• CYANIDIUM out on August 15th + a new special album?

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    As you probably know, CYANIDIUM album will be out on Saturday. Just perfect for one friend's birthday, Cartsoul, who helped me for the tracklist of Yandere Generation (CD1.5).

    The main UTAUloids in this album are Ritsu (with "Blood and Thorns-140 version-", "Loophole" and "No.Body"), Nyui ("DESPAIRANCE", "Miss.Take" and "Lost Needles") and Meiji ("Nachine", "SALVINA" and "Torture Dream"). But you can also hear Oniko, with Meiji, Ritsu and Nyui, in the first track a special music "opening-style" : "1986th Destruction", one of my best tracks. (^_^) It took me about 4 hours to make this one.

    I'll give again the tracklist on Saturday with the album post.

    All the songs except for "Lost Needles", "DESPAIRANCE" and "1986th Destruction" are yandere, so they're not recommended for younger audiences. However, this last one is very violent, that explains why only the instrumental is on piapro.

    Second thing, I had a Soundcloud that I used for my other blog. I totally changed it and published two demos for Nyui falsetto, "APOCALYPSIA" and "Acantha" (beware, yandere songs).

    For the second one I only had 2 views but for "APOCALYPSIA"... More than 50 views during less of 2 days, thanks thanks so much, and thanks Aoka for the repost, I think it helped very much.

    Soundcloud will be used for good quality or excellent quality yandere songs only. For non yandere songs, you've got piapro and for other songs... You can contact me!


    Now the special album...

    It will be a long special album because I want to make at least one song with each UTAU that I use. The only thing that we know today on August 12th is that the following tracks will be included in it :

    1) "Srambad Children" (feat. Meiji Gahata)
    2) "Zella" (feat. Meiji Gahata)*
    3) "Sound of the Wall" (feat. Stella Hoshine)*
    4) "APOCALYPSIA" (feat. Nyui Anna (falsetto))*
    5) "Acantha" (feat. Nyui Anna (falsetto))*
    6) "ELYSIUM" (feat. Ritsu Namine)
    7) "Mistaken Utopia" (feat. Momo Momone)

    * yandere songs

    I should probably ask to felichan, the creator of Stella and her illustrator, if she wants to make some pictures for this album. I love her style, near of Yuuki Kira's (sele's main illustrator). I think it could be possible because albums and songs are distributed under non commercial licenses.

    To finish this post... Thanks to you all! <3