• Striking back!

    Hello, Nynthixia there, striking back with 3 new songs! Yay!
    You really are lucky fans! (^_^)

    I worked very hard last week, even if it was offline, even if it was with a keyboard difficult to manipulate (especially when you're a French girl and that your keyboard is almost unique in your country), even with a computer which had a few problems... Welp. That didn't refrained me from working on new musics.

    Some little info to give you now. Concerning the albums, the airings, the works on which I worked...

    1) Albums

    It's confirmed, the album "Welcome to Hell" (tracklist on discography page) will have a transcendent version. And seems that I already have an idea for the transition before "Star Promise"!
    "Welcome to Hell" for September 24th, "Perish Songs" for September 3rd, "Wish from the Evil" on Monday August 15th.

    2) The works of last week

    If you read the full catalogs, you'll notice that I made 2 versions of "End Sentence" (a demo + a duet ver IA/Lily) and one dual mix of "Face to Face"... And no public air date is displayed! Don't worry!
    Currently, the dual mix should be aired after August 15th (no determined date), and the remixes of "End Sentence" are scheduled for a single album that will be downloadable on fichier-zip for August or September (same, no chosen air date).

    I also made the instrumental for "VALIRIA" (with the catalogs you couldn't know this one). But I didn't write the lyrics before July 31st unlike "MARJOLINA", "Climena" and "Star Promise" and that blocked me since August 5th. But if you have to expect a new original song from me for this week, it would be this one. Probably a yandere song, but the idea for the theme is still... Blurry.

    3) Next airings

    Like I said, "VALIRIA" is to expect on the following days. Keep an eye on Tmbox (sorry I didn't use this website for today, the current Internet connection I have where I am is worse than at my own home and Tmbox is very slow for uploading >< ) and on the blog, as usual.

    But, but, but, we forgot something! On Monday it will be August 8th! And you know what happens on this day!

    Meiji's voicebanks birthday!!

    A long long time I didn't make a remix... So I chose a song that was aired near August 8th and... I chose "TIELLI". This remix is finally done! Promised, the quality is excellent (compared to the remix of "CARLA" that is a fail for me (let's be honest...), no, really, the "TIELLI" mix... You'll enjoy it for sure!!) so it won its Soundcloud upload for Monday!

    Remember : for downloading the remix, you must send me a request because I won't publicly allow the download.

    And also... Now that sele aired the instrus of "ReLief" and "Re;2" I will do a cover of these songs soon. Still hesitating between using Oniko or Yukari. Not before September or October. (More chances for September, and it will be a double airing)


    Well, enjoy the new songs!