• The (almost) 2 important announcements for this month...

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    As the title says, I have 2 very important things to say.

    1) The tracklist for the CD8 that is confirmed. Only 2 songs left to do, "Aglaia" (yandere song by Meiji -Lilith-) and "Lucrecia" (simple tragedy by Yukari).

    TRACKLIST CD8 "Wasted Smiles" - AIR DATE : JULY 11TH

    01. JIVANIA (feat. Lily)
    02. Echoes of Pain (feat. Lily)
    03. Anthea (feat. Yukari Yuzuki)
    04. Lucrecia (feat. Yukari Yuzuki)*
    05. Aglaia (feat. Meiji Gahata -Lilith-)*
    06. Wasted Smiles (feat. Meiji Gahata -Lilith-)
    07. Alone (feat. kokone)
    08. Petals and Leaves (feat. Oniko Hinomoto)
    09. Happy Ending (feat. Meiji Gahata -Lilith-)
    10. Priscilla (feat. Meiji Gahata -Lilith-)
    11. Fragments of Darkness (feat. Lily)
    12. NYXAE (feat. Lily)

    * not aired yet on May 15th 2016

    I chose an early date, the day just after the last day of the Japan Expo, but I made so much work already for this album that I'll probably finish it before mid-June. It will also have a transcendent version, as the others. "LUNACIA" was an exception because of the bonus tracks, but there, no bonus track, no repetitive transition, no problem.

    2) The new VOCALOIDs.

    This is a few more complicated than the last times. You'll see on the homepage a uncolored pic and you'll see 2 new names in the regular singers list in the right menu. This is totally normal.

    As you could guess it, I'll soon have an IA ROCKS then a Zunko V3. That's why Zunko isn't yet on the homepage. However her sheet is already available.

    How the unlocks will work :

    IA ROCKS : Between May 30th and June 13th I should receive the package. I'll only have the "IA ROCKS" VB. I'll aware you when IA will be in use with a demo cover (I won't reveal the name of the concerned song, but all I can say is a very recent one). For the songs I'll make with IA, that can be anything. Unlike all other VOCALOIDs, the unlock won't be at a fixed date, it's "actived as soon as she will be received" (that explains the "ASAP").

    Zunko : Here it's a fixed date, October 11th (on my birthday). For the moment, on May 15th, I didn't ask her to the shop but she's already in my plans. As soon I'll have the confirmation for having her, I'll set the pic on the homepage (uncolored again until the unlock). So... Wait and see, but it won't be for now. Don't worry, time is going very fast that you will maybe not notice it! Zunko won't have severe yandere songs only (same as Itako).

    In a nutshell : not before May 30th to June 13th for IA ROCKS ; not before October 11th for Zunko.

    In metadata IA ROCKS will be credited as "IA" and Zunko as "東北ずん子". On full catalogs, respectively as "IA -ROCKS-" and "Tohoku Zunko".


    And other thing... The sheets I wanted to update.

    They are updated and corrected. They now display the following :

    Profile : name (romaji + kanji) ; CV (voice source) ; age ; gender ; birthdate/air date ; origin country
    Technical info : motor (VOCALOID/UTAU) ; voicebank type (native for VOCALOID, CV/VCV/CVVC for UTAU) ; illustrator ; eXVoice presence or not*
    Use : frequence use (main, regular, occasional, former (for these ones, reason of not using and former frequence use)) ; music types

    * eXVoice only concerns Tohoku sisters and Yukari

    They would maybe have a problem : loading time. Their weight is between 2 and 10 Mo (not included) so don't worry if it takes time to load. And if you have a perfect Internet connection (fiber) that shouldn't cause such troubles to you... Well, at least I think.



    So I keep being aware about all these news... I'll update this post in case of I have problems with IA or if the shipping is going on well. And as soon I have the package, I post you the picture in another news post.

    Remember : CD "Bad Gate" is for next Saturday (May 21st)! You don't have to wait too long anymore now.




    EDIT MAY 17TH 5:27PM GMT+1 : IA ROCKS confirmed and currently shipping. I'll aware you when received.