• October begins with sadness ・°・(ノД`)・°・

    Hello, Nynthixia there.

    I learnt it only today, but most of you know it since Thursday... If you listen to Vocaloid songs, you certainly know samfree. He died on September 24th and a tweet arrived on his account on October 1st.

    I didn't want to stay silencious face to it. It's a very bad beginning for October, because samfree was one of the biggest figures of Vocaloid producers, with Giga-P, mothy... There is a lot of energy in his songs, mainly the Night series and his works were really beautiful. There's always, when I listen to a samfree's song, a positive energy during all the length of the song. And now it's over.

    Some producers were schocked (sele...), others really sad and sorry (mothy...). I'm just disgusted. I think I would cry... Nobody really knows how it happened, suddenly. It was cruel.

    If Vocaloids were real persons, I'm sure that they would thank him for all that he has done. (╥﹏╥)


    As a homage for him, I decided to write a song for Lily (he used her) that I'll release as soon as possible, but not before 11th. I didn't projected this, but I want a very special song to thank him. All producers brang something to the Vocaloid world. We all know that we will all die, one day or another, there's nothing to escape it but...

    I'll think to the music in the next days. Currently I'm very busy, that's maybe why I noticed it only this morning. And that my pace is slowed down.

    Sincere condoleances to samfree, also known as Sano Takayuki. Thanks to all that you gave to Vocaloid's world.