• An unlock on Sunday

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Two news for you, and one of them concerning the unlock!

    There is now a date for unlocking MAYU, it will be on Sunday (November 6th)! Still no news about CUL, but it should not be that long either. Maybe for the end of this week or the next one.

    Other info : the covers of "LUNARIA" and "EMIRIA" with kokone will be available on Tmbox on November 11th! I haven't started working on them for now, but same, I'll soon begin the work.

    Remember that on November 12th there is an album airing (and I need to do this booklet!) as well and that next week the work pace will be a few faster because I'll be on holidays...
    For less than a week and a half!

    Enjoy, and see you soon!