• Songs for next week

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Well we reached 200 original songs with "200"... Wow. Just. Wow. Maybe too hard work. (laughs)

    Little news about next week, which will be under the fastest pace : one song per day.

    This is the list of the songs which will be aired at which day, and what is their internal status on the computer.


    Agnes (feat. Lily)
    Yandere song

    Currently, only lyrics have been written.


    SANDRINA (feat. Tohoku Itako)
    Yandere song

    Same status as "Agnes", only lyrics were written.


    Yoshino (feat. IA ROCKS)
    Yandere song

    For this one, I did nothing for the moment. I'll maybe write the lyrics on tomorrow.


    Kyrene (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    Yandere song

    Lyrics have been written and that's all.


    Sister Family (feat. Tohoku Itako)
    Yandere song

    Same. Only lyrics are written.


    Bad Carnival Girl (feat. IA ROCKS)
    Misc. song - rated as questionnable

    This is the only one which is complete on the computer. And instru, and lyrics, and capella (+.vsqx) and full song. On this day I'll just have to publish it and prepare the license ticket online.


    Creativity Machine (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    Psychologic song - rated as questionnable

    A sort of "self-derision" song. This has nothing in common with the notepad of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared". If you want the song of this character, well... Check the song "Creative" from Eyeris?

    I think you'll surely wonder why I don't air immediately "Bad Carnival Girl" for Monday. The answer is simple : I wanted to do 2 blocks, the yandere one during the days of week and the non-yandere ones for the week-end. And the earlier day for that... Was on the Saturday. And why not Sunday? Because that's done, I made the 3 songs for the week. But I assure you that this song will be great.

    And also because I'm a sadistic producer who likes seeing you suffering from waiting... Nah, just kidding. I'm not THAT evil.

    If you kept an eye on the last news, I updated the tracklist. First details about the songs that I didn't talk about yet last week :

    - Bomber : about a little bomber. More comedy, so more difficult to do for me. Originally Kiritan would have "Bad Carnival Girl" but I finally changed my mind and wanted a more "all audiences approved" song for her. And could be inspired from Peacock (SkullGirls)
    - Creativity Machine : about a fictionnal "creativity machine" that exists in every artist's brain, and which can be the main reason of their... Exhaustion. Yeah, this is very self-derisory.
    - Bad Carnival Girl : Inspired from Cerebella's (SkullGirls (yeah again!! Normally there will be 4 songs about this game)) story, wanted to be admired from her adoptive father... And who works as well for a mafia. A "bad carnival girl".
    - Wish of Death : Inspired from Marie's (SkullGirls (I warned you)) story. About a revenge against an organization who tortured the heroine's friend. Will talk also about the somber side of Peacock's story. Normally.
    - Infected : Like "Face to Face" I'll write again very old lyrics with the new writing system. Normally a tragedy. About a girl who got zombified by a virus and who is executed because of her disease.

    To resume : a comedy, a psycho/morale song, a misc song, 2 tragedies. And no yandere in all these ones, even if "Bad Carnival Girl" can be a little confusing...

    I don't have yet the name of the album, but I can confirm a transcendent version. This is the only thing I can do.

    Well, I'll try my best for the next week.

    Other info : go on my Soundcloud, I reposted 2 remixes from a friend, of the song "1986th Destruction", one year it was aired (already, gosh... I thought it was on mid-June) and on Tmbox, there is a cover of "Painful" by Lily... Who sings it very very well, hey!

    Enjoy, and don't be too impatient, time goes very very fast...