• "End Sentence" single album + schedules

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    This post is very late for the single album, but now I do it...

    Single album of "End Sentence" downloadable here (includes one inedite demo + remasters of the original)!

    As usual, it's for free, but upload on YouTube for all these tracks is forbidden.


    The other works now... I know, I already said some of these things during the live for "Elisa" but because the video is very long...

    1) About "Elisa"/"Lara"

    I inverted their track numbers and singers a few hours after having recorded the live... Because I made a mistake in it. So Meiji sings "Elisa" and Ritsu will sing "Lara".
    Just little reminder.

    2) About the covers

    They have been sent, but it's trickier than I thought... So, just time to see if there are some mistakes that I didn't notice...
    Their upload will be on Tmbox.
    Air date : after September 3rd (exact air date not decided yet)

    3) About the albums for September

    Still the transcendent tracks and the booklet to do for "Welcome to Hell" ; "Perish Songs" is packaged and is waiting for the upload.
    Note for the PV of "Star Promise" : same status but I'll try to upload it on YouTube with the subs and the translations on this week.

    4) About the album for October

    As you can notice it, demos are in WIP mode. Just 2 more tracks for Stella, one for Lily, one for Meiji and one for Ritsu.

    5) Next airings

    Between August 22nd and 24th : Lara (feat. Ritsu Namine)
    August 25th : Patricia (feat. Lily)
    August 29th : the work pace becomes "2 or 3 per week" (slow pace)
    September 3rd : album "Perish Songs" (classic ver only)
    A few after September 3rd : covers of "ReLief" and "Re;2" [originals : sele] (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    September 24th : album "Welcome to Hell" (classic+transcendent)