CYANIDIUM : free download!

    CD2.5 : CYANIDIUM, finally out! And happy birthday Cartsoul, out just for your birthday.

    For those who don't know it, he's a friend who decided the tracklist for "Yandere Generation" and he supported me on Soundation. He always does!


    01. 1986th Destruction (feat. Oniko Hinomoto, Meiji Gahata, Ritsu Namine, Nyui Anna) [official opening-style song ; high recommandation]
    02. Blood and Thorns -140 version- (feat. Ritsu Namine) [140BPM remake ; yandere]
    03. Loophole (feat. Ritsu Namine) [yandere ; high recommandation]
    04. No.Body (feat. Ritsu Namine) [yandere ; high recommandation]
    05. Absolute Illness (feat. Ritsu Namine, Nyui Anna) [yandere ; good recommandation]
    06. DESPAIRANCE (feat. Nyui Anna) [tragedy]
    07. Lost Needles (feat. Nyui Anna) [tragedy]
    08. Miss.Take (feat. Nyui Anna) [yandere]
    09. CYANIDIUM (feat. Meiji Gahata, Nyui Anna) [yandere ; high recommandation]
    10. Nachine (feat. Meiji Gahata) [yandere]
    11. SALVINA (feat. Meiji Gahata) [yandere]
    12. Torture Dream (feat. Meiji Gahata) [yandere ; high recommandation]

    Many many yandere... (^_^) And for free of course!!

    - The tracks 02, 03, 04 and 08 have PVs.
    - All instrumentals are on piapro (except for the short instru of "1986th Destruction")

    Other thanks words to :
    - Saki Ohenri, for her support on Twitter. Yes I'll continue to use Oniko, I just used her on 14th for "Oni Plaint"
    - Aoka, for her retweets, her favorites, many many things...
    - Cartsoul, for his support and his messages...
    - all others who follow me, thanks!

    I'm still working on "Toxicity". Today there are 9 tracks on 12 that are ready, 1 song with Totoko and 2 songs with Sana are missing. But don't worry it will be for soon. A song demo for Nyui candy will be out on the next days, I wanted to make a remix of "CYANIDIUM", but some notes were weird, I don't know why, so I'll write another original song... Yandere of course.

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    Many thanks to you all!