• CD3.5 - The Insane Door... And other info!!

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Finally, the CD "The Insane Door" is completly released! OK the quality can be poorer compared to songs composed in FL Studio, because they sound more synthetic, but don't forget the air dates of independant songs. The album splits itself into two parts, separated by a special track, which is "the insane door" as the album says.

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    I let you the picture which says the full tracklist.


    CD3.5 - The Insane Door tracklist

    CD4 : The title of the album will be "ARSENIUM" (confirmed). The current tracklist for this album is validated, as well for the CD4.5 tracklist. However, it's possible that I air a lot of Lily's songs without a predifinite album. Don't worry : it's normal.

    And last little words : thanks to you all whatever the concerned platform! Thanks to you, I can continue my adventures through the UTAU and VOCALOID world. And if you're enough nice, you'll maybe have a new cover.
    A cover of a sele's song, of course... But I don't know which one. Ah and talking about this, congrats sele for your 4th album, I could buy it if only I lived in Japan... But I'm stuck in France!!

    Other info, about the series that I project (between the producer and the virtual singers). The name will be "Songs or madness". This is a totally scenarized storyline about the events of songs, but I can give some little details so that when the first episode will be aired, you won't be lost.

    1) The story is happening from my point of view. If some points of the story can be real, other ones are totally exaggerated! (That's the way I use to make understand something to someone in general) I often told about a sentence, mainly with "APOCALYPSIA", "Brainsick", "Psychiatric"... The question "Do we really become that we are doing (or writing)?" will have all its sense because of this story.

    2) The story will be a sort of diary by days (numbered from 1 to [insert here the number that you want, at this only condition that this number is big]). Sometimes it will be as a registering to a vocal diary, sometimes it will take the form of a dialogue or scenes between the virtual singers and me.

    3) The identity of characters will be the nearest as possible from their original traits. And there will be some little references to other persons.

    4) So remember that in general we will talk about a sort of "disease" but you know all that actually it's not a disease. But more a psychological problem... And don't worry because the final story stays totally fictive.

    5) The physical form will be or a text, or a YouTube video with very very few animations. If it's a video, it will be as in a visual novel story but with less pictures. I think you see what I'm talking about.

    Have fun and enjoy!