• Little update for discography and albums

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Here are some news.

    I already finished and packaged AND the album for May AND the album for June. Yeah, already. But in the same time, knowing that the June one won't have a transcendent version, it's a few faster to do. So they're currently ready to be uploaded near the air date.

    Remember the CD7 will be aired on May 21st and the CD7.5 on June 18th.

    Little update on the discography page. Now the age limit rating for the album without many many details is displayed, and there is a color code for tracks, if the album version is different from the demo (= version that is published on the blog, Tmbox, YouTube or Soundcloud) the text will be colored in orange, and if the song is exclusive, that means "you can find it in the album only", the text will be cyan.

    However if now you can see which tracks in the CD7.5 will be modified... I won't tell you what I changed publicly until the air date. It's not funny else.

    Age limit rating table is also available in the left menu in "External ressources" part.


    And I'm sure you're thinking I'm already working for a possible CD8... You got it right. Currently, there are few tracks which don't have any album :
    - Echoes of Pain
    - NYXAE
    - Priscilla
    - Happy Ending
    - Fragments of Darkness
    - Alone

    4 songs by Lily, 2 by Meiji (-Lilith-) and one by kokone.

    I don't have any title for the moment and I don't have any tracklist neither. I'm not even sure of the complete list of virtual singers for this one, but you already know that there will be at least Lily, Meiji and kokone.

    Other news for design. I'll remake the pics on the character pages because some of them are mistaken and I'll make a different presentation. Which one, exactly... I don't even know.

    In a nutshell, many many projects in my mind, I'll aware you when I'll be sure about them and when their advancement level will be... A few more correct?