• News about albums

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    I hope you had a beautiful Christmas, and I hope you'll have a very happy new year. Little news about the albums.

    CD5 "Planetarium"

    I try a new concept. In fact I wanted to do it since a little time ago but I couldn't because the tracks needed to be from the same synthesizer. With "ARSENIUM" and "End Sentence", it wasn't possible, but now, I'm only with FL Studio and it's possible to do something correct. Officially, I finished the CD5, except for the album cover and the booklet. Those are the only things I haven't done yet. Most of tracks had some modifications.

    However, I think I know well how are people on the Internet when they want to get a song they like (we are all like that I think, even me...) so there will be... 2 versions of the album :
    - the classical version with only the tracks separated (as usual)
    - the transcendant version : all tracks are connected by little musical transitions of about a minute (between 1:10 and 1:50) in a single final track. If you want the little transitions, it will be possible : just contact me via the form in the left menu of the blog! You'll receive a link of download (fichier-zip). If you don't want I see your mail, no problem, I've got an inbox on piapro and Soundcloud, contact me there, send me a private message, I'll answer with the download link. Same for Twitter if we follow back.
    Note : each transition has an identification code, but no public license ticket.

    CD5.5 (unknown name)

    It will contain at least the tracks "Heartbroken", "Overture" (as first track), "Celandine", "Re;Set" and "Medea". I don't have a special scheme except for that I'll only include my main singers and a few kokone (at least 3 tracks for her). Maybe about 19 tracks for this one.

    Most of songs will be yandere, however, because I don't see very well kokone with this type of songs, if she must have some yandere songs, I'll rearrange the lyrics so that they will be very very light. Or just non-yandere tragedies, it could be good too.

    I'll also make a transcendant version for this album but without any external intro (it is already included in "Overture", it's the dark music of about 50 seconds).

    I know it will ask me about four hours of work in addition, but I can still stand it.

    The song for today will probably come in the late evening (GMT+1, as always).

    Ah, and just in case, you can know now the full stories of "Artemisia" and "Celandine" in English : just there.

    Have fun!