• On full moon...

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    I just want to be sure that we don't forget anything for December.

    The CD4.5 "End Sentence" will be aired on December 21st. You already know it. For info, I finished it, just to pack everything and send it to the platform in the really late Sunday (GMT+1 time). So that on midnight GMT+1 Monday you can download it.

    The CD5 reveals its name "Planetarium". And its tracklist!

    01. 1st βlood (feat. Gahata Meiji, Anna Nyui, Namine Ritsu, Lily)**
    02. Dangerous Game (feat. Lily)**
    03. ADAMINIA (feat. Sukone Tei)*
    04. SELENIA (feat. Momone Momo)*
    05. SHALGINA (feat. Hoshine Stella)*
    06. Fatal Mistrust (feat. Lily)**
    07. Nerina (feat. Namine Ritsu)*
    08. Beatrix (feat. Makune Hachi)*
    09. Artemisia (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)**
    10. Splinters (feat. Lily)**
    11. Magali (feat. Yurika Sayu)
    12. White Dragon (feat. Hinomoto Oniko)
    13. Happiness Bells (feat. Shirahane Totoko)
    14. True Bad End (feat. Lily)*

    * yandere songs
    ** other non-yandere songs not recommended for people under 14. "Magali" isn't recommended for people under 12.

    Finally 14 tracks. I won't work with Kiritan and Itako for the moment, maybe for a next CD. Air date of "Planetarium" will be January 23rd 2015 and not 19th. I really wanted this day but it is a Tuesday and it will be a few complicated for me to correctly air the album.

    Why not kokone? In fact I don't have any idea for her. But be sure for February's album, big surprise with her!
    Who told you about a cover of sele when I said "surprise"? We talk here about original songs!

    Why Yukari? For the moment, and if I get her correctly, normally she must be the first to be 100% confirmed (= arrived at home but I'll unlock her on 25th anyways) and if "Artemisia" could be aired on 25th or 26th of December, it could be perfect for the album.

    Ah, talking about this song... Well I worked on it very hard those last days (about 3 days in total?) and I made tries with Lily who is the only Vocaloid that I have currently. Well... I made 2 instrumentals with different pitches, and when I'll give you the downloads... You'll have the 2 instrus and the versions of Lily and Yukari. Lily's version should be published on Soundcloud on December 24th and Yukari's version on December 25th or December 26th (the PV is ready, I just have to make the subs and replace the music).
    If you want some clues... "Moon" and "CHARON".
    I let you guess what girl was the source of "Artemisia".

    For "White Dragon" now! I'll work on it in the end of week after publishing Tei's and Totoko's songs! It will also have a PV and the song will be for all audiences (unlike "Artemisia" which will be rated (-14), not that it's yandere BUT...). Publishing on December 25th for sure. For Oniko's "birthday" and if I don't make any mistake, for Saki's birthday (one of the illustrators of Oniko).

    For those who are asking why this title as blog post, well, on Christmas it will be full moon here! And with all the songs which are getting prepared.

    New timeline :

    December 17th : "ADAMINIA" feat. Sukone Tei
    December 20th : I add the stories of "Splinters" and "Magali" in the English Google Doc
    December 21st : CD4.5 "End Sentence" will be aired!
    Between December 19th and 23rd : "Happiness Bells" feat. Shirahane Totoko
    December 24th : "Artemisia" feat. Lily (only on Soundcloud, the post will be on Yukari's page)
    December 25th : "White Dragon" feat. Hinomoto Oniko
    December 25th or 26th : "Artemisia" feat. Yuzuki Yukari (PV on YouTube + blog post with full download)

    Enjoy well! I've got lots of work to do!