• Air date for "Toxicity" + other little news

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    ABOUT THE ALBUM "Toxicity" (CD3)

    It will be aired on September 13th. It will contain the following tracks :

    01. Blanca (feat. Totoko Shirahane)
    02. Forgotten Bride (feat. Totoko Shirahane)
    03. ORTHINA (feat. Totoko Shirahane)
    04. Last Psychosis (feat. Sayu Yurika)
    05. Maitena (feat. Sayu Yurika)
    06. Mylene (feat. Sayu Yurika)
    07. Toxicity (feat. Tei Sukone)
    08. Lina (feat. Tei Sukone)
    09. MELLIA (feat. Tei Sukone)
    10. Snowflake (feat. Sana Fuyune)
    11. Carlea (feat. Sana Fuyune)
    12. Amelia (feat. Sana Fuyune)

    On the 12 songs, all are yandere except for "Snowflake" and "Amelia".

    For the illustrations, it will maybe be the last one with the ancient formule that I call (public domain licensed pictures).


    I decided the title and it will be "The Insane Door".

    The album will follow a specific scheme : at the beginning, normal and all audiences songs, then, enter in the madness world and after, walk into the psychotic world until its end.

    For this reason, I can't give a tracklist immediatly. The album is still in work in progress status. However, songs as "Oni Plaint" or "Srambad Children" will be at the beginning at the album ; songs as "Bullet", "Zella", "Sound of the Wall" at its end, the final track will be "APOCALYPSIA" and the "door" itself... Yes. "Circus of Broken Nightmares".

    For this album there will be at least one song with all UTAUs that I got, except for two ones : Midori Akane and Aika Heion. You'll ask to me "why?". It's simple : I want that they sing for the CD4.

    I list here all the songs currently aired on August 20th 2015 that can be listened to in "The Insane Door" :

    - ELYSIUM (feat. Ritsu Namine) [maybe an enhanced version, different from the version uploaded on piapro few weeks ago]
    - Oni Plaint (feat. Oniko Hinomoto)
    - Srambad Children (feat. Meiji Gahata)
    - Mistaken Utopia (feat. Momo Momone)
    - Circus of Broken Nightmares (feat. Nyui Anna, Momo Momone, Sana Fuyune, Oniko Hinomoto, Meiji Gahata, Stella Hoshine)
    - Zella (feat. Meiji Gahata)
    - Sound of the Wall (feat. Stella Hoshine)
    - Murderer Dream (feat. Oniko Hinomoto)
    - Bullet (feat. Nyui Anna) [there can be a shorter version of this one, with more reverbs]
    - Acantha (feat. Nyui Anna)
    - APOCALYPSIA (feat. Nyui Anna)

    The order can change.


    As you could see, I uploaded a second version of "Chloe" (original by sele) for Nyui. To be honest, I wasn't proud at all of the first version, with many issues for a phoneme. It has been corrected in the v2 (OK we can still listen to it, but less than in the v1, where it was too gross). In the same time, I uploaded a cover with Meiji (Lilith, Fairy, Hunter) for "ENCELADUS".

    For people who would ask to me if I got a permission : "yes". I can also thank sele again. (^_^)

    Remember that commercial uses of the covers are forbidden by sele (who composed the original songs), by felichan (who made the .ust) and by me (who mixdowns the whole tracks).
    Add with this that I didn't get any commercial permission from any voice source (and I don't need it because I forbid commercial uses, and I must apply to myself this rule).

    And don't forget to credit everyone at their own roles, please!

    For the downloads : contact me in the doubt. But if you respect all the conditions, you can use them freely

    Why no Creative Commons license? Same thing. I didn't see sele using this license, so I set the classic license that I set for all my original songs : CS BY-NC-SA ; only UTAU users and Vocaloid users (and original authors but they're part of at least one of these categories) can use the covers without my permission.

    AND ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATIONS (and other things...)

    Ah yes... I'm searching someone who can make me illustrations of good quality for the PVs, knowing that they're rarer than songs.

    Mainly for yandere songs, prioritary, but also for albums. I use pictures without any commercial use and there are credits in the PV description + at its beginning + at its end.

    felichan, if you read this post, if you can, it would be very nice.

    And if you can write lyrics and .ust but you don't know anything to music, just say it to me, I'll compose it! Just say to me the topic and the English lyrics (or Spanish, or better, French) because it influences in the instruments choice (after it will be with the UTAU used). I'll also need the .ust file for making the lead track of the music.

    Because I'm not as good for drawing as for music, let's be honest!

    In few hours, I'll publish on fichier-zip a folder with the short version of "Bullet" + its instrumental. Now, you know it.

    Have fun!