• CD2 - Madness×Darkness

    Madness×Darkness : download for free!!!

    Here it is!


    01. Nightmare Eater (feat. Oniko Hinomoto)
    02. Lamia (feat. Oniko Hinomoto)
    03. Gothic Baroque (feat. Stella Hoshine)
    04. NEMISIS (feat. Stella Hoshine)
    05. Sin=Kill (feat. Hachi Makune)
    06. Marianna (feat. Hachi Makune)
    07. Social Complex (feat. Ruko Yokune)
    08. Error 1001 (feat. Ruko Yokune)
    09. Tryphena (feat. Ruko Yokune)
    10. Liar Terminus (feat. Hachi Makune)
    11. Hell Face (feat. Stella Hoshine)
    12. Hecate (feat. Oniko Hinomoto)

    So proud to host a new album in the collection... And thanks to so many people, especially Saki Ohenri, Misha, Aoka... And many others!

    For stories... Well, do you see the list of songs in the left menu? Click on it and search all songs with the name of the album (4th column). Click on song names and go to the bottom of the article.

    Notes :

    - The songs "Lamia", "NEMISIS", "Sin=Kill", "Marianna", "Tryphena" and "Hell Face" are considered as yandere songs.
    - The songs "Lamia", "Hecate" and "Gothic Baroque" actually have a PV.

    Instrumentals are available for free on piapro, just don't forget the licenses... (^_^)


    And have fun with my songs, thanks for all your retweets/favorites/support tweets...