others : CS BY-NC-ND 16.0 license (main, cover from a ND instru) ; same as original authors (main, cover from a NC/BY-NC instru)
    [Note : BY-NC (attribution and non commercial) conditions are imposed by sele and by felichan too.]

    No catalog ticket will be available for covers, so I'll try to do another doc for them.
    For the download conditions, same as others : PM me. Only original authors will directly have a copy of the work when needed.

    Time needed for an answer :
    - under 24/48h for a mail or a Soundcloud PM or Twitter
    - under a week for a Soundcloud comment or Facebook