• A transcendent beginning... But a reduced team?

    CD5 Planetarium

    Be ready to travel into the planetarium...

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    First projected for the 19th, finally I thought it was too tight and I decided to make it for the 23rd. On the 19th you had another nice surprise instead on Soundcloud, right?

    Very very important info... This album has two download links instead of one : one link is for classic album, as you know all, BUT there is a link to a transcendent version. The .zip archive is heavier but full of awesome music.




    Another new, less happier, I won't use anymore three UTAUs. I'll explain about the situation. They are personal choices.

    Aika Heion and Midori Akine : their quality is very very average and they are sometimes really hard to manipulate, harder than Stella who also has some problems with pronounciation (but it's not her fault, don't forget that some sounds don't exist in some languages), harder than Sayu who can't be used for parts with 1/16 notes. For Midori, the pronounciation is variable. For Aika, the first voicebank I downloaded was the oldest one and both the sensibility and the quality were bad to be honest, so I downloaded voicebanks registered in 2013. The sensibility was really better but... I had many difficulties to manipulate her! Between the soft VB with a good humanity and the normal version, brighter but a few more robotic, I decided to use the same method as for Nyui in May/July 2015 : soft as cho capella and normal as main capella. But, with Aika, it's more difficult than I expected. So sorry for the authors, I'll stop using them. "ARSENIUM" is the only album where I featured them.

    Hachi Makune : the reason is totally different, because the quality of Hachi is really good. So it's not the reason why I stop using her, after her last song "Beatrix". As you may know, Misha, Hachi's creator and voicer, voiced the new English Vocaloid Ruby then removed all download links to Hachi (including the ACUTE voicebank, the only one I could get!). Hachi isn't available for public anymore and that's the real reason why I'll stop using her. That doesn't mean I stop supporting her and Misha, if you want to use her voice and if you can work with English songs, you can use Ruby. I can't because I don't make any songs in English (I don't know how to use this language in UTAU and it would depend of my pronounciation as well that can't be perfect). Good luck to Misha with it and thanks for her UTAU. But it's getting over now...


    For the question "will I add new UTAUs to the team"... It's still undecided. I hesitate to add Miko but I must test her first before officially announcing her arrival, it's a CV multipitch voicebank. I can't use VCV and the main reasons are "I don't know making an .ust in VCV correctly or else it's too long" and "the plugin CV>VCV doesn't work on my computer". That's why I ask felichan to render the VCV voicebanks (Nyui vivid and candy and Itako). Thanks to her. She rendered the capella of Nyui for the first track of the CD5. And thanks to her, the last Stella's PV has more than 100 views. That's the second PV most watched of the channel (just before "Damned Artist", the oldest one).

    For little curious ones who would ask what I am doing... I'm writing yandere lyrics right now (so, I work!) and...

    I also changed my name on YouTube, it is now "ヂャポナ トキナ NynthixiaP" : I set my producer name in it and my general Internet name in katakana. As on piapro.

    I would also thank the two people on Soundcloud and YouTube who are doing remixes of my songs, they will recognize themselves, I'm proud and happy of their works! One of them is even using Vocaloid!

    If you want to ask me a question (licensing, link to a remix/cover, other question...), don't forget you can :
    - mail me via the contact form on the blog ("Contact") [estimated answer : under 24 or 48h]
    - PM me on Soundcloud [estimated answer : under 24 or 48h, sends me a mail alert]
    - commenting tracks on Souncloud [estimated answer : under a week]
    - tweeting to @NynthixiaP [estimated answer : under 24 or 48h]
    - talking to my page "Nynthixia" on Facebook [estimated answer : under a week]


    If you want to have the fastest answer, I'll recommend you the mail or the Soundcloud PM which send me a mail alert. I check my mailbox everyday so I'll see it very quickly. If I don't set publicly my mail adress, it's because I also use it for many other things (ex : games (I also have a gamer life, don't forget!)).

    Enjoy everyone and thanks for all the support! I'll try my best to continue the Vocaloid and UTAU adventure! o(^´*)


    EDIT Jan 23rd 9:17 AM GMT+1 : sorry file link repairing. When it will be ready, replace the "22" in the former link by "23" and redownload the album, else, redownload the good booklet here on Google Drive. Sorry about the incovenience.
    11:36 AM : Files corrected. Former links aren't available anymore, please use the new ones.