• CD5.5 Torn Diaries

    CD5.5 Torn Diaries

    Hello Nynthixia there!

    Yeah, finally the CD5.5! Perfect for kokone's birthday!

    Download links :

    Classic version

    Transcendent version

    Some songs have been fixed, other ones extended... Welcome into a distorted universe.
    Woopsie, bad album!

    There is also a link to a partial making-of for Ritsu's new song, where you can see me composing all the music and writing the .ust (however you don't see the interfaces of Notepad and the Japanese keyboard, the .ust writing was a bonus because I made the music a quite fast). Sorry if the quality of the video is bad, I have a low Internet connection and English isn't my mother language. So I can make some mispellings...

    I repeat what I said in it :

    - For "End Sentence" I don't allow the posting of original versions and potential covers on YouTube only. For instrumental remixes it's OK though. For normal remixes, I don't recommend them. I have some doubts on the safety of this music (due to some instruments). For posting on other platforms such as piapro, Niconico, Bilibili, Dailymotion etc, it's OK. (As long you follow the license terms!)
    - The song "CHARA -Genocidal Edit-" is a version of the song "CHARA". It's very possible you see another version in the future. How it will be? I don't know yet.

    And... That's all. After it's or I'm talking about myself or about what I was doing.


    I'll be back soon with the song on which I was working. Be ready!




    (Sorry for so late)

    Thanks to feli for rendering the capella with Nyui. Thanks to my parents for Yukari and kokone at Christmas. Thanks to all fans supporting me.
    I'll try my best, promised.

    And not only with yandere, promised too.