• Albums and issues

    Hello Nynthixia there.

    First, sorry about the problems of musics that can't be read or the pictures that aren't displayed correctly, this is due to the hoster's issue. They are changing their material then had big troubles. I know that the forums are only in French, but I wanted to say it so that you don't worry. They try to fix the problem.

    OK next point.

    The CD4 "ARSENIUM" will be aired on November 18th. Not too early between this air date and the CD3.5's. And I have enough time to make the booklet. Because as you can understand, full numeric albums are easier and faster to make than real material albums.

    Little detail that will change everything : the half of the songs in the tracklist have been remastorized. But I won't tell you which ones. I let you guess...

    Third point is the CD4.5 with Lily, Meiji, Nyui and the Tohoku sisters. I'll change the tracklist and there will be... 14 tracks. Each singer appears three times. You'll surely think that 3*5 singers = 15 tracks... And you would be right... If the duet song "Cherryblossoms" featuring the two Tohoku sisters wasn't in the tracklist! So that they appear three times : once in a duet and twice in solo songs.

    Last one will be for contact. If you want to cover/remix my songs don't forget the following

    - if you're an UTAU or VOCALOID user, you don't need a permission because you'll have it directly.
    - for other ones, please tell me. I won't eat you, I won't hurt you. Promised.

    However if you need material such as .ust or .vsqx (I can also convert to .vsq if you want), ask it to me. However, for special remix songs, there won't be any .ust or .vsqx... Because the capella is directly taken from the .wav file in these cases. But for original songs, there are at least one file so that you can work with.

    /!\ .ust are always in CV hiragana format ; .vsqx are written in romaji. Western users will need to convert the .ust files and Eastern users maybe the .vsqx files, except if you work with those formats. Same if you work with a VCV voicebank, I always write the .ust with CV hiragana format. So conversion needed too.

    The producing pace is a few slowed down, well it returned to the normal pace because holidays are over, but don't worry, I promise that I still work on songs. Big priority to Tohoku sisters, Meiji and Lily.

    Have fun!