• The scheme for CD4 (and other stubs)

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    I'm having so much fun now with Lily and I'm still learning little by little how to use FL Studio, but I'm pretty sure that I begin to know it correctly.

    I'll reveal the schemes of the CDs and talk about some songs that were aired.

    - "Melvine" and "Melantha" : will be in a CD4.5 and not in the CD3.5 or unknown CD respectivly. It's mainly because I project specific schemes and for "The Insane Door" (CD3), there was a balance between non yandere songs and yandere songs. You should ask me why I didn't set "Melvine" (a yandere song with Nyui) with "Last Starry Night" from Lily, which isn't a yandere song. The answer is simple : "Last Starry Night" is too special to be in a UTAU or Vocaloid CD, it's a mixt song between Lily and me. I sang here as a human, not as an UTAU.

    So for "Last Starry Night" you know it now.

    CD4 - The name is still unknown, I think about "ARSENIUM" but I'm not sure

    01. Lamia -Bloody Moon mix- (ft. Oniko Hinomoto) - composed on Soundation
    02. Psychiatric (ft. Meiji Gahata) - composed on Soundation
    03. Backyards (ft. Stella Hoshine) - composed on FL Studio [will be aired on October 17th]
    04. ARSENIUM (ft. Lily) - composed on FL Studio
    05. Marisa (ft. Lily) - composed on FL Studio
    06. Numeric Killer (ft. Lily) [will be aired on end October] AIRED ON 18TH OCTOBER
    07. Cyber Oblivion (ft. Aika Heion) [will be aired on next week] AIRED ON 18TH OCTOBER
    08. [[title]] (ft. Aika Heion)
    09. [[title]] (ft. Aika Heion)
    10. [[title]] (ft. Midori Akine)
    11. [[title]] (ft. Midori Akine)
    12. [[title]] (ft. Midori Akine)

    Scheme for future CD4.5 - this is a STUB. There's no really title except for the two Nyui's songs

    01. Melantha (ft. Nyui Anna) - composed on Soundation
    02. Melvine (ft. Nyui Anna) - composed on Soundation
    03. [[title]] (ft. Nyui Anna)
    04. [[title]] (ft. Kiritan Tohoku)
    05. [[title]] (ft. Kiritan Tohoku)
    06. [[title]] (ft. Kiritan Tohoku)
    07. [[title]] (ft. Itako Tohoku)
    08. [[title]] (ft. Itako Tohoku)
    09. [[title]] (ft. Itako Tohoku)
    10. [[title]] (ft. Lily)
    11. [[title]] (ft. Lily)
    12. [[title]] (ft. Meiji Gahata)
    13. [[title]] (ft. Meiji Gahata)

    The CD3.5 "The Insane Door" should be aired in the middle of next week, probably on Wednesday.
    The CD4 won't be aired before late November and CD4.5... December or January.

    felichan will render the capellas for Itako and rendered the capella for Nyui vivid.

    For the series that I projected, it's currently on hiatus. I don't know what to do with, if I must make only a sound file, or a text or a video. Maybe a text... It will be easier for me.