• Confirmation about the March album

    Hello, Nynthixia there.

    Few days ago I posted a new where I explained the incident of data loss, which made me impossible to give to anyone many production files, such as .flp, .ust or .vsqx files.
    I'll soon get back these files, but because of the size of all the data (yes, it's that huge), I think it won't be before at least 2 weeks. So, wait and see, and I'll tell you when all the files will be recovered. When it will be done, I'll be able to give back these files again if you request them.

    For the moment, the requests of getting the project data are not allowed for :
    - S01 ust files
    - all S02 ust, vsqx and flp files
    - all S03 .flp files until "Eve" not included
    - all S03 .ust files until "Laura" included except for "White Dress" (got a copy from another computer when I made the VCV test)
    - all S03 .vsqx files until "Eve" included

    For all songs since "ANGELICIA", the requests are allowed because I can give the files (there are private saves elsewhere than on the main computer and the main disk).


    So, what everything there does for the March album?

    I had 3 choices depending of the date I could recover the data:

    - Or I got everything back before March 16th and everything happens normally. This is the case that is the less likely to happen.
    - Or I got everything back before March 24th. The air date of the album would be moved to March 25th (still on a Saturday, because in schedules, it's better to organize for me). Limited probability to happen since the amount of data to recover is very very huge...
    - Or I got everything way after these dates and in this case, the air date of the album would not move (still on March 18th) but I would do again a booklet.

    And considering the situation, the third case is the most likely to happen. No worries, the album tracks were all saved on another storage (else I would cancel the album or report it to another month, and that would be very annoying), the certificate has already been uploaded to the drive (where the little link in the .zip description points out) and the booklet is the only thing remaining to do (again!) at this point...


    Other new, concerning the remix. This will finally be a remix of "Lience" with Lily. It will be featured on Tmbox only. No material will be on piapro! Air date: maybe April 24th or 25th in public. (Yes, that late, even if I didn't stop working on it the whole week!)
    As for the April plan, if you know me quite well... Cover of "REJECT", and there are many chances I use Yukari for this one (no way I would do IA again, plus, to be honest, I really prefered Lily's version). No exact air date.


    That's all for the moment, the next song you'll get is "Para-Normal", but since I worked on the remix a big part of the week, I was a bit slowed down on it... No worries, I don't think you'll wait too long either. (^-^)



    EDIT March 11th 00:50 (Paris time) : "Re;Boot" will be performed by Tei and "Black Days" by Lily. Updated the tracklist on the discography page.