• Plans for January (and a few for February)

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Well, really happy there! Some little news to share with you, I was waiting for having much of them to tell them here.


    CD5 Planetarium

    Booklet is almost finished. Almost. On 23rd, I air the album, transcendant and classic versions. There will be two .zip files, the first one with the classic tracks, the second with only a very long track (more than one hour) but both of them will be accompagnied by the booklet and the cover (same for the two).

    Remember the tracklists:


    00 Planetarium - includes an intro, all the 14 songs of the album and little music transitions (between 1:10 and 1:50)


    01. 1st βlood (feat. Gahata Meiji, Anna Nyui, Namine Ritsu, Lily)**
    02. Dangerous Game (feat. Lily)**
    03. ADAMINIA (feat. Sukone Tei)*
    04. SELENIA (feat. Momone Momo)*
    05. SHALGINA (feat. Hoshine Stella)*
    06. Fatal Mistrust (feat. Lily)**
    07. Nerina (feat. Namine Ritsu)*
    08. Beatrix (feat. Makune Hachi)*
    09. Artemisia (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)**
    10. Splinters (feat. Lily)**
    11. Magali (feat. Yurika Sayu)***
    12. White Dragon (feat. Hinomoto Oniko)
    13. Happiness Bells (feat. Shirahane Totoko)
    14. True Bad End (feat. Lily)*

    * yandere songs
    ** non-yandere songs not recommended for audiences under 14
    *** non-yandere song not recommended for audiences under 12


    Torn Diaries.

    This is the name of the album. The tracklist I posted several days ago is obsolete, this is the new one.

    01. Overture (feat. kokone, Lily, Yuzuki Yukari)*
    02. Re;Set (feat. Anna Nyui vivid)*
    03. Aenea (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)*
    04. OCTARINA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)*
    05. Opium (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)*
    06. Medea (feat. Gahata Meiji)*
    07. Ambrosina (feat. Lily)*
    08. Charlene (feat. Lily)*
    09. Celandine (feat. Lily)*
    10. Leona (feat. Namine Ritsu)*
    11. KAINIA (feat. kokone)**
    12. Heartbroken (feat. kokone)
    13. Regrets (feat. kokone)***

    * normal/severe yandere songs - not recommended for audiences under 14
    ** slightly yandere songs - not recommended for audiences under 12
    *** non-yandere songs not recommended for audiences under 12

    So, of course, the albums aren't for young audiences, but especially this one. I would say it's "worse" than "Yandere Generation" where 8 tracks on 11 were about yanderes.

    Its air date has also been decided, it's for February 14th 2016. Why so early? I finished the demo tracks early, I think I'll work again on some of them, especially the tracks aired on 2015... Time to update with the current samples on the computer.

    Third thing : profile updated for software info, renamed into "Producer material", you know a few more about my material. And yes, I'm an "only-computer working producer". It can be strange, but remember : I'm not a professional of music. This is not my job, just a kind of hobby unlike many producers.

    Fourth thing : I thought on it since few days ago, because one of my "comrades" has discovered that some people were reprinting videos without her permission. I'll be clear on that thing.
    Unless you're an UTAU user or a Vocaloid user, please don't reprint my PVs or my songs on YouTube, Niconico etc. I'll first warn you if there is a such case and if nothing is done, I can claim the reprinted video. Don't forget it. I really don't want to be mad, but if needed, I will. For people who don't use UTAU or Vocaloid, the better thing to do is contacting me first. You have Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, mail contact form on the blog...
    (Estimated answer delay : usually 24 to 48h for a mail or Twitter, under a week for Facebook and Soundcloud)

    Note : an official PV always has a number at the beginning, it's an identification code and it's always different from the music's (it's a number per file).

    Fifth and last thing : on January 19th I wanted to make a little surprise that I canceled few months ago but I was thinking about it in the afternoon, working on old songs. I tried twice, on "Toxin Lily" and "Bullet", it didn't work (thanks to the works on "Bullet", there is "End Sentence") because between the two DAW FL Studio/Soundation, the sound is too different, the second one giving a more synthetic music than the first one. So I decided to make a remix. And that's decided.

    For those who know me as the French person (following me on my personal account) they know very well why this song on this day. It will be a remix of "ESKARINA", the song with the oldest lyrics (written on summer 2014!) but... Music on FL Studio, some notes will be similar or the same, but I fixed the capella with the new system for Lily (also because for 5th octave (the real one!) she doesn't sing very well).

    It will be on Soundcloud and on the blog because I changed a few the organization of lyrics and I'll try to make a better adaptation because the current lyrics... Honestly I'm not very proud of myself.

    Forgot a last thing... If you see me writing lots of yandere lyrics for the moment, it's normal.

    OK that's huge but I really needed to explain all of this. Well... Have fun everyone!