• (Maybe) two new singers?

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Yeah, you got it right. Maybe two new singers. It's not completly confirmed but there are high chances that it is.

    Remember few months ago (very few), I told you about the time I would get Lily and FL Studio. In a month exactly, two new Vocaloids could be added to the team : Yukari and... kokone!

    Yeah, not MAYU still, because she's not sold on the French websites where I buy the Vocaloid stuff, but there are still kokone and Yukari V3. I know that there's a V4, but... If I already have a V3 engine... Why not. For Yukari, I said that she would be my next one, and for kokone, because Yukari is quite cheap for me, I thought about taking another Vocaloid. And I really like kokone. So why not, after all, taking a Yukari and a kokone, as Christmas presents.

    As I did for Lily, I'll post there on December 25th (between noon and the afternoon (GMT+1 winter time)) a photo of the two softwares. However, I won't be visible on the photos... That is normal at the same time.

    But unlike last time, my working pace won't be slowed down, it was because I needed to learn quickly about using the softwares. Because there I'll maybe acquire two new voicebanks only, it doesn't need slowing down the pace. It's still 2 to 3 songs per week until mid-December. (After, about a song per day.)


    For the CD4.5, I don't have an air date yet for it, I already finished all the "at least demo" songs, I'll just make some rearrangements, mainly on the track "Diantha" which has an issue with high-frequencies, due to the reverb. It will be corrected for the album, promised. I won't say anything else about it.
    I'm still working, the tracklist for a potential CD5 isn't ready at all, I don't know exactly what singers will be featured, at what track etc. Maybe in the following days, who knows?
    So don't worry. I'm still thinking to all of this, writing some lyrics and composing some songs as usual... I'm always busy with it!


    Have fun!


    PS : This post will be updated if I have more info about Yukari V3 and kokone, if it's cancelled or confirmed.


    EDIT Nov 29th 5:24 PM GMT+1 winter time : the singers are confirmed for minimum December 25th 2015 and maximum January 10th 2016. Asking for them was a few a pain (especially for Yukari) but if all happens correctly they will be there in the team. So be ready to get songs with them during 2016!