• Let's talk a bit #4

    Hello, Nynthixia there.

    No worries, I'm still active. Quite been busy recently, so that's why it makes seem there is a bit less activity. But I'm still here.

    It's been a little while I didn't do this format on the blog, but there are things I'd like to talk a bit with you all, especially concerning VOCALOID evolution, some future plans and stuff.

    OK so concerning VOCALOID. The chances I'll get the V5 editor right now are very close to zero. Currently, I have vocal synths from 5 companies, Internet, AHS, 1ST PLACE, EXIT TUNES and Gynoid. As of now, Internet is out for V5 ; 1ST PLACE seems to have moved to CeVIO, and believe me the quality of CeVIO vocals is far away from VOCALOID's sadly, EXIT TUNES is currently out for producing vocals, their last project never came to day, AHS moved to SynthV with the Kotonoha twins so I expect Akari and Yukari to move to SynthV and Gynoid, I doubt Xin Hua gets an update for Japanese, it's a pretty "niche" vocal.

    So there would come a question: "will you acquire SynthV" and my answer for now, is a "no". I listened to the demos of the Kotonoha twins to give myself an idea of the 2nd generation of SynthV... The engine noise is huge. So for now it's not in projects. Maybe if their quality gets way better, I may think more about it, but as of now, I don't consider SynthV as worth its money for now.

    Would there be chances for Internet if ever VOCALOID6 comes out... No idea. They're talking about the possibility of piapro studio if the software still supports other companies's vocals. And piapro studio's quality is... How to say... When some people tested out Miku NT they found her extremely robotic. Seems VOCALOID is pretty much left out by other companies to only become a Yamaha "almost exclusivity" and that's quite too bad.

    So clearly, it's not worth me updating to VOCALOID5. Even if we can get some vocal modifications, it's just not worth it for me. I was waiting for other companies and I had big hopes into Internet and AHS, but seeing the two left as well, it leaves me with almost no chance to buy the V5 update with a vocal update behind.


    So for now I'll remain as an UTAU and VOCALOID producer, and that's it.


    Future projects.

    Currently there are 2 albums in production. One of them is the "formerly monthly" album, with contains for now 16 titles. I have the possibility still to change some singers depending of the time left, so I can't give any tracklist. The second one is the HS2, that may contain at least 13 songs but won't be before the end of this year. It is more than half done. This HS2 is like "Imitation", produced in private at 100%, so you'll get only inedite tracks in it. Some of them were produced during 2019, others during this year. Hope you'll like it and it will be released.


    Conversion of blog posts.

    For now all songs that were released before the album "Break-Out" have their blog posts converted. So all songs released on 2015 and 2016, and almost all songs from 2017 (there are just the songs from the 2/3 last months of 2017 that weren't converted yet).


    "No sele birthday song cover/remix"?

    Didn't have the time this year, sorry. Some events happened to me recently and with all of that I didn't have the time to do this. I'm sorry ><


    Next public song, it's Totoko on July 10th. Since this year there is no Japan Expo, I'll probably be less stressed out during this time period. Little text preview for Totoko's song: it's in the Azur Lane series.

    (these series are so huge now...)

    So clearly if you have to retain something from all of this:

    - no V5 update for my engines since all companies that interested me either don't do that well on the concerned vocals, either moved to other synth engines having a worse quality
    - no acquisition of SynthV as long the quality is not satisfactory enough for its money
    - a HS album is intended for the end of the year ; a CD29.5 is still in production with a minimum of 16 tracks
    - All the songs from the first album to the album "Babylon" included have their blog posts with the database link and the image to the player instead of the Flash player, the conversion process is still in progress
    - next public song is an Azur Lane themed song with Totoko on July 10th
    - the sele's cover/remix of 2020 has been cancelled due to time management issues due to recent events