• CD11.5 - Stranger Sorceresses

    CD11.5 - Stranger Sorceresses


    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Here is the January album, "Stranger Sorceresses"! First album to have some tracks with MAYU and CUL!

    You know the usual "rules"... There have been some changes, such as extensions, patches, mixdown modifications...
    There are actually two tracks which have critical patches, so if you were listening to the demos that were containing these mistakes, please replace them with the album versions. Higher quality and no more mistakes! These songs will be indicated in that yellow. Other songs have been patched as well, but the level of repair wasn't that critical.

    This is the changelog! (If you don't see the track name, it's because the demo and the album version are actually the same track!)

    SELEMINA (feat. MAYU)
    [EXTENSION] Extended bridge by adding breakloop part
    [INSTRUMENT] Added roll+SFX
    [EXTENSION] Extended end

    KALLIDORA (feat. MAYU)
    [PATCH] Corrected the abrupt end
    [EXTENSION] Extended end

    Heart Executioner (feat. CUL)
    [PATCH] Corrected false sounding notes
    Same instru / same LIC

    End of Suffering (feat. Hinomoto Oniko)
    [EXTENSION] Extended end

    Chloris (feat. IA -ROCKS-)
    [PATCH] Pluck is not sounding false anymore
    [EXTENSION] Extended end

    She Does Not Want (feat. CUL)
    [PATCH] Repaired reverb abrupt end
    Same instru / same LIC

    Sweet Melancholy (feat. Lily)
    [INSTRUMENT] Modified kick/beat pattern at the beginning and before chorus 2

    Now, I'll come back for few seconds to the booklet of the last album, "The Flowers of the Evil". Why were there red texts in the booklet in some lyrics?

    Answer is (please select with the mouse cursor the line just under this one):
    Red text corresponds to the snaps, when the person is becoming insane. Often the cases of yanderes if you noticed it well!

    This time, I didn't make the red text thing.

    For next week, the songs are scheduled. "Clemence" with Yukari is for Tuesday (I actually chose that date on purpose, because this corresponds to Yukari's voice provider birthday), and "Pandora" with IA is for next Friday (IA's release date).

    Also, the calculation I made for March album before requires a pace of "2 songs a week" exactly. So you know until the week of February 13th how many songs exactly you may expect. After, it becomes "a song everyday" for one week, and the last demo for March album should be aired during this holiday week. But the air dates themselves aren't determined, so it will be aired when it will be finished!

    Well, for now, enjoy this album! (^_^)