• Double unlock!

    Hello, Nynthixia there! Merry Christmas! And to celebrate it...

    Double unlock!

    Guess who arrived for Christmas? (ᗒᗨᗕ)

    Yes, I now have kokone and Yukari. Final version of "Artemisia" upcoming soon in full download in the following hours (fichier-zip, link on blog and Soundcloud (with the Lily's demo)).

    I already made the Yukari's version and... I'm not deceived at all from the result!

    For the PV on YouTube it will be on the 26th.

    But before I must share to you the song for Oniko's birthday, PV for this evening morning (GMT+1 time, remember), I just have to make the subs.

    Be ready to get many Yukari's songs and a few kokone's songs for upcoming days!

    For MAYU, I looked and... Seems that for importing to France it's very very difficult. Too difficult I should say. But I'm already glad with Lily, Yukari and kokone as Vocaloids.

    Have fun and enjoy your presents!

    (PS : Seems that it's also Saki's birthday, so, happy birthday and merry Christmas!)