• Pace of the next holidays

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Just before I begin to work on today's song, I wanted to make a little announcement for my next holidays (already) but there will be some changes for the working pace in this period.

    My next holidays will begin on April 18th 2016, officially, and will be 2 weeks long, as most of them. You know that usually I have more time to work on songs, that's why there's a pace of "one song per day".

    But this time, I won't take it for 2 weeks but for one instead, the first one (Apr 18th-Apr 22nd + May 1st). The second week, from Apr 23rd to Apr 30th will have the same pace as periods of schooltime : "up to 2 or 3 songs per week".

    Just because I'll have less time, normally I should have Internet but I don't know how, if it will work correctly or not, if you want to have an idea of the pace, it will be almost the same as the one I had on the week of Aug 8th-Aug 15th of 2015. And I'll also travel a lot during these days so less time to work on a song. But don't worry, normally, I'm still there!


    Else don't forget that on March 19th the new album will be released! It's completely ready (I just have to make the packages). The production for the CD7 has already begun since Thursday with "The Fallen". The full stories will come back soon with "Mad House", "Destroyed Hopes" and "Melisandra", which already have their French versions but not their English ones.

    Also sorry for making new versions of old songs, little inspiration problems these last times...