• Title for CD11.5 (and let's make the point)

    Hello Nynthixia there.

    Wow... Long time there was no news. Yeah, since the last album.

    - I haven't worked yet on album versions for "The Flowers of the Evil". The thing is that I need to patch 2 tracks.
    1) "Too Much Quiet". There will be chances that I'll change the version of Nyui, and that I'll use lemon or vivid. Since I'm not the one who does the rendering, it slows a few down the pace. Plus I have to do tests of the .ust first. I think that the problem of "off time capella" comes or from the voicebank (in this case I'll use another one) or from the .ust itself when I wrote the notes.
    2) "The Flowers of the Evil" (the track). A vibrato causes a note to sound weirdly robotic and that's why there's no silver star in the recommendations for this one. Normally the album ver should have one, but I have to correct the .ust (here, only a vibrato to lower) and I'm not the one who does the rendering either.

    Concerning others, there are already excellent quality tracks, "White Dress", all the songs with Zunko in general, some ones with Itako as well... Any changes? Don't know. Some of them won't be extended for sure ("Flown Away", already 5min30... Maybe a bit much?). I'll see that in the future days.

    For the CD11.5 (the first album to get some tracks featuring MAYU and CUL, yay!) the title is "Stranger Sorceresses". This can sound a bit weird, but there are references to two songs, "Circe" (this one is quite good) and "Strangers" (the song for Yukari's birthday).
    The air date will be on January 21st.

    The tracklist is the same. For those who forgot about it...

    01. Reminiscence (feat. Lily, MAYU, Yuzuki Yukari, kokone) - AIRED ON NOV 13TH
    02. SELEMINA (feat. MAYU) - AIRED ON NOV 7TH
    04. Heart Executioner (feat. CUL) - NOT AIRED YET
    05. Unforgettable Dance (feat. CUL) - AIRED ON NOV 8TH
    06. End of Suffering (feat. Hinomoto Oniko) - WILL BE AIRED ON DEC 25TH
    07. Morgana (feat. Hoshine Stella) - WILL BE AIRED ON DEC 11TH
    08. Chloris (feat. IA -ROCKS-) - AIRED ON NOV 14TH
    09. Circe (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-) - AIRED ON NOV 27TH 2016
    10. For 13 (feat. MAYU) - NOT AIRED YET
    11. She Does Not Want (feat. CUL) - WILL BE AIRED ON DEC 22ND
    12. Strangers (feat. Yuzuki Yukari) - WILL BE AIRED ON DEC 22ND
    13. Paulina (feat. Yuzuki Yukari) - NOT AIRED YET (WIP)
    14. Sweet Melancholy (feat. Lily) - AIRED ON NOV 25TH
    15. Pull the Trigger (feat. Lily) - NOT AIRED YET

    Legend : Already online | Airing date unknown | Online airing scheduled

    I thought that would be weird to work on songs for this album (the birthday ones, especially for Yukari, CUL and Oniko) soon after the others ones, but with the pace and my fatigue (again...), we will be on a good time!

    (I wish I could work faster like I usually did... But with my current condition, this is more are more difficult)

    I'm still doing a few "one song during the week, one song during the weekend" so it's still in the current pace, that's why I don't change it. But when you see the dates when I composed the instru and the one when I finished the whole song...

    Other thing. For the holidays, I'll set the fast pace from December 19th to January 1st. There will be some days without any song aired.
    The reason is that I'll air two songs on December 22nd (on a Thursday), the birthday songs for CUL and Yukari. The pace will be "a song per day" (I WILL maintain it!) so in the first week, there will be one day (not the 25th though, because Oniko will have a song for her birthday) without any song aired. And that will be normal! Which day exactly? Still don't know.

    For the second week of holidays, normally, everything should be normal. I'll try my best!


    This is what happens when you don't write news for a big time... You always have lots of things to tell.

    See you soon for a song with Yukari, I'm working on it.