• More info about work pace for April and serious incident

    Hello, Nynthixia there.

    Coming back with further news for the work pace on the Apr 10th-Apr 16h. As I thought, it will be indeed the slow pace. The reason is that I won't be at home and I'll lose many potential time of working in front of the computer, so a slow song production as currently.

    But if I came here, it's also because I had a serious incident with my files, including the production ones. The hard drive on which these files were saved doesn't work correctly anymore. However, the data isn't completely lost, especially because the problem seems to come from a numeric bug. The drive itself works, but the files aren't well recognized in other words. Since Thursday evening I'm struggling to get back these files.

    What does that mean?

    - Impossible to give you the material files for all S02+S03 songs and until "Eve" included (I can give the .flp file for this one, but not the .vsqx). Impossible to give you the other .ust/.vsqx files produced until last Thursday.
    - The album tracks for March are not lost, however, I have to redo the booklet and save back the jacket picture. If I don't get back the files before the 17th, I'll do again this booklet quickly, package everything and send all of this on fichier-zip.
    - Due to this incident, I changed my way to upload. Now, a little .zip file containing the .flp projects (without any sample though, they're not saved at the same place) and or the .ust or the .vsqx, will be sent on fichier-zip in "not repertoried" status. I can get back the links with my own mail, and if needed, can give you this link if you ask for it (for remixes and covers).

    And if it doesn't happen correctly, I'll maybe change the air date of the March album to set it at the very end of this month.

    That's why, for the moment, I ask you to not request any material until I recovered these files, because in any way, I would not be able to give them to you.

    How many time it will take? Maybe until the end of this week, maybe until the end of the next week? I don't even know myself sadly...


    I'm horribly sorry for what is going on... But, hey, good new, none of my licenses were in danger! So production is not suspended. I still have all the plugins that I need for production, all their licenses are active (they are on the computer itself)!
    So, wait and see?