• And all begins...

    August 2014. I begin some UTAU songs in private.

    January 2015. Serious stuff begins and I make real works. After some months of issues with UTAU.

    May 2015, this blog opens.

    Hello, it's Nynthixia! And welcome to my blog! Here I post all my works with UTAU, with their lyrics in Japanese, English and French adaptation, because I'm French...

    That's why I write in English here, else, my Japanese is a few... Weird.

    Don't blame me, I use a translator, and sometimes, I correct some stupid errors.

    How to navigate...

    On the homepage there's a sort of trombinoscope with the nine UTAUs with who I work. Some of them for the moment have never been used, sometimes because I need to modify them (VCV to CV conversion, enhancing sensibility...). Meiji, Nyui and Ritsu will be the most used. For Nyui, I'll try the -bouquet-, but I need to modify it (sort of VCV to CV conversion, sorry Aoka, VCV is a mess for me!!).

    My .ust are ALWAYS in CV.

    My master rules :

    1) Good quality UTAUs then remastorizing on iZotope Nectar Elements in the songs (after .ust and .wav steps)
    2) Easy to use, if they're not, I modify them without pitching, just registering again in new wav files separated from original files
    3) Tragedy is the master here! Most of my lyrics can't be suitable for everyone sorry. You'll see some inscriptions as "(-10)", "(-14)", that means "not recommended for persons under ... age".
    4) I don't blame lesbianism! No way! We talk about it in lots of songs! Don't be afraid!
    5) Always crediting artists in the description of the song and at the beginning and the end of the PV for pictures. All artists credited in album booklets.
    6) No selling, no deposing, no ContentID (or similar systems) detections, everyone is happy. Songs are ContentID friendly! (^_^)
    7) Some songs want to explain a problem, so that everyone can understand it.
    8) Never taking names that sele uses. My titles of songs are very similar, that's right, that's a choice. But I'm not sele. I'm French, I don't use instruments that sele uses, I've got mines. And most of all... I think that sele's stories aren't lesbian. Lesbianism is my signature!

    Don't forget that I'm French. You can talk to me in French, I'll answer in French. You can talk with me in English, I'll answer in English (very very few errors). And you can talk with me in Japanese, but I'll translate your request then trying to answer to it in Japanese and there will be a text, the same, but in English, if you don't understand what I'm trying to saying.

    It's just born in a crazy head of a young female producer. That's all.